Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Decided Against Net Neutrality And For NSA Surveillance

After intense speculation, President Trump said today that he has selected Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee to succeed retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. In his announcement, the president [...]

The Most Important Surveillance Story You’ll See For Years

By Jake Johnson, -

“The most important surveillance story you will see for years just went online, revealing how AT&T became the internet’s biggest enemy, secretly collaborating against its customers and partners [...]

The Administration Of Mayor Rahm Emanuel Keeps Monitoring Protesters

By Mick Dumke, -

Even before thousands of demonstrators gathered in downtown Chicago to speak out against President Donald Trump’s inauguration last year, city police were watching. Recently released police and [...]

Donald Trump’s Surveillance Of New York Times Reporter Is A True Declaration Of War Against The Press

Ever since he began his campaign for president, Trump has engaged in a largely rhetorical battle against the press, casting the reporters who cover him as the enemy of the average American and as [...]

Amazon Should Follow Google’s Lead And Stop Selling Face Surveillance Tech To Cops

By Iqra Asghar and Kade Crockford, -

In response to internal and external protest and expressions of revulsion, Google yesterday announcedit would stop contracting with the Department of Defense to provide artificial intelligence [...]

The Education End-Game; Transformative Changes Are Needed

By Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

Just as private corporations mine the earth for metals and minerals to sell on the market, they have now also turned to mining our children's information for the purposes of selling it to [...]

Victory! Fourth Circuit Rules That Border Officials Can’t Subject Electronic Devices To Suspicionless Forensic Searches

By Staff, -

Back in 2014, the Supreme Court ruled in Riley v California, holding that border guards do not have unlimited authority to search our personal electronic devices when we cross the border, [...]

NSA Triples Spying Rate on Americans’ Phone Calls, 530mm Records Collected

By Staff, Russia Today -

The NSA has tripled its surveillance of Americans’ phone chatter, collecting over 534mn phone call records and text messages last year, despite pressure for more restrictions and transparency, a [...]

Oakland Passes “Strongest” Surveillance Oversight Law In US

Cyrus Farivar, -

OAKLAND, Calif.—Late Tuesday evening, the Oakland City Council formally approved a new city ordinance that imposes community control over the use of surveillance technology in the city. Oakland [...]

The CIA Still Protects Spy Who Shadowed Martin Luther King Jr.

By Jefferson Morley, -

The CIA shadowed Martin Luther King Jr. during his stay at a Miami hotel in July 1966 with the help of a spy whose identity still remains a secret a half-century later. The revelation is found [...]

Muslim Groups Awarded Damages Over Discriminatory NYPD Surveillance

By Kevin Gosztola, -

“We have been down similar roads before. Jewish Americans during the Red Scare, African Americans during the civil rights movement, and Japanese Americans during World War II are examples that [...]

Michigan SU Sent Nine Undercover Cops To Richard Spencer Protest

By Sam Adler-Bell, The Intercept. -

On March 5, as many as 500 antifascists converged on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing to protest a speech by white supremacist golden boy Richard Spencer. The protesters — [...]

Liberal Ire At Trump And Cambridge Analytica Is Misdirected From Billionaires Who Own Your Data

By Bruce A. Dixon, -

Liberals this week want to drum us into outrageous fury over the fact that Facebook, with almost 2 billion accounts worldwide, handed over user data of millions of people to Cambridge Analytica, [...]

The Weird And Surprising Things I Found In The File Facebook Has On Me

By Nick Whigham, -

It was the first day of pre-school. After my Mum leaned down and gave me one final bear hug, I was off to start my education as I casually waved her away without looking at her — clearly she was [...]

TSA Sued Over Searches Of Digital Devices

By Staff, -

The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Northern California filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit today demanding government documents about Transportation Security [...]