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Italian Students Are Rising Up Against Exploitation

On January 21, 18-year-old Italian high school student Lorenzo Parelli died after being hit by a heavy metal beam while working at a factory in Lauzacco, a small town in northern Italy. The accident happened on the last day of Lorenzo’s alternanza scuola-lavoro (“school-work alternation”) internship as part of a mandatory work-placement program for high school students. In an attempt to individualize the responsibility for this tragedy, investigators are now wasting time and resources to determine who is to blame for Lorenzo’s death. Meanwhile, they are letting the neoliberal capitalist death machine that legitimized a program that forces young students into dangerous factory work off the hook. However, for the students who have been organizing throughout the country since his death, the real culprit of this tragedy is clear: “Lorenzo did not die. He was killed by the state through the alternanza scuola-lavoro,” as Niccolò De Luca, a member of the recently formed student movement La Lupa (“The Wolf”) put it.

Over 240 Organizations Join The Call: #FreePalestinianStudents

Today, February 25, over 240 global organizations, including political parties, mass social movements, student organizations, churches, and labour unions, joined together in an international call for solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian students.  Hundreds of Palestinian students are routinely detained by the Israeli occupation, especially those who are part of student organizations involved with campus political life. At Bir Zeit University alone, approximately 74 students were detained by occupation soldiers during the 2019-2020 academic year. They are among nearly 5,000 Palestinian political prisoners jailed by Israel. The work of student organizing, from holding book fairs to organizing events and participating in student elections, is criminalized by the Israeli occupation. Still more students are detained for joining demonstrations or posting on their social media profiles. 

FCC Must Expand The E-Rate Program To Connect Students During Pandemic

Yesterday, Public Knowledge joined Access Humboldt, Benton Institute for Broadband and Society, Consumer Reports, and New America’s Open Technology Institute in filing comments in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s Public Notice on the use of E-Rate funds to enable remote learning. Public Knowledge supports “off-campus” use of E-Rate funds to help students studying at home access the broadband they need to stay connected to classes, student services, and their families during the pandemic. The following can be attributed to Greg Guice, Director of Government Affairs at Public Knowledge: “As the nation enters its 12th month of the COVID-19 pandemic, most schools remain closed or opened on a limited basis, making distance learning the primary means of educational instruction for many students.

Students Across The Country Are Going On Strike

Since campuses began shutting down across the country in early March, college students have been speaking out about the economic uncertainty, lack of food, and housing insecurity the nationwide upheaval has brought on. Despite this, many colleges have been reluctant to take measures to ensure student safety and comfort—most schools have not changed their grading policies, for example, and many campuses have not provided alternative resources after forcing students to evacuate dorms or cancel meal plans, prompting further uncertainty and stress. In response, college students across the country are going on strike. Striking students at the University of Chicago, Pomona College, The New School, Vassar College, and more are putting pressure on their school administration by refusing to go to classes or pay tuition payments or rent, saying its response to the coronavirus pandemic has been inadequately meeting the needs of the students paying to attend.

Number Of Homeless Students In The US Surges 15%, Now Topping 1.5 Million

The number of homeless students enrolled in public school districts and reported by state educational agencies (SEAs) during school year (SY) 2017-18 was 1,508,265. This number does not reflect the totality of children and youth experiencing homelessness, as it only includes those students who are enrolled in public school districts or local educational agencies (LEAs.) It does not capture school-aged children and youth who experience homelessness during the summer only, those who dropped out of school, or young children who are not enrolled in preschool programs administered by LEAs. Key findings of this report include the following: • The number of identified, enrolled students reported as experiencing homelessness at some point during the last three school years increased 15 percent, from 1,307,656 students in SY 2015-16 to 1,508,265 students in SY 2017-18.

Johns Hopkins students protest speeches by Joshua Wong, Nathan Law

More than 100 Chinese students at Johns Hopkins University in the US on Thursday night (US time) protested against speeches made by Hong Kong secessionists Joshua Wong Chi-fung and Nathan Law Kwun-chung. Inside and outside the speech hall, the Chinese students held banners that read "Hong Kong is part of China" and "Condemn violence" and also chanted patriotic slogans. 

