Police Tactics Kettling, Mass Arrests Questioned In St. Louis

By Doug Moore, www.sanfrancisco.stltoday.com -

By Doug Moore for St. Louis Post-Dispatch - ST. LOUIS • Police used a technique called kettling on Sunday night to box in about 100 people at a busy downtown intersection and arrest them for [...]

Beyond Voting: Skills You Need To Get Shit Done

By Staff, www.theleapblog.org -

By Staff of The Leap Blog - In my hometown of Billings, Montana, I was leading a training on effective public commenting last month at the local library. We had just finished watching a [...]

We Must Discuss Effectiveness Of All Tactics Including Black Bloc

By Kazu Haga, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

By Kazu Haga for Waging Noviolence - I admit, I laughed a little too. When I first saw videos of white nationalist Richard Spencer getting punched by a protester, I thought it was funny. And even [...]

Misunderstanding The Civil Rights Movement & Diversity of Tactics

By Tactical Diversity, www.tacticaldiversity.wordpress.com -

By Tactical Diversity - It’s gotten to be a pattern on the Left. When Black protest erupts into insurrection, as it did in Ferguson and Baltimore, most liberals and white radicals express [...]