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Super Bowl

Civil Rights Groups To Hold Social Justice Rally In Atlanta Before The Super Bowl

Organizers will stage a rally to call for the removal of Confederate monuments and symbols on the eve of the big game. A group of civil rights organizations is planning to hold a rally in Atlanta to denounce white supremacy, among other themes, ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl 2019. On Saturday, organizations, community members and activists will take advantage of the Super Bowl’s spotlight on Georgia’s capital to launch a movement calling for the removal of Confederate monuments and symbols in the state. Demonstrators at the “United We Shall Stand Rally,” set for noon at Piedmont Park, will also address voter suppression and police brutality, according to Richard Rose...

‘Violence’ Becomes ‘Unruliness’ When It’s Sports Fans, Not BLM Protesters

After the Philadelphia Eagles mounted an exciting and improbable underdog victory over the New England Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday, Philly fans poured into the city’s streets to celebrate. Fires were set, some stores were broken into, and drunk people fought and caroused across the city. Crowds of (overwhelmingly) white male fans climbed poles, leapt off of building awnings, uprooted lamp posts and generally caused mayhem and havoc across the City of Brotherly Love. The celebration ended Monday morning with only four arrests, and with what NBC Sports (2/5/18) described vaguely as “vandalism and injuries.” The muted reaction from city officials to the unrest was noted by a number of media outlets on Monday morning. Newsweek(2/5/18) noted “the difference in how the public and officials reacted to riots by fans compared to those prompted by civil unrest.”

Invest In Minnesota’s Communities, Not The Super Bowl

Activists are using the spotlight on the Twin Cities to draw attention to affordable housing and corporate mistreatment in their hometown. The Super Bowl is headed to Minnesota’s Twin Cities on February 4, and with it, analysts and officials promise, will come millions of tourism dollars. Questions linger about how much the game will actually bring in, but a group of Minnesota residents are fighting to bring the lion’s share of the sum back into the community. In the days leading up to the big game, more than a dozen local organizations are coming together to ensure that the needs of the community are front and center as sports fans descend upon the city. Octavia Marberry, one member of that coalition, is directing the spotlight towards the renters demanding safe and affordable housing.

Corporate Red Carpet & Largest Security Op For Super Bowl LII

Protests are planned by community members, organizations, unions, and other activists spanning the week leading up to SB52 and on game day itself. A coalition of organizers and community members have created the Super Bowl Anti-Racist Anti-Corporate Coalition aiming to highlight racial and class disparities. Other coalitions have formed and have publicly stated their involvement in the upcoming week of actions. Black Visions Collective, “a Black-led organization committed to creating a world where all Black Lives Matter“, are demanding the decriminalization of sex workers, an agreement that local police will not work with ICE agents, a long-term divestment from the police, and an investment into communities of color.

St. Paul Companies Spend Tax Breaks On Super Bowl Sponsorships

WITH MORE THAN a million people headed to the Twin Cities over the next 10 days for the Super Bowl, local corporations, St. Paul school district officials, and civic leaders are bracing for what may be a public relations nightmare: the first teachers strike in St. Paul in over 70 years. The St. Paul Federation of Teachers, nine months into its contract negotiation, authorized a strike vote for January 31. The move comes amid the union’s unconventional strategy of linking declining school funding to corporate tax cuts and narrowing in on local companies on the Super Bowl Host Committee as a potential source of funding for the cash-strapped school system. The argument the teachers are making in their contract negotiations is straightforward. Cuts, they say, are not the answer.

Super Bowl 51 Action – Punt the Pipelines For People And Planet

By Gina Magana, Organizer for Punt the Pipelines. Super Bowl 51 is HERE, in Houston, Texas and we have an opportunity to convey a critical message to millions of people. We must demand an end to a Carbon Based Economy, switch to a Clean Energy Economy, and end all new pipelines to protect our sacred water people, and planet. We need your help. In the air above the stadium we will fly an airplane with an urgent message to divest. On the ground, we will be at the gates of the Super Bowl drawing attention with banners, signs, while we march, drum, dance, sing, and pray to protect our sacred water, people, and planet. Please, donate $1, $10, $100 or whatever you can to help fund this Super Bowl LI Action to Punt the Pipelines for People and Planet. The airplane will reach tens of thousands of people at the game and millions on television and through social media.
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