Hundreds of Thousands Protest for Release of Pro-Independence Prisoners

By ACN, Catalan News -

Six months to the day have passed since the imprisonment of the grassroots pro-independence activists Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez, the last presidential candidate. They were arrested by the [...]

Police, Protesters Clash In Barcelona After Separatist Leader’s Arrest

By Joseph Wilson and Kirsten Grieshaber, -

BARCELONA, Spain—Carles Puigdemont, the fugitive ex-leader of Catalonia and an ardent separatist, was arrested Sunday by German police on an international warrant as he tried to enter the country [...]

Tens Of Thousands Attend Pro-Independence March In Barcelona

By Staff, -

Thousands of people have marched in Barcelona to demand the formation of a new government in Spain's Catalonia region leading to its independence from Madrid despite formidable legal obstacles. [...]

More Than 5 Million Join Spain’s ‘Feminist Strike’

By Sam Jones, -

More than 5 million workers have taken part in Spain’s first nationwide “feminist strike”, according to trade unions. The action, held to mark International Women’s Day, is intended to highlight [...]

Catalan Independence Protest Delays Swearing In Of Puidgemont As President

By Staff, -

The decision to postpone the session to swear in Carles Puigdemont as president did not stop thousands of independence supporters from demonstrating outside the Parliament on Tuesday, with a [...]

Catalan Integral Cooperative – Simpler Way Revolution Is Well Underway!

By Ted Trainer, -

It is now abundantly clear that a just and sustainable world cannot be achieved unless consumer-capitalist society is basically scrapped. It involves levels of resource use and environmental [...]

Former Governor Of Bank Of Spain: Public Entity Should Create Money

By Staff, -

By Staff of Public Banking Institute - Positive Money, the monetary reform group based in the UK, posts that Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, former governor of Bank of Spain, is now recommending [...]

Whither Catalonia?

By Dan La Botz, -

By Dan La Botz for The Bullet - The impact of the independence process on Spain as a whole is complex because, in the short term, the Spanish right uses it to cohere its social base and in the [...]

‘Freedom For The Political Prisoners’: March In Barcelona

By Staff, -

By Staff of Common Dreams - "Wearing yellow ribbons on their lapels to signify support, they filled the length of the Avenue Marina that runs from the beach to Barcelona's iconic Sagrada Familia [...]

Exiled Officials Create “Legitimate Government” Of Catalonia

By Staff, -

By Staff of Catalan News - Carles Puigdemont and his four ministers in Brussels have established a "stable administrative structure" in exile. They claim to be the ‘legitimate government of [...]

Where Catalonia’s Secession Movement Goes Now

By Oscar Berglund, -

By Oscar Berglund for The Conversation - As tension increases in Catalonia, there have been calls for widespread civil disobedience against the Spanish government. Even the recent referendum [...]

Current Conflict In Spain Has To Do With Economic Failure

By Mark Weisbrot, -

By Mark Weisbrot for Counterpunch - As Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy threatens to take over the autonomous region of Catalonia, it is becoming clearer even to casual observers who the bad [...]

Ripples From Catalan Referendum Could Extend Beyond Spain

By Simon Tisdall, -

By Simon Tisdall for The Guardian - The Spanish government’s attempted suppression of Catalonia’s independence referendum by brute force has raised urgent questions for fellow EU members about [...]

Protest In Streets As Spanish PM Moves To Dismiss Catalan Leaders

By Patrick Grafton-Green, -

By Patrick Grafton-Green for Evening Standrad - Thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Barcelona as the Spanish Prime Minister moved to sack Catalan leaders following weeks of heightened [...]

Pro-Independence Grass-Root Leaders Sent To Prison On Sedition Charges

By ACN, -

By ACN for Catalan News - The leaders of two of the main pro-independence civil society organizations have been sent to prison without bail on sedition charges. A Spanish judge decided to [...]