Schools Broke? Corporate Subsidies Cost Schools at Least $1.8 Billion Last Year

By Staff, Good Jobs First -

School districts in ten states, led by South Carolina, New York and Louisiana, collectively lost $1.6 billion. If this money were instead reinvested in hiring new teachers and reducing class [...]

We Subsidize The Wrong Kind Of Agriculture

By Brian Wakamo, -

Summer: the season of barbecues, baseball games, and backyard fun. It’s also the time of year when the American farming industry comes into full swing producing the crops we hold near and dear. [...]

Locally-Owned Businesses Fight Back Against Subsidies To National Chains

By Fran Korten, -

Lanning is widely recognized for her work. Even though she finds traditional economic development planners to be frequent adversaries, in 2014 the International Economic Development Council [...]

Plan To Subsidize Coal And Nuclear Plants Is Bonkers

By David Roberts, -

By David Roberts for Vox - The Trump administration has not typically put a premium on transparency or fealty to empirical fact. So it was somewhat puzzling when the Department of Energy released [...]

Briefing: Dakota Access Pipeline’s Massive Government Subsidies

By Collin Rees, -

By Collin Rees for Oil Change International - The Dakota Access Pipeline has faced strong resistance from Native Americans, farmers, and ranchers along the proposed pipeline route. It’s also [...]

Call On Congress To End $4 Billion Annual Oil Industry Subsidies

By Sharon Kelly, -

By Sharon Kelly for Desmog - In an open letter sent to Congress today, a coalition of 40 national taxpayer, labor, environmental and other groups called on the federal government to repeal almost [...]

More Than $20 Billion Annually In Government Subsidies For Oil

By Shakuntala Makhijani, -

Today, Oil Change International released a comprehensive report on fossil fuel exploration and production subsidies in the U.S. – Cashing in on All of the Above: U.S. Fossil Fuel Production [...]