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Student Activism

Yale Students Launch Hunger Strike Over School’s Connection To Gaza

Fourteen students at Yale University are on a hunger strike over the school’s connection to arms manufacturers currently supplying Israel with weaponry. The group sent Yale University Peter Salovey a letter declaring that their strike would begin if the school did not take immediate action on the issue. “We here at Yale University have witnessed this ongoing genocide from the comforts of not only the heart of the empire that is funding the military conquest and colonization of Palestine, but from the distance and security provided by the investments of this University which profit from this mass ethnic cleansing,” it reads.

Rutgers Profits From Boeing Airstrikes Launched On Gaza

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, must divest its endowment fund from companies and organizations that profit from, engage in, or contribute to the government of Israel’s human rights violations. An excellent example of this is that Rutgers profits off of Boeing airstrikes launched at Palestinians. Boeing is the 3rd largest military company. Likewise, it is part of Rutgers’ $100 million investment1 in the PGIM-Quantitative Solutions (US) fund2. Boeing—and by EXTENSION, Rutgers—relies on Palestinian suffering to raise its profits.

Student-Led Climate Action Is Flourishing In Florida

The University of Florida made history last month when its student senate became the first at a public university to pass a climate resolution in support of Green New Deal policies. The “Green New Deal for UF” is a statement of support for bold, progressive climate action put forward by students at a time when the far-right holds a near monopoly on power in the state. “This is big news for the climate movement at universities — not just in Florida, but everywhere,” said Cameron Driggers, a UF freshman. “It’s a first of its kind resolution that pushes back against the narrative that some states are lost causes for climate action.”

New Orleans Tells Local Business Leaders To End Support Of Genocide

New Orleans, LA – On Wednesday, March 13, angry New Orleans residents disrupted this year’s New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW) on its busiest day. Hosted by Idea Village, NOEW is a major networking event for tech startups, with the founder of Waitr as the featured keynote this year. Protesters disrupted this event 17 times, condemning Ideal Village’s sponsorship of the “Innovation Embassy” – a technological and trade partnership between the Port of New Orleans and the Port of Ashdod in Israel.

Palestine Solidarity Wins At UC Davis

University campuses have become a major battlefield for the Palestine solidarity movement in the U.S. Students and faculty who support Palestinian liberation have been subjected to doxxing, university discipline, arrest, firings and more. School administrators, even if they are not anti-Zionist, have been removed simply for not being strong enough in backing Israel. But solidarity groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine have persevered and have scored some victories. “From McDonald’s to Sabra to Chevron, none of our student fees that fund ASUCD (Associated Students, University of California, Davis) operations will be used to financially support 30+ companies that are complicit in Zionist violence,” the University of California Davis SJP chapter said on Instagram.

Academics Form National Group To Advocate For Justice In Palestine

Academics have launched a new national network to advocate for Palestine. Faculty for Justice in Palestine (FJP), which was formed in solidarity with Palestinian students, already has 80 affiliate groups across college campuses. “After the genocidal war on Gaza began, groups of academic workers began to organize on campuses nationwide to support and protect students from the immediate onslaught of harassment, discrimination, and punishment,” the group’s facilitator Sherene Seikaly told Mondoweiss. “With 80 affiliate groups on campuses across the country, the Faculty for Justice in Palestine (FJP) national network is committed to the cause of Palestinian liberation through education, advocacy, and action.

Campus Divestment Activists Eye Fossil Fuel Profits On Stolen Land

Samantha Gonsalves-Wetherell, a senior at the University of Arizona, has spent years urging university officials to take climate change seriously. As a leader of UArizona Divest, she and her classmates have been pushing the university toward three goals: to divest from fossil fuels by 2029; commit to no further investments in fossil fuels; and to implement socially responsible investing goals.  “It’s hard to both combat the climate crisis and also fund it,” said Gonsalves-Wetherell. She has met with university officials to ask them what stocks the university has invested in and how much revenue oil and gas investments bring in. 

Chicago Becomes Largest City In US To Demand A Ceasefire In Gaza

On January 31, Chicago became the largest city to formally call for a ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza. Riding on a wave of massive grassroots support from unions and students, the city of Chicago voted in favor of a resolution calling for an unconditional ceasefire. With a tie in City Council (23 for and 23 against), Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson cast the tie-breaking vote and the resolution passed, to the cheers of constituents gathered in City Hall. For days, hundreds of students have been occupying the City Hall of Chicago, demanding that the council pass the resolution. Ahead of the vote, the Chicago mayor ordered the police to clear out the public from the city council chambers.

