Pai’s Destroying Internet Adoption, Not Just Net Neutrality

By Matt Wood, Free Press. -

Washington, DC (October 29, 2020) - During Tuesday’s FCC open meeting, I was tweeting about the failures and falsehoods in the agency’s latest open-internet vote — a decision that involves so [...]

Trump FCC Turned The Internet Into A ‘Wild West’ For The Telecoms

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

Five years ago, the movement for internet freedom won an important victory when the Federal Communications Commission reclassified the internet as a common carrier, making it like a utility that [...]

How Big Telecom Smothers City-Run Broadband

By Allan Holmes, The Center for Public Integrity. -

Janice Bowling, a 67-year-old grandmother and Republican state senator from rural Tennessee, thought it only made sense that the city of Tullahoma be able to offer its local high-speed Internet [...]

Tech Companies Make Appeal To Save Net Neutrality

By Ali Breland, -

By Ali Breland for The Hill. Hundreds of tech companies and groups, including Twitter, Airbnb, Reddit and Vimeo, are urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to keep the Obama-era net [...]

#DontBlockMyInternet: Actions Against Internet Providers

By Staff. -

We are in a countdown towards the passage of Internet rules that will keep the Internet open for generations to come -- and we couldn’t be happier. The FCC is about to do the right thing and vote [...]

Stop Comcast-Time Warner Merger In California

By Media Alliance, -

Advocacy groups representing low income Californians, consumers, and diverse media voices urged the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to reject the proposed merger between Comcast and [...]

FCC And Telecom Emails Illustrate Cosy Relationship

By Jason Leopold, -

The Federal Communications Commission has long been accused of having a close relationship with the industry it regulates. The accusations are usually leveled because of the revolving door [...]

Occupy Rogers! Occupy Bell! Let’s Make Telecom Public

By Gerry Caplan, -

The British Labour Party has begun to make the case that market fundamentalism, or neoliberalism, is not necessarily the best way for society to operate. Specifically, it's been trying to show [...]