‘I Learned More Leading Student-Debt Strike Than I Did at College’

By Nathan Hornes, www.yesmagazine.org -

By Nathan Hornes for Yes! Magazine - Soon after we started our campaign, Debt Collective, a debt resistance group that grew out of Occupy Wall Street, contacted us. They had heard some of the [...]

Rolling Jubilee: This Debt Fairy Has A Big Plan

By Sheryl Harris, www.cleveland.com -

Last month, CFPB sued Corinthian in an effort to force the school to forgive or refund $569 million to students for what the bureau says were predatory private loans. Rolling Jubilee forgave [...]

Rolling Jubilee Abolishes $3.85 Million In Student Debt

By Nona Willis Aronowitz, www.nbcnews.com -

Starting today, Rolling Jubilee is pivoting to the student loan crisis. On the third anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Rolling Jubilee has announced its purchase of $3.85 million worth of [...]

Rolling Jubilee Student Debt Abolishment

By Strike Debt, www.strikedebt.org -

This time, it’s different. Since the beginning of the Rolling Jubilee campaign, we’ve wanted to buy and abolish student debt. But most student loans are guaranteed by the federal government, [...]

New! Debt Resisters Operations Manual

By Strike Debt, www.strikedebt.org -

The Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual (DROM) seeks to provide widely applicable yet detailed information about debt as well as strategies for resistance. It highlights our commonalities—namely, [...]

Jubilee USA Files to Supreme Court in Landmark Debt Case

By Staff, www.jubileeusa.org -

The Supreme Court would likely decide by the summer whether or not it will actually hear the case. In a separate case currently before the Supreme Court, Argentina sought review of a lower court [...]

Student Protests Result In Withdrawal Of “Success Fee”

By Claudia Jambor, www.sonomastatestar.com -

President of Sonoma State University RubenArmiñana explained two funding alternatives that could be used to increase class availabilities. Firstly, chancellor of the California State University [...]

5 Things To Know About College Student Debt

By Matthew Zeitlin www.occupy.com -

3.More college students are borrowing, no matter what type of degree they’re getting. For all types of undergraduate degrees — bachelor’s, associate, and certificates — the percentage of [...]

The Only Way To Solve Student Debt Crisis: Strategic Resistance

By Bill Zimmerman, www.alternet.org -

There is only one way out of the student loan crisis — civil disobedience on a massive scale. Two reforms could bring a fair settlement to banks and borrowers alike. However, while fair, these [...]

Strike Debt Moves From Jubilee To Refusal

by Strike Debt, createsend.com -

Creditocracy and the Case for Debt Refusal also marks the transition of Strike Debt beyond the Rolling Jubilee, which successfully abolished almost $15m of debt in one year. Conceived as a [...]

Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee Has Abolished $13.5 Million In Medical Debt

By Staff, www.sparrowmedia.net -

Strike Debt, an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, announced this morning that since the launch of the group’s Rolling Jubilee effort one year ago, it has abolished $13.5 million worth of medical [...]