The Six Building Blocks Of Distributed Organizing Campaigns

By Tom Liacas, -

As reported earlier, we’re fully embarked on a deep dive into distributed organizing this year. Not only have we been fans of the approach for a while but we’re now seeing that this [...]

We Must Start ‘Shaming’ Those Who Lie To Us, Destroy Our Climate

By Nick Fillmore, -

By Nick Fillmore in Rabble - Today, when people are being treated unfairly, I see nothing wrong with us expressing our anger. It's the powerful in society who have engineered the belief that [...]

Act Out! Episode 14 – Occupy Venice & France

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By Eleanor Goldfield in Occupy - This week, we test our math skills in the name of systemic dumbshitedness. Then Occupy Venice shows us how to fight the power while helping the powerless: hosting [...]

Overcoming The Barriers To Developing A Strategy To Win

By Chris Dixon, -

By Chris Dixon in Writing With Movements - What exactly is strategy? Rahula Janowski, a longtime activist in San Francisco, summed it up well: “What’s your goal? What can you do to get there? [...]

The Dance Of Liberals And Radicals

By Robert Kuttner, -

When liberals align with the power structure, as they did on healthcare we get an abomination -- Obama's ACA -- that does not solve the healthcare crisis. The radicals need to show enough [...]

Movement Strategies For Moving Mountains

By The Democracy Center, -

Conversations with Activists Worldwide on How to Use Latin America’s COP to Build Citizen Action on Climate (From the Introduction…) “Mobilizing effective citizen action on the global climate [...]

Protesting In A Police State: Stay Safe When Exercising Your Rights

By Revolution News, -

If you’re planning on participating in a peaceful demonstration or protest keep one thing in mind, at any time it could turn into a bloody riot. So what should you do if suddenly rubber [...]

The Palestinians Can Defeat Israel In A Street Fight

By Susan Abulhawa, -

Palestine has always been the underdog, a country slowly being wiped off the map, a society daily and methodically being dismantled by Israel. As a principally unarmed and oppressed indigenous [...]

The Ten Commandments Of Movement Solidarity

By Josh Schlossberg, -

After a decade of grassroots advocacy, my personal belief is that the greatest obstacle to positive change in the world isn’t corporations, the government, or the 1%, but lack of movement [...]

Is Social Justice Driven By Emotion Or Reason?

By Kate Aronoff, -

This spring, researchers at the University of Chicago published a study investigating how perceptions of justice and fairness relate to the human brain. As summarized last week by Erin Brodwin [...]

Should We Fight The System Or Be The Change?

By Mark Engler and Paul Engler, -

It is an old question in social movements: Should we fight the system or “be the change we wish to see”? Should we push for transformation within existing institutions, or should we model in our [...]