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State Budget

$50 Million In Public Money Wasted On Private-Equity Potash Venture

When Governor Whitmer signed the bipartisan Building Michigan Together Plan, she chose to allow a $50 million subsidy to Michigan Potash Company to remain in the bill. MCWC and other concerned groups and citizens learned about this gift to a poorly conceived start-up project only days before the bill came out of the legislature for signature. We have been investigating and opposing this unnecessary and potentially destructive scheme for the last 6 years. Clearly neither the legislature nor the Governor took the time to investigate this venture before slipping it into the otherwise decent infrastructure bill. The people of Michigan deserve a better deal.

Excluded Workers Shut Down Brooklyn And Manhattan Bridges…Again!

New York City - This, hundreds of excluded workers, elected officials, and allies took over the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. They raised the heat on the demands for an additional $3 billion for the Excluded Workers Fund in the state budget and the first ever “Excluded Worker Unemployment Program” in the country which would provide compensation to workers who have lost a job or income and are ineligible for unemployment insurance. More than 130,000 people across New York State had their lives transformed after receiving funding from the Excluded Workers Fund. Yet many New Yorkers were left out due to insufficient funds. A recent Immigration Research Initiative report estimated that 175,000 New Yorkers would be eligible for funding if the Excluded Workers Fund was expanded according to our proposal.
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