Surviving Amazon

By Sam Adler-Bell, -

It is human to resist even when our resistance is barely registered by those in power. In her memoir of working in an Amazon warehouse in Leipzig, Germany in 2010, Heike Geissler recalls these [...]

Time To Break Up The 21st Century Tech Trusts

By David Rosen, -

On June 11th, the House Judiciary Committee launched an investigation into the market dominance of the four leading “big-tech” companies — Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon.  Rep. David [...]

Computers In The Classroom May Do More Harm Than Good

By Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard Mag. -

Initiatives to provide every schoolchild with a laptop or tablet computer have, to date, been well-publicized failures. And perhaps they were bad ideas to begin with. Computers can certainly [...]

Tech Workers Are Workers, Too

Over a decade after the 2008 financial crisis, the cracks in our neoliberal economy are still glaringly apparent. Multinational corporations continue to exploit cheap labor from around the world, [...]

The Race Towards Extinction: Climate Change Versus The 5G Microwave Technology Roll Out

By Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null, -

Not to be outdone by the fossil fuel industry’s addiction to burning fossil fuels, nor our blusterous neoliberal capitalist rush to establish full spectrum economic dominance, the [...]

I Quit My Job To Protest My Company’s Work On Building Killer Robots

By Liz O'Sullivan, -

When I joined the artificial intelligence company Clarifai in early 2017, you could practically taste the promise in the air. My colleagues were brilliant, dedicated, and committed to making the [...]

‘We Refuse To Create Technology For Warfare And Oppression:’ Microsoft Workers Demand Company End Army Contract

By Andrea Germanos, -

"On behalf of workers at Microsoft, we're releasing an open letter to Brad Smith and Satya Nadella, demanding for the cancellation of the IVAS contract with a call for stricter ethical [...]

Health And Safety Tests Are Needed Before Rolling Out 5G Technology

By Arjun Walia, -

We are in the midst of a 5G wireless technology rollout, and politicians have yet to address safety concerns. I recently used Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as an example, but it's [...]

Shifting From Tasers To AI, Axon Wants To Use Terabytes Of Data To Automate Police Records And Redactions

By Beryl Lipton, -

Axon, one of the most prominent suppliers of tech tools to law enforcement, is shifting from selling its signature Tasers to embedding artificial intelligence in police departments around the [...]

The US Is Worried About China Spying Via Huawei Because It Did The Same In The Past

The US is again warning its allies about the risks of using telecom equipment made by China’s Huawei. American officials have briefed their counterparts in countries like Germany, Italy, and [...]

Rohingya Refugees Seek To Create Their Own Radio Station To Change The World

By Staff, Al Jazeera English -

In September 2017, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees fled Myanmar, where the military was waging a brutal offensive against them that the United Nations has described as "a textbook [...]

Ed Tech And Social Engineering: Present Tense

By Alison McDowell, -

This spring I visited Boston for an education conference, and while there I spent an afternoon exploring MIT and Harvard with a friend. I wanted to see with my own eyes the spaces where these [...]

Engineers Say “No Thanks” To Silicon Valley Recruiters, Citing Ethical Concerns

By Jeremy Hsu, -

Anna Geiduschek usually has no time to respond to recruitment emails that arrive in her inbox each week. But Geiduschek, a software engineer at Dropbox, recently made a point of turning down an [...]

How Tech Workers Are Organizing For Social Change

By Nithin Coca, -, a nonprofit based in the U.S. that enables workers to start campaigns to change their workplaces, received more inquiries from employees at tech firms about using the platform [...]

Meet Noah, The Circular Car Of The Future

By Christine Lepisto, -

Meet Noah. This lightweight plug-in electric city car scoots two people and their stuff around for up to 149 miles (240 km) on a single charge and can reach speeds of 68 miles per hour (110 [...]