Understanding Trump’s ‘Withdrawal’ From Syria And Advocating For Peace In The Middle East

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

President Trump recently announced he was withdrawing US troops from northeastern Syria where they had fought and imprisoned ISIS members with the Kurds. This move gave the green light for Turkey [...]

US Out Of Syria And The Middle East

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Above: US Out of the Middle East, Los Angeles protest against bombing in Syria from ABC7.com. Stop The Turkish Invasion Of Syria The crisis in Syria has taken a new direction with the Turkish [...]

United States Air Force At Incirlik, Our National “Black Eye”

By Brian Terrell, Voices for Creative Nonviolence. -

Current events concerning Turkey and the Kurds in Syria remind me of a conversation I had with a US Air Force colonel almost 17 years ago in a courtroom in Des Moines. To refresh my memory, I dug [...]

Syria: The Biggest US Defeat Since Vietnam

By Pepe Escobar, Consortiumnews.com -

What is happening in Syria, following yet another Russia-brokered deal, is a massive geopolitical game-changer. I’ve tried to summarize it in a single paragraph this way:  “It’s a quadruple win. [...]

The US Has Backed 21 Of The 28 ‘Crazy’ Militias Leading Turkey’s Brutal Invasion Of Northern Syria

By Max Blumenthal, Thegrayzone.com -

Footage showing members of Turkey’s mercenary “national army” executing Kurdish captives as they led the Turkish invasion of northern Syria touched off a national outrage, provoking US government [...]

Why Withdrawing US Troops From Northern Syria Is Good

By Rick Sterling, Globalresearch.ca -

If one believes in restoring international law and the UN Charter,  it is GOOD that US military forces have been withdrawn from  northern Syria. Here are some facts and history which explain why. [...]

Syria: Exposing Western Radical Collaboration With Imperialism

By Ajamu Baraka, Blackagendareport.com -

Despite so many self-defined radicals’ reading and claims to understand Gramsci’s corrective to Marxism-Leninism’s mechanistic understanding of the relationship between the base and the [...]

How Turkey’s Invasion Of Syria Backfired On Erdogan

By Patrick Cockburn, Counterpunch.org -

Turkey’s Syrian venture is rapidly turning sour from President Erdogan’s point of view. The Turkish advance into northeast Syria is moving slowly, but Turkey’s military options are becoming [...]

The US Isn’t Serious About Leaving Syria At All

By David Macilwain, Ahtribune.com -

Three days after the US President announced that US forces would be withdrawing from Syria and allowing the Turkish military to clear a zone along its border of Kurdish militants, someone thought [...]

Occupying Forces Out, Defend Syria Sovereignty & Territorial Integrity

By Staff, Uspeacecouncil.org -

The U.S. Peace Council strongly condemns the illegal incursion of the Turkish forces into Syria with the approval of the Trump Administration and in direct violation of the United Nation’s [...]

Syrian Government Regains Control Over Country’s Northeastern Parts

By Staff, Moonofalabama.org -

Eight days ago U.S. President Donald Trump gave a green light for another Turkish invasion of Syria. We explained why that move made it inevitable for the Kurds to submit to Damascus and to let [...]

Kurds Strike Deal With Syrian Government To Battle Turkey’s Offensive After Trump Orders Evacuation Of Remaining US Troops

By Jessica Corbett, Commondreams.org -

Kurdish forces in northern Syria announced Sunday that the Syrian government has agreed to deploy troops to battle an ongoing Turkish offensive against the Kurds after U.S. Defense Secretary Mark [...]

Global Day Of Action Against Turkish Invasion On Oct. 12

By ROAR Collective, Roarmag.org -

Since the establishment of the Kurdish democratic autonomous self-administration in North and East Syria (DASA), the border between Turkey and North and East Syria has been highly secure and no [...]

Tricontinental: Institute For Social Research Newsletter On Syria, Ecuador And India

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research -

Turkey has invaded Syria. In particular, Turkey has crossed the border to destroy the largely Syrian Kurdish province of Rojava, south of the Turkey-Syria border and east of the Euphrates River. [...]

Turkey’s Safe-Zone And Refugee Peace-Corridor Is A Cover For Encroachment

By Sarah Abed, Infobrics.org -

On Saturday, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that preparations have been made for a unilateral cross border air and land military operation in the next day or two, in northern [...]