An Indigenous Māori View Of Doughnut Economics

By Juhi Shareef, -

Working in sustainability, one understands that context is key. When we fail to identify or understand the nuanced, complex, systemic and local context of a situation, the best-intentioned [...]

Today Is Earth Overshoot Day, Here’s What It Means

By Mathieu Pollet, Euro News. -

From today onwards, we have used every last bit of natural resources that Earth can provide within one calendar year and are now living on ecological credit. This year, Earth Overshoot Day [...]

Call To Action For The US Transition Movement

By Marissa Mommaerts, -

We are living in a Transition Moment. To those of us who are resilience-minded, this shock to our globalized economy and society, and its ripples in our local communities, did not come as a [...]

Green Steel

By Charlotte King, -

BEIJING, China, Nov 21 2019 (IPS) - How Indonesian craftsmanship is undergoing a revival at the world’s first ‘bamboo university’. It’s fast-growing, flexible and strong. Standing underneath a [...]

Manila’s New Mayor Wants Solar Panels, Rainwater Collectors For City’s Schools

By Olivia Rosane, -

Manila's new mayor wants to turn the city's public schools into a living lesson in sustainability. Mayor Francisco "Isko" Moreno Domagoso unveiled a plan Tuesday to install solar panels and [...]

Shareholder Resolution Demands Better Transparency Of Rockwool

By Anne Meador, DC Media Group -

Danish corporation Rockwool International is tackling “today’s biggest sustainability and development challenges” by producing highly energy efficient, recyclable and fire resistant insulation [...]

Why Sustainable Agriculture Should Support A Green New Deal

By Elizabeth Henderson, -

“For Sale” signs have replaced “Dairy of Distinction” on the last two dairy farms on the road I drive to town. The farm crisis of the 1980’s that never really went away has resurfaced with a [...]

Why Sustainability Is No Longer Enough, Yet Still Very Important On The Road To Regeneration

By Daniel Christian Wahl, -

For many people achieving sustainability might seem already like a visionary goal that is difficult to reach. Yet, we need to do even better to respond adequately to the converging crises ahead. [...]

Does Humanity Deserve To Be Extinct?

By Gilbert Mercier, Dissident Voice. -

Time is up! All humans, men and women, are guilty as charged! Guilty of abusing other species and the natural world we depend on; guilty, either by greed or ignorance, of abusing other [...]

How Costa Rica Gets It Right

By Joseph Stiglitz, Project Syndicate. -

SAN JOSÉ – With authoritarianism and proto-fascism on the rise in so many corners of the world, it is heartening to see a country where citizens are still deeply committed to democratic [...]

4 Energy Cooperatives Leading The Way To A Sustainable Future

By Lynn Benander, Diego Angarita Horowitz, Isaac Baker, -

By Lynn Benander, Diego Angarita Horowitz, Isaac Baker for Island Press - In the early 2000s in the northeastern United States, a perfect storm was brewing in which the electric utilities were [...]

Possibilities For Economic Evolution: Trade

By Peter Weisberg, -

By Peter Weisberg for The Center for Global Justice. Like a global vampire that drains the blood of one victim after another, so too does the neo-liberal economic system. Under the misleading [...]

Female Equality Is Key To A Sustainable Future

By H. Patricia Hynes, -

By H. Patricia Hynes for Truth Dig - What the world will look like in 15 years depends also on our commitment to reduce substantially greenhouse gas emissions and achieve 50 percent of energy [...]

Ten Tips To Make Every Day Earth Day

By Lloyd Alter, -

By Lloyd Alter for Tree Hugger. Readers of a certain age will remember Pogo, the political satire strip that was probably the Doonesbury of the sixties. Walt Kelly did this great poster for the [...]

Climate Change: No One Is Exempt

By Sarah “Steve” Mosko, -

By Sarah “Steve” Mosko for Boogie Green - Luckier Americans are insulated from many everyday worries, like struggling to pay the rent or mortgage on time. Some even enjoy life in gated [...]

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