US Warmachine Seeks New Pretext In Syria To Bring War To Iran

By Tony Cartalucci, -

ISIS would take shape precisely in eastern Syria where the DIA memo had said its “Salafist” (Islamic) “principality” (State) would. It would attempt to place pressure on Damascus and isolate it – [...]

I Traced Missile Casings In Syria Back To Their Original Sellers, So It’s Time For The West To Reveal Who They Sell Arms To

By Robert Fisk, -

Readers, a small detective story. Note down this number: MFG BGM-71E-1B. And this number: STOCK NO 1410-01-300-0254. And this code: DAA A01 C-0292. I found all these numerals printed on the side [...]

Syria Calls Refugees Home While US Imperialism Punishes The Refugees It Creates

By Danny Haiphong, -

For seven years, the US ruling class has united with a broad array of vultures to suck the nation of Syria dry--of its independence, sovereignty, and oil and gas resources. Israeli, Turkish, [...]

It’s Time To Start Getting Enraged At What Western Imperialists Have Done To Syria

By Caitlin Johnstone, -

Rumors are again swirling of an impending false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria, just as they did shortly before the highly suspicious Douma case in April. Warnings from Syrian and Russian [...]

Eagle-Meets-Bear And The Syria Tug-Of-War

By Pepe Escobar, -

Ahead of the Eagle-meets-Bear Trump-Putin summit on July 16 in Helsinki, Syria-centered spin has gone into overdrive. Unknown sources have leaked what is billed as President Trump’s alleged Syria [...]

We Give Our Unconditional Support To A Humanitarian Zone For People Returning To Syria

By Staff, -

Because of our painful experience of being displaced, returning, and being persecuted by our own State and Government, we feel deeply rooted solidarity with the proposal made by some Syrian [...]

The Economic Atom Bombing Of Syria

By Stephen Gowans, -

Washington’s long war on Syria comprises three major elements: a proxy war waged by Islamist insurgents; an occupation of almost one-third of Syria by US and allied troops [1]; and a program of [...]

Syrian Child Refugee Choir From Canada Cancels US Trip Over Trump Policies

By Jillian D'Amours, -

MONTREAL, Canada - A Canadian choir composed of Syrian refugee children will not perform at an event in Washington, DC, later this week because organisers and parents feared the kids would be [...]

The Left in Syria: From Democratic National Change to Devastation

By Thaer A. Deeb, Verso Books -

In the beginning of 2017, after 6 years of devastation and bloodshed, many of this trend’s proponents released a document entitled A Call to Our Syrian People: For Freedom, Dignity, Citizenship, [...]

The Fake Left At The Left Forum

By Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report -

The fake left at the Left Forum should be distinguished from the fake left of the non-profit industrial complex. The non-profit industrial complex indeed hires fake activists beholden to [...]

Rebels, US Forces Preparing ANOTHER False Flag Chemical Attack In Syria

The Free Syrian Army and US special operations forces, are preparing a provocation using toxic substances in Syria, more in the key stronghold of Deir ez-Zor, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman [...]

US Committed War Crimes In Syria

By Staff, Amnesty International -

From amid the rubble of Raqqa, civilians are asking why US-led Coalition forces destroyed the city, killing hundreds of civilians in the process of “liberating” them from the armed group calling [...]

2006 State Department Cable Reveals Plan To Use Terror, Intrigue, Kurds To Destabilize Syria, Weaken Assad

By Brandon Turbeville, -

Despite the bulk of the attempted destruction of Syria having taken place during the Obama administration, the fact is that the agenda began marching years before Obama took office and it is [...]

Over 70 Syrian Tribes Declare War On US-Backed Forces, Foreign Troops In Northern Syria

By Leith Aboufadel, -

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:30 P.M.) – Over 70 Syrian tribes issued a joint statement on Saturday that announced the formation of a new combined force that would fight the US-backed militias and foreign [...]

Iran And Syria: Why Regime Change In One Means Regime Change In Both

By Caitlin Johnstone, -

Probably the weirdest, dumbest, most annoying thing about writing on US foreign policy right now is the fact that regime change in Iran and regime change in Syria have been falsely spun into the [...]