Rebellion Against Coronavirus Lockdown

By William I. Robinson, L. A. Progressive. -

The nation (and world)-wide lockdown in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic has paralyzed much of the capitalist economy and therefore nearly ground to a halt the process of capital accumulation [...]

The ‘Tea Party’ Playbook Can’t Beat Trump — Here’s What Will Work Instead

By Arun Gupta, -

By Arun Gupta for Raw Story - After initially saying Democrats would try to align with Trump after his victory, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is finally leaning toward the only sensible [...]

New Tea Party Tactic: Hire Actors To Play Protesters

By Ben Adler, -

Here’s what happened: On Thursday, during a meeting of the South Florida Water Management District, “Tea Partiers” gathered outside to protest a state plan to purchase a big swath of the [...]

Populism Is Back – On Both Sides Of Aisle

By Pooja Bhatia, -

It began on the fringes a few years ago, with the Tea Party. Then came the smart, motley crews of Occupy Wall Street. The following summer, then-Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren used her [...]