Washington Demands Acquiescence In Afghanistan

By Brett Kershaw, Antiwar.com. -

War and conflict rarely benefit the lives of ordinary people. Indeed, the very nature of war is destructive. In the case of Afghanistan, once the US war and occupation ended, any delusive [...]

How Feminists Can Support Afghan Women Living Under The Taliban

By Medea Benjamin And Ariel Gold, Jacobin. -

Since the Taliban took control of Kabul and Afghanistan’s central government on August 15, efforts to support Afghan women have become extremely challenging. According to some prominent US [...]

US And Taliban Delegations Meet In Doha

By People's Dispatch. -

US and Taliban delegations met in Qatar’s capital Doha on October 9-10, the first such meeting since the political developments of August when the latter took over the country. Following the [...]

The Only Way To Effectively Counter Terror Is To End War

By Kathy Kelly, Waging Nonviolence. -

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, I was among a small group of U.S. citizens who sat on milk crates or stood holding signs across from the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Manhattan. We had [...]

Don’t Wage Economic War On Afghanistan

By Daniel Larison, Antiwar.com. -

Now that U.S. forces have finally exited Afghanistan, some American hawks are already agitating for the government to stoke internal conflict by backing a new insurgency and wage economic warfare [...]

The Crimes Of The West In Afghanistan

By Fabian Scheidler, Common Dreams. -

The headless flight of NATO troops from Afghanistan and the havoc they leave behind are only the last chapter in a devastating story that began in October 2001. At that time, the US government, [...]

The Collapse Of Afghanistan And American Illusions

By Danny Sjursen, LA Progressive. -

...the crucial question that’s on everyone’s minds seems to be: how did this happen? How did the ostensibly – and somewhat self-styled – most powerful military in history fail against what, [...]

The Return Of The Taliban 20 Years Later

By Vijay Prashad, Peoples Dispatch. -

In recent years, the United States has failed to accomplish any of the objectives of its wars. The US entered Afghanistan with horrendous bombing and a lawless campaign of extraordinary rendition [...]

US Government Lied For Two Decades About Afghanistan

By Glenn Greenwald, Substack. -

“The Taliban regime is coming to an end,” announced President George W. Bush at the National Museum of Women in the Arts on December 12, 2001 — almost twenty years ago today. Five months later, [...]

Afghanistan: Mirage Of The Good War

By Tariq Ali, New Left Review. -

Rarely has there been such an enthusiastic display of international unity as that which greeted the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Support for the war was universal in the chanceries of the [...]

Afghanistan – Longest US War Continues To A New Stage

By Roger D. Harris, Popular Resistance. -

In recent weeks, the Taliban military rapidly advanced, taking provincial capitals in Afghanistan and then the capital city of Kabul on August 15. The US-backed former President Ashraf Ghani fled [...]

Afghanistan Shenanigans

By Caitlin Johnstone, Caitlin's Newsletter. -

"It's long been obvious to anyone paying attention that the Taliban would regain control of the country when occupying western powers withdrew, but I don't think anyone would've put money on it [...]

US Embassy Staff Flee Kabul As The Taliban Takes Control

By Popular Resistance. -

Taliban fighters entered Kabul on Sunday and sought the unconditional surrender of the central government, officials said, as Afghans and foreigners alike raced for the exit, signaling the end of [...]

The Collective Suicide Machine

By Chris Hedges, ScheerPost. -

The debacle in Afghanistan, which will unravel into chaos with lightning speed over the next few weeks and ensure the return of the Taliban to power, is one more signpost of the end of the [...]

Biden Administration’s September 11 Withdrawal Plan Violates Peace Agreement

By Black Alliance for Peace, Popular Resistance. -

Members of the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) criticized U.S. President Joe Biden's announcement Wednesday that he would pull troops from Afghanistan on September 11, 2021, thereby violating a [...]

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