Guo Wengui – Too Anti-Chinese Even For Western Establishment

By Andre Vltchek, Popular Resistance. -

In some very rare cases, it is better to read British conservative, right-wing press, like The Economist or the Telegraph, instead of the mainstream liberal sheets like The Independent or The [...]

Donald Trump, Stephen Bannon And Coming Crisis In The US

By David Kaiser, -

By David Kaiser for Time - Though their theory is not widely taught in colleges or discussed in the media, Strauss and Howe may well play a major role in Donald Trump's administration. Stephen [...]

In This Election, I Hear Echoes Of The Past

By Michael Eisenscher, -

By Michael Eisenscher for Popular Resistance. The Trump administration has no mandate. If we do our work well, the people will be with us. Our job is to help transform popular discontent into a [...]