Call To Action For The US Transition Movement

By Marissa Mommaerts, -

We are living in a Transition Moment. To those of us who are resilience-minded, this shock to our globalized economy and society, and its ripples in our local communities, did not come as a [...]

Green Steel

By Charlotte King, -

BEIJING, China, Nov 21 2019 (IPS) - How Indonesian craftsmanship is undergoing a revival at the world’s first ‘bamboo university’. It’s fast-growing, flexible and strong. Standing underneath a [...]

Manila’s New Mayor Wants Solar Panels, Rainwater Collectors For City’s Schools

By Olivia Rosane, -

Manila's new mayor wants to turn the city's public schools into a living lesson in sustainability. Mayor Francisco "Isko" Moreno Domagoso unveiled a plan Tuesday to install solar panels and [...]

Shareholder Resolution Demands Better Transparency Of Rockwool

By Anne Meador, DC Media Group -

Danish corporation Rockwool International is tackling “today’s biggest sustainability and development challenges” by producing highly energy efficient, recyclable and fire resistant insulation [...]

Why Sustainable Agriculture Should Support A Green New Deal

By Elizabeth Henderson, -

“For Sale” signs have replaced “Dairy of Distinction” on the last two dairy farms on the road I drive to town. The farm crisis of the 1980’s that never really went away has resurfaced with a [...]

Why Sustainability Is No Longer Enough, Yet Still Very Important On The Road To Regeneration

By Daniel Christian Wahl, -

For many people achieving sustainability might seem already like a visionary goal that is difficult to reach. Yet, we need to do even better to respond adequately to the converging crises ahead. [...]

Does Humanity Deserve To Be Extinct?

By Gilbert Mercier, Dissident Voice. -

Time is up! All humans, men and women, are guilty as charged! Guilty of abusing other species and the natural world we depend on; guilty, either by greed or ignorance, of abusing other [...]

How Costa Rica Gets It Right

By Joseph Stiglitz, Project Syndicate. -

SAN JOSÉ – With authoritarianism and proto-fascism on the rise in so many corners of the world, it is heartening to see a country where citizens are still deeply committed to democratic [...]

4 Energy Cooperatives Leading The Way To A Sustainable Future

By Lynn Benander, Diego Angarita Horowitz, Isaac Baker, -

By Lynn Benander, Diego Angarita Horowitz, Isaac Baker for Island Press - In the early 2000s in the northeastern United States, a perfect storm was brewing in which the electric utilities were [...]

Possibilities For Economic Evolution: Trade

By Peter Weisberg, -

By Peter Weisberg for The Center for Global Justice. Like a global vampire that drains the blood of one victim after another, so too does the neo-liberal economic system. Under the misleading [...]

Female Equality Is Key To A Sustainable Future

By H. Patricia Hynes, -

By H. Patricia Hynes for Truth Dig - What the world will look like in 15 years depends also on our commitment to reduce substantially greenhouse gas emissions and achieve 50 percent of energy [...]

Ten Tips To Make Every Day Earth Day

By Lloyd Alter, -

By Lloyd Alter for Tree Hugger. Readers of a certain age will remember Pogo, the political satire strip that was probably the Doonesbury of the sixties. Walt Kelly did this great poster for the [...]

Climate Change: No One Is Exempt

By Sarah “Steve” Mosko, -

By Sarah “Steve” Mosko for Boogie Green - Luckier Americans are insulated from many everyday worries, like struggling to pay the rent or mortgage on time. Some even enjoy life in gated [...]

Cuba’s Sustainable Agro-Ecological Model Could Save The World

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - On World Food Day, teleSUR spoke to Professor Raj Patel, an award-winning writer and defender of food security and sustainable models of agriculture. In Cuba, where the [...]

Habitat III: Stronger Urban Future Based On Right To The City

By Mike Herd, -

By Mike Herd for The Guardian. All the major global challenges – climate change, the economy, inequality, the very future of democracy – will be solved in cities. If nations want to succeed with [...]

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