How Oakland Teachers Took Control Of Our Return To School

By Shelby Ziesing and John Green, Labor Notes. -

It was March when, with declining Covid case rates and expanding access to vaccinations, the Oakland Education Association’s Big Bargaining Team reached an agreement to end the school year in [...]

Lessons From The Nation’s Black Male Educators

By Letrell Harris and Horace Ryans, Scalawag Magazine. -

The place of Black men in higher education, both as students and as educators, has always been precarious—even before the pandemic. A U.S. Department of Education report found in 2016 that Black [...]

A Day Of Action: Educators Pledge To Teach The Truth, June 12

By Zinned Project. -

Lawmakers in at least 15 states are attempting to pass legislation that would require teachers to lie to students about the role of racism, sexism, heterosexism, and oppression throughout U.S. history.

Platform Co-op Plans Revolution For Online Tutoring And Teaching

By Anca Voinea, -

With schools across the world shutting due to Covid-19, e-learning has become an increasingly popular option around the world – but while this has increased platform revenues, teachers’ pay has [...]

Educators’ Safety Struggle Rekindles Collective Workplace Action

By James Kerr, Labor Notes. -

United Kingdom - Former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson famously said that “a week is a long time in politics.” In early January, even a week was too long, as current Prime Minister Boris [...]

Teachers Deride Fans, Rally Outside Schools

By Jack Tomczuk, Philly Metro. -

Andrea McLaughlin, a second grade teacher, is afraid to return to her school, F.S. Edmonds Elementary in Northwest Philadelphia, because she doesn’t know what she will find. She, and many [...]

Philadelphia Educators To Defy District

By Douglas Lyons and Samuel Davidson, WSWS. -

Thousands of Philadelphia public school teachers are set to defy their district’s order to return to classrooms Monday. They will instead work virtually. This week marks the third attempt by the [...]

Chicago Teachers’ Struggle At A Crossroads

By Alexander Fangmann, WSWS. -

The drive to reopen Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the third largest school district in the country, has become a pitched battle between educators and the state apparatus, the latter backed up by [...]

Victimized Teacher Speaks Out Against Deadly School Reopening

By Michael Walters, WSWS. -

Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) ordered 5,800 teachers to return for in-person instruction at the beginning of January. Teachers who refused to return to [...]

Corporate Media Bash Teachers Unions For Resisting School Reopenings

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

The seven-day average COVID death toll hit an all time high yesterday, with over 3,400 Americans expected to die on any given day. Educator cases are on the rise. Studies have shown that children [...]

Strikes Loom For Public Schools

By Jaisal Noor, The Real News. -

Across the country, a growing number of students, teachers, and parents are resisting pressure to return to the classroom before all teachers and students are vaccinated—and in Baltimore, [...]

Florida Teachers Face Setback In Fight For Safe Schools

By Ari Odzer, NBC Miami. -

The Broward Teachers Union’s fight to secure work-from-home orders for about 1,100 teachers seems to have ended with an arbitrator’s decision. The BTU filed a lawsuit against Broward County [...]

Chicago Schools Chief Threatens To Lock Out Teachers Who Don’t Return

By George Gallanis, WSWS. -

As Chicago educators continue to vote on a Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) resolution in support of teaching remotely, and to strike only in the event of retaliation from the school district, [...]

Training Bias Out Of Teachers

By Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week. -

This summer, the Des Moines, Iowa, public schools held a series of anti-racist town hall meetings in the wake of the police-led killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the [...]

Teachers Are On A Tightrope With No Safety Net

By Emily James, Nation of Change. -

After more than a month into New York City’s experiment with reopening schools in a hybrid format that has students alternating between classrooms and their homes, teacher Sapphira Hendrix still [...]