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State Of The Union

Biden’s State Of The Union Address Exposed By Intelligence Assessment

President Biden used the bully pulpit of the annual State of the Union Address to describe a world that significantly differed from the picture presented just a month earlier in the Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community. Information fed to the general public is deliberately spun to sell the imperial project. In contrast, intelligence assessments for elite policy makers are designed to sustain the endeavor. That the president’s pronouncements diverge from the conclusions reached by his own intelligence community highlights the chasm between what is foisted on the public compared to what is understood within the bowels of the state.

The State Of The Union Is ‘Failed’

If there were any question that this nation is a failed state, the recent State of the Union (SOTU) address makes the case and removes any doubt about the depth of decline. The constitutional requirement that the president, “... from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union…” is now an extravagant combination of nonsense, mendacity, and war propaganda that reveals the depth of rot in the U.S. body politic. The SOTU address is an opportunity for serious issues to be addressed but which are instead discussed as sophomoric saber rattling as members of congress jump up and down clapping like trained seals as the president pledges to stop Putin, stand up to Putin and not back down to Putin who we are told is on the march and sowing chaos throughout all of Europe.

Old Man Shouting, ‘The American Empire Is Doing Great!’

Democratic elites and the reporters who clerk for them were effusively approving of Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech last Thursday evening—not so much for what he said, which came nothing new, as for the demeanor of our enfeebled president. Never mind that Biden reduced an occasion intended to address all Americans as to the condition of their nation to a cheap stump speech. He avoided falling down for his hour at the podium while stringing coherent sentences (mostly) together in the cause of his political survival. That is what counted.

Missing From Biden’s State Of The Union: A Plan For The Rent Crisis

Demetrius Mosley works on trucks all day, assessing crash damage and fixing brakes on 18 wheelers. He earns $29 an hour. On the first of every month, he purchases a money order from a local Kroger store to pay his rent, the biggest bill in his budget. Mosley moved to Louisville, Kentucky three years ago with his four kids and their mom. The family rented a trailer in Pioneer Acres, a mobile home park. Rent was $885 per month. Since then, the owner has added fees and fines and hiked the rent to $1,100. He couldn’t afford to feed his kids, so he sent them to live with family in Florida.

Biden Legacy = Genocide

Declaring, "We are outraged, we are heartbroken," hundreds of protesters turned out to block Biden's motorcade en route to his State of the Union speech, forcing cars to take "the long way" to the Capitol. Demonstrators from Jewish Voice For Peace and other groups said they were "holding a people's state of the union" to call for an end to U.S funding for Israel's assault on Gaza. "We know the state of the union," they said. “It's a state of genocide." Concluding a day-long series of protests across Washington DC, hundreds of people in black shirts reading "Not In Our Name" and "Biden’s Legacy = Genocide" sat and stood along Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol, delaying Biden's speech by about a half hour.

Biden’s Populist Speech Can’t Cover Up Capitalist Crisis

President Biden gave his second State of the Union address on Tuesday, marking the halfway point of his first presidential term. The speech was characterized by enthusiasm for the economy, populist rhetoric, and bipartisanship. But Biden’s sunny characterization of his administration’s achievements and plans painted a picture of the United States that doesn’t reflect the reality of hundreds of millions of working and poor people. It didn’t reflect the deep structural crisis his administration is trying desperately to stabilize — a crisis whose symptoms include a shaky economy, increased geopolitical tensions, and a radical Far Right that is throwing its weight around in a polarized country where many feel increasingly unrepresented. Biden tried to paint a picture of a United States that has come back stronger after the pandemic, but despite his populist rhetoric and laundry list of policies, none of these measures can address the real needs of the vast majority of the working class and poor who have been exploited and oppressed for much longer than the last two years.

Capitalism, Nationalism, And Copaganda

In a room filled with maskless war criminals and Ukrainian flags, President Joe Biden said, in perhaps the most obvious sentence ever spoken in that chamber, that he was a capitalist. That’s not shocking to anyone, but it is a wonder that he had to say it, given that every other element of his speech was so focused on protecting American capitalism and imperialism. From defending NATO, to arguing for a more productive U.S. economy, to shouting out the CEO of Intel (who was, inexplicably, in the room for the speech), Biden doubled down on his campaign promise that “nothing would fundamentally change.” Biden took the stage in the midst of a complex time in his presidency: domestically, his agenda has ground to a total halt as members of his own party bicker amongst themselves.

U.S. Marches Toward Police State Amid Cheers!

Impeached U.S. President, Donald J. Trump, gave his 1 hour and 18 minute “State of the Union” speech on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. And they cheered and they cheered! They cheered – Republicans and Democrats alike, when Trump spoke about his regime change campaigns against Cuba, Venezuela and other countries. They cheered when Trump introduced CIA Venezuela coup puppet man, Juan Guaido. They cheered when Trump boasted about spending $2.2 TRILLION on the U.S. military in the 3 years since he became president. They cheered when right wing journalist Rush Limbaugh was presented the American Medal of Freedom. The cheers got even louder when Trump noted the U.S. assassination/murder of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani. Chants of USA, USA, USA, rang out and echoed in the Capitol chambers.

VIDEO: 2014 State of The Union (minus the Corporate Influence)

Note: In some alternative universe, not only am I the speechwriter for President Obama, but I’ve actually convinced him to deliver the following as the 2014 State of the Union. – Dennis Trainor, Jr. Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, fellow citizens- 60 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered his annual State of the Union Address to the Nation as a Fireside Chat from the White House in which he outlined a proposed second bill of rights that would to lay the plans and determine the strategy for the winning of a lasting peace and the establishment of an American standard of living higher than ever before known. The power elite have been guiding this country in a direction in the exact opposite of the spirit behind that second bill of rights ever since. It is because of this- the outsized influence of a few rich people and multi-national corporations that I must report to you that the state of our Union is in tatters, and if allowed to continue on its present trajectory, presents an existential threat to human life both at home and abroad and to the only habitat that human life has ever existed on: planet earth.
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