COVID-19: The Case Against Herd Immunity

By Marcello Ferrada de Noli, Consortium News. -

The elderly have comprised the vast majority of Covid-19 fatalities in Sweden, either dying in care homes or their own residence, often alone.  By mid-May 2020, only 13 percent of the care [...]

Sweden’s COVID-19 Response Is Nothing To Envy

By Eleanor Goldfield, Mintpress News. -

From Djurgården, I walk along the water on Strandvägen – a rising fall whips in a determined wind across the water, slicing at remnants of summer and carving pathways around centuries-old [...]

Collapse Of Swedish “Sexual Misconduct” Frame-Up Exposes Political Conspiracy Against Assange

By Oscar Grenfell, -

Swedish prosecutors announced yesterday that, after almost 10 years, they were finally abandoning a “preliminary investigation” into allegations of “sexual misconduct” against WikiLeaks founder [...]

The Extraordinary Swedish Extradition Of Julian Assange

By Staff, -

In Sweden, prosecutors have applied to the Swedish courts to issue a warrant for Julian’s arrest. There is a tremendous back story to that simple statement. The European Arrest Warrant must be [...]

Sweden Has A 70 Percent Tax Rate And It Is Fine

By Matt Bruenig, -

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently suggested raising the top tax rate to 70 percent in order to raise money to fund climate change investments. Conservatives were dismayed by the proposal while [...]

Israel Denies Swedish Peace Activist Entry To Palestine

By Staff, -

After spending more than 11 months walking through high-altitude plateaus, windswept forests and muddy migrant trails, a Swedish activist's attempt to reach occupied Palestine has come to an [...]

Inequality Is The Real Backstory To Sweden’s Riots

By George Lakey, -

By George Lakey for Waging Nonviolence - Mohandas Gandhi famously said that the root of violence is inequality. His view helps us understand what’s behind the headlines about recent rioting in [...]

The Making Of Sweden’s Climate Law – And That Photo

By Megan Darby, -

By Megan Darby for Climate Home - Lövin’s office was reluctant to discuss the way she chose to publicise her signing of the bill, saying only her all-women photo reflected Sweden’s “feminist [...]

Swedish Government Belittles Trump With This All-Woman Photo

By Stefanie Spear, -

By Stefanie Spear for Eco Watch - "You can interpret it as you want," Lovin's spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. "It's more that Sweden is a feminist government and this is a very important law [...]

Julian Assange Releases Full Testimony To Swedish Prosecutors

By Peter Walker, -

By Peter Walker for The Independent - Julian Assange says he is "entirely innocent" of rape in his testimony to Swedish prosecutors, which he has published online. In a 19-page statement he gave [...]

Julian Assange Faces Swedish Prosecutor In London Over Rape Accusation

By Esther Addley, -

By Esther Addley and David Crouch for the Guardian. A senior Swedish prosecutor has begun interviewing Julian Assange at Ecuador’s embassy in London, six years after a woman in Stockholm accused [...]

Woman Stands Up To More Than 300 Nazis

By Sara Malm, -

By Sara Malm For Daily Mail - This is the moment one brave woman stepped out in front of the leaders of a 300-strong Nazi march - and raised her fist in defiance. The photograph was taken in [...]

European Nations Such As Sweden And Denmark Are ‘Eradicating Cash’

By Michael Snyder, -

By Michael Snyder for The Economic Collapse - Did you know that 95 percent of all retail sales in Sweden are cashless? And did you know that the government of Denmark has a stated goal of [...]

Swedish Fascists Burn Homes, Blame Crisis On Refugees

By Rory Smith, -

By Rory Smith for ROAR Magazine - These are just two examples of the several thousand remarks left by Sweden Democrats’ online following the most recent case of arson; an incident that left a [...]

Sweden Moves To 6-Hour Work Day, Better For Everybody

By Weinenkel, -

By Weinenkel for Daily Kos - Sweden has been slowly, but surely, moving towards a 6-hour workday. Filimundus, an app developer based in the capital Stockholm, introduced the six-hour day last [...]

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