Forty Organizations Call For Ban On Facial Recognition On College Campuses

On behalf of leading consumer, privacy, and civil liberties organizations, we are calling on administrations to commit to not using facial recognition technology (for non-personal reasons, e.g. when used to unlock personal phones) in schools. This invasive and biased technology inherently violates the liberty and the rights of students and faculty and has no place in our educational institutions. Facial recognition technology isn’t safe. It’s biased and is more likely to misidentify students of color, which can result in traumatic interactions with law enforcement, loss of class time, disciplinary action, and potentially a criminal record. The data collected is vulnerable to hackers, and we’ve seen that schools are ill-equipped to safeguard this data.

Students Continue Occupation Over University’s Failures To Address Racist Incidents

Syracuse, NY - Students with #NotAgainSU, a movement that formed in response to racist and hate incidents on campus that the university has not adequately addressed, have been occupying the administrative building on campus since Monday afternoon. The University responded harshly, cutting off their access to food and supplies and suspending them Monday night. [Breaking: The University lifted the suspensions Wednesday evening] Campus police are also treating them harshly. CNN reports: A spate of bias incidents beginning in November 2019 helped spur #NotAgainSU's first protests. Following those protests, Syracuse administration released a list of commitments in response to the demands of protestors.

Facing Skyrocketing Rents, Santa Cruz Grad Students Extend Wildcat Strike

Protesting low wages in one of the most unaffordable cities in the country, graduate students at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) went on a wildcat grading strike in December and are now organizing for a full strike, beginning February 10. Graduate student workers at the 10 UC campuses across the state receive the same wages—$2,434 a month, which after taxes amounts to just over $18,000 a year, given that we are only paid for nine months.

Iranian Student Deported From Boston Despite Court Order; Federal Judge Dismisses Case

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials at Logan International Airport denied entry to an Iranian national who was set to study economics this spring at Northeastern University. Despite a federal court order to delay the man's removal, CBP placed him on a plane Monday night. Kerry Doyle, an attorney for Mohammad Shahab Dehghani Hossein Abadi, said the 24-year-old was traveling to the U.S. with a valid F1 student visa before he was held for secondary questioning by CBP at the Boston airport.

Wildcat Strike Launched By UC Santa Cruz Grad Student Workers

Graduate student workers at the Santa Cruz campus of the leviathan University of California have voted to launch a wildcat grading strike in the lead up to final exams. Organized under Local 2865 of the UAW, these workers perform a wide variety of duties — everything from carrying out faculty research, to lecturing, to evaluating the coursework of tens of thousands of enrolled undergraduates — all in order to keep the university running smoothly.

Army Recruitment Now Based On Student Debt

The U.S. Army wants a 500,000 active-duty force by the end of this next decade, about 25,000 more than today. And preying on low income high schoolers is apparently how they intend to do it. This past month the Army announced that they have already surpassed their recruitment goals for 2019–with three months still to go. That a big change from recent years’ where unsuccessful recruiting outcomes have been the norm. So what changed? Recruiters are no longer using patriotism as their main marketing strategy. And wars in the Middle East are not on the talking points either.

Panama: Students Defy Blockade, Deliver Message Directly To The National Assembly

More than a thousand students, teachers and administrators of the first house of studies of the University of Panama, made a march on Tuesday October 22 from the Transistmica to the facilities of the National Assembly.  The measure was given as a rejection of the proposals that would modify the articles of the Political Constitution of the Republic, in which, according to the university authorities themselves, they revealed that they would affect the operation of the higher education center. 

Palestine Lecture Proceeds As Milan Students Stand Up To Zionist Attempt To Block It

MILAN, ITALY  — My lecture at the University of Milan was scheduled for the afternoon of October 9, 2019. That morning the university president, pressured by a local Zionist group, decided to cancel the lecture. The excuse given was that the lecture was scheduled on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur and this offended the “Jewish community.” The student organization that put together the event, Fuori Luogo, notified me that I should still come and that the event would take place as planned.

“We Can’t Remain Indifferent”: Chile Trade Unions Call For General Strike In Support Of Student-Led Uprising

As protests against the Chilean government continued Monday, trade unions across the South American country called for a general strike to support demonstrators drawing attention to the nation's high cost of living, inequality, and injustice. "We can't remain indifferent to the social movement out there," Escondida Union No. 1 president Patricio Tapia, whose organization voted to stop work at the Escondida copper mine for 10 hours Monday night or Tuesday morning, told Bloomberg Monday.
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