Baltimore’s Teachers Fight to Democratize City’s Schools

By Ryan Harvey, In These Times. -

When a photograph of bundled-up students in a frigid Baltimore classroom recently spread on social media—with temperatures in schools as low as the mid-30s—the city became a focal point of public [...]

Teacher Handcuffed For Questioning Superintendent’s Raise

By Nina Golgowski, -

Disturbing video taken at a Louisiana school board meeting on Monday shows a teacher being forcefully removed in handcuffs after she questioned a superintendent’s pay raise during a public [...]

Christmas Angels

By Michelle Gunderson, -

Ten years ago I was teaching music in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. Many of our children were impoverished and over 30 languages were spoken in our school. I had 847 students. I did not [...]

Haitian Police Massacre Teachers & Students Fighting For Education

By Staff of San Francisco Bay View - Oct. 17 – The Moise regime attacked demonstrations throughout the country marking the anniversary of Haiti’s first coup d’etat in 1806 and the assassination [...]

Seattle Educators Ready For DeVos

By Staff, -

By Staff of Diane Ravitch - My name is Jesse Hagopian and I teach ethnic studies at Seattle’s Garfield High School. I hope you didn’t just stop reading this letter after you heard the subject I [...]

Small Class Size – Reform We’re Too Cheap To Try

By Steven Singer, -

By Steven Singer for Gadfly on the Wall. We’re one of the richest countries in the world, yet we treat our own children – especially if they’re poor and brown – as if they were refugees from the [...]

Teachers At A Crossroads: Time To Heed Dr. King’s Call

By Craig Gordon, -

By Craig Gordon for Living In Dialogue - Promoters of so-called school reform frequently exhort educators to “teach with urgency.” This slogan trumpets their supposed determination to immediately [...]

I Am Not A Hero Teacher

By Staff, -

By Staff for Gad Fly On The Wall Blog - I’ll tell you one thing I don’t need. I don’t need the state, federal or local government telling me how to do my job. When I plan my lessons, I need the [...]

Philly Teachers Call Off Work In Bottom-Up Campaign

By Samantha Winslow, -

By Samantha Winslow for Labor Notes - Teachers and their unions turned out for May Day this year in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Oakland, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Seattle. They held [...]

Support Education Activist Sarah Chambers

By Michelle Strater Gunderson, -

By Michelle Strater Gunderson for Living in Dialogue. Chicago, IL - If you are fortunate, every once in a while you will meet someone who breathes the fire of justice. In my life Sarah Chambers, [...]

Get To Know The BATS: Teachers Fighting Privatization

By Marla Kilfoyle and Melissa Tomlinson, -

By Marla Kilfoyle and Melissa Tomlinson in partnership with Read the Dirt for Popular Resistance. Chris Christie once told a Badass Teacher that he was “sick”of people like her. It was his [...]

Indiana Teachers Sit-In Demanding Young Recuse Himself From DeVos Vote

By Paulina Firoz, -

By Paulina Firoz for The Hill - A group of teachers in Indiana held a sit-in at the office of a senator they say should recuse himself from the vote to confirm President Trump’s pick for [...]

Wall Street Firms Make Money From Teachers’ Pensions

BY David Sirota, Avi Asher-Schapiro And Andrew Pere, -

BY David Sirota, Avi Asher-Schapiro And Andrew Perez for IBT - When Massachusetts public school teachers pay into their pension fund each month, they may not realize where the money goes. Wall [...]

Seattle Teachers Wore Black Lives Matter Shirts To School

By Sarah Harvard, -

By Sarah Harvard for Identities Mic - On Wednesday, 2,000 teachers in Seattle — alongside parents and students — wore Black Lives Matter shirts to protest against police brutality and promote [...]

Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Endorses Teaching “Climate Justice”

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Zinn Education Project - In May, the Portland, Oregon school board passed the country’s first comprehensive “climate justice” resolution. The school board voted unanimously to [...]

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