What The OAS Did To Bolivia

By Mark Weisbrot, Counterpunch. -

Bolivia has descended into a nightmare of political repression and racist state violence since the democratically elected government of Evo Morales was overthrown by the military on November 10. [...]

Architects Build Society’s Cage On National Mall In Bold Statement On Racial Strife

By John Zangas, DC Media Group. -

A group of five designers at the internationally known SmithGroup Architecture firm set up a metallic cubic structure on the National Mall to frame the struggle of Black Lives in America. The [...]

An Outside View: Kenosha Is A Microcosm Of The US In 2020

By Ramin Mazaheri, The Saker. -

The situation in Kenosha is a microcosm of the United States in 2020 – tragedy on top of tragedy on top of tragedy: A Black man wantonly paralysed by cops, his three sons forced to watch, [...]

Report: White Supremacists And Militias Have Infiltrated Police Across The US

By Michael German, Brennan Center.     -

Racial disparities have long pervaded every step of the criminal justice process, from police stops, searches, arrests, shootings, and other uses of force to charging decisions, wrongful [...]

33rd Anniversary Of Brian Willson Surviving The US Train Assault 

By S. Brian Willson, Popular Resistance. -

I am here today in front of the US Embassy in Managua to protest US intervention in Nicaragua and also to publicly deliver a letter in which I and others request a meeting with Ambassador [...]

Bolivia’s Ongoing Coup

By Oliver Vargas , Tribune Magazine. -

When the Bolivian government’s electoral authorities nervously announced to the nation that elections were to be suspended for the third time in four months, the fear instilled in many seemed to [...]

Border Patrol Violently Assaults Civil Rights And Liberties

By Andrea Flores and Shaw Drake, ACLU.org. -

In the past week, unidentified federal officers in camouflage fatigues, labeled only “police,” abducted people off the streets of Portland in unmarked vehicles and threatened the “Wall of Moms” [...]

Justice Department Report Finds Systemic Excessive Use Of Force By Prison Guards

By Eddie Burkhalter, Alabama Political Reporter. -

The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday released a report that details why the federal government believes systemic use of excessive force within Alabama’s prisons for men violates the Eighth [...]

Bolivia At The Gates Of An Electoral And Political-Military Coup D’état

By Katu Arkonada, Resumen English. -

Once the coup d’état was consummated in November, a series of devices were put in place in Bolivia aimed at legitimizing a coup president who came to power in an unconstitutional manner and [...]

Mapping The State’s Strategy Of Repression Against The Rebellion

By It's Going Down. -

While the recent rebellion against the police and white supremacy has been historical, it has also been coupled by an attempt by the State to drown the uprising in a sea of tear-gas and rubber [...]

National Guard Troops Refuse Trump’s Race War

Courage to Resist is currently assisting members of the National Guard who resisted Trump’s orders to violently attack people on the streets of Washington DC peacefully and lawfully protesting [...]

Black Lives Extinguished, Black Ancestors’ Bodies Desecrated

By Marsha Coleman Adebayo, Black Agenda Report. -

This week, the progressive community is deeply traumatized over the slaughter of innocent Black people and the determination of ruling elites in politics, media and civil societies to patch up a [...]

Washington State Patrol Instructed Officers To Assault Protesters

By Michael Stone, Patheos. -

In an alarming report the Washington State Patrol (WSP) has issued an apology after a command officer was caught on video telling fellow officers to assault protesters. The officer [...]

Lessons From Palestine: People Of Color Need A Sustained Resistance Movement

By Miko Peled, Mintpress News. -

Will Smith was quoted saying that racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed, and indeed, it is being filmed a lot lately. No sooner did we begin to recover from one victim of racist [...]

As Attacks On Protesters and Journalists Increase, Coverage Of Communities And Police Need To Change

By Timothy Karr, Free Press. -

The weekend saw escalating police violence against protesters and reporters at nationwide demonstrations against the police killing of George Floyd and systemic racial injustices. There has been [...]