Federal Judge Blocks Strike By Union Pacific Railroad Workers

By Steve Filips, WSWS. -

A federal judge in Nebraska issued a temporary restraining order last week to block a December 28 strike by thousands of Union Pacific Railroad (UP) workers over unsafe conditions, the lack of [...]

Poultry Workers Walk Out In Arkansas To Protest COVID-19 Conditions

By Olivia Paschal and Rachell Sanchez-Smith, Facing South. -

On the morning of Dec. 8, about 30 workers at a George's poultry plant in Springdale, Arkansas, staged a walkout to protest their working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The family-owned [...]

Prison Strikers Suspend Starvation, Continue Work Strike

By Oakland Abolition and Solidarity. -

Corcoran, CA - CDCr’s negligent and careless response to the COVID-19 outbreak at CSATF has now killed at least three people. Active cases at the prison continue to hover near 1000 and now over [...]

‘This Strike Is A Fight For Our Lives’

By Jeff Schuhrke, In These Times. -

As a strike wave sweeps the U.S. health­care indus­try amid the Covid-19 pan­dem­ic, 700 front­line work­ers at 11 Chica­go-area nurs­ing homes have been on the pick­et lines since [...]

Workers At Fargo Warehouse Strike Over Virus Safety Concerns

By Alex Derosier, Inforum. -

Fargo - About 70 employees of a Fargo food distribution business went on strike Wednesday, Nov. 18, calling for resumption of union contract talks and drawing attention to what a union spokesman [...]

UAW Workers At Johnson Controls On Strike

By Teresa Boeckel, York Daily Record. -

Dozens of union workers at the Johnson Controls facility in Hopewell Township have been on strike since late September, seeking an increase in pay and flexibility with using vacation time. On [...]

Game Writers Made History By Going On Strike — And Winning

By Nicole Carpenter, Polygon. -

Twenty-one writers who were contractors that create scripts for the mobile app Lovestruck: Choose Your Romance went on strike on July 15 — a move nearly unheard of in the video game industry. [...]

Largest Private-Sector Strike Of The Year Is Headed For Union Victory

By Jeremy Gantz, In These Times. -

Bath, Maine - It’s no coin­ci­dence that the first strike in 20 years at Bath Iron Works (BIW) began months into the Covid-19 pan­dem­ic. While Maine has one of the low­est Covid trans­mis­sion [...]

Maine Shipbuilders Bring The Hammer Down To Reject Concessions

By Andy O'Brien, Labor Notes. -

More than 4,300 shipbuilders at the Bath Iron Works shipyard in Bath, Maine, are entering the sixth week of the largest private sector strike in the U.S. this year. It wasn’t assured that the [...]

Two-Week Strike By Illinois Nurses In Danger

By Benjamin Mateus and Jerry White, WSWS. -

Joliet, IL - The two-week strike by 720 nurses at the AMITA St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Joliet, Illinois is at a critical juncture. The nurses, who walked out on July 4, are demanding [...]

FCA Toledo Jeep Workers Support Call For Rank-And-File Safety Committees

By Marcus Day, WSWS. -

Anger is reaching a boiling point as workers continue to fall ill and management and the United Auto Workers union refuse to release information about the extent of COVID-19 cases. “It is [...]

Black New Orleans Waste Workers Build Power Against A Crisis

By Mindy Isser, Scalawag Magazine. -

Sanitation workers in New Orleans have been out on strike for over a month now. On May 5, a group of sanitation workers, also known as “hoppers” (because they hop on and off the trucks to empty [...]

NYPD Cops Encouraged To ‘Strike’ On July 4

By Craig McCarthy and Tina Moore, NY Post. -

A labor strike is brewing in the NYPD. A pair of flyers making the rounds among NYPD officers are encouraging them to call out sick July 4 — as retribution for police reform and a perceived [...]

Pitchfork Union On Strike Over Racist Power Structures

By Pitchfork Union, Popular Resistance. -

Today, the Pitchfork Union is engaging in a half-day work stoppage. From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST, union members will not publish or promote any new content on the website in protest of a blatant act [...]