High Schoolers Walked Out For Palestine And Received Death Threats

Hello everyone. I need to remain anonymous because of the threats I’ve been receiving, so sadly I cannot say my name, but I’m a senior at West Orange High School and was part of the walkout that occurred on Wednesday, November 22. Basically, I just want to speak on the struggle I faced when planning this walkout. Originally we had it planned for Monday, October 30 after our town’s recent board meeting where board member Robert Ivker went on a tangent on the October 7 attack where he called all Palestinians evil, rapists, and baby killers, which triggered our initial interest in creating the walkout because this town only speaks and supports one side.

‘Material Support’ In The Form Of Speech Can Be Criminalized

Depending on when you hear this, the Rutgers/New Brunswick chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine might be the most recent campus group to be suspended for what administrators called “disruptive and disorderly conduct,” and “failure to comply with university or civil authority.” SJP is a student-activist network of campus groups in support of Palestinian lives and liberation, and naturally very active now in the midst of Israeli military attacks on Gaza that, as we record, have killed some 20,000 Palestinians minimally, injuring and displacing orders of magnitude more. Calls for a ceasefire, at least, are growing in this country and around the world, but that’s in the face of ever-more aggressive, top-down efforts to shut those calls, and the people making them, down.

Inside The Youth-Led Fight For A Demilitarized Future

In January 2020, Dissenters — a grassroots, youth-led antiwar movement — began with the mission to connect violence against Black and brown communities in the U.S. to the systems of oppression that fund, arm and enable global militarism. While born from the legacy of the U.S. antiwar movement, Dissenters takes an intersectional approach that connects global wars with corporate elites, local police, border walls, surveillance and prisons. Operating across the country through campus chapters, training fellowships and a strong social media presence, Dissenters has been organizing for college divestment from weapons manufacturers, ending campus recruitment from military-affiliated companies and disbanding campus police departments.

Temple University Students Are Escalating Their Fight For Palestine

I don’t hear about the student walkout until a student shows me the Instagram post. She’s going, she says. She saw me at the last one and thought I’d want to know. This walkout, like the last one, is also by Temple University’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). That one was pretty big. Probably around 350-400. It’s part of a movement waking up and stretching across the country. In Philly a few weeks ago, 10,000 took the Art Museum steps. Then, in DC last weekend, tens of thousands flooded the capital. Somehow, it didn’t make the front pages of corporate-owned newspapers. This is the biggest movement since the massive 2020 BLM uprisings.

Columbia University Suspends Students For Justice In Palestine

Columbia University says its suspending two campus Palestine groups. In a statement posted on the school’s website Senior Executive Vice President of the University and Chair of the Special Committee on Campus Safety Gerald Rosberg said the university is suspending Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) for the remainder of the fall term. “This decision was made after the two groups repeatedly violated University policies related to holding campus events, culminating in an unauthorized event Thursday afternoon that proceeded despite warnings and included threatening rhetoric and intimidation,” reads the statement.

Pro-Palestine Dartmouth Students Want A ‘New Deal’ For Their School

Since October 7th, student activists on campuses across the country have been organizing rallies against Israeli apartheid and vigils for the thousands of Palestinians who have been killed by Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. Activists at Dartmouth College are among those groups, organizing a sustained vigil outside Dartmouth’s administration building, Parkhurst Hall. Days into the continuous vigil, student organizers released The Dartmouth New Deal, a document that outlined a progressive vision for the college and included explicit demands that Dartmouth divest itself from the military-industrial complex that enables Israeli Apartheid.

Italian Students Occupy University For Gaza

On the morning of November 6, 2023, the students of the “Orientale” University of Naples, Italy, occupied their university to demand an immediate ceasefire in Palestine and the interruption of all collaboration of the Italian university with political, economic and military institutions of Israel. Since October 7, the Gaza Strip has been uninterruptedly under siege by the Israeli forces, aided by the silence and complicity of the United States, Western governments and, not least, the Italian government. The student declared: “What we are witnessing is a true genocide: while Gaza is cut off from food, water, fuel and medical supplies, the bombings continue day by day and indiscriminately, targeting homes, schools and hospitals.”
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