The Housing Affordability Crisis And What Millennials Can do About It

By Steve Early, -

When millennials head home for the holidays this month, many who are city dwellers will be hosted by parents or grand-parents whose housing is far more spacious and financially secure than their [...]

Tenants Together: Stories, Struggles, And Strategies

By Staff, -

Concord: Local allies conducted a survey and report (that Tenants Together helped edit) that 75 percent of tenants in Concord fear eviction, while over half experience unsafe living conditions, [...]

Tenants Push Back Against Corporate Landlords During “Renter Week Of Action”

By Candice Bernd, -

By Candice Bernd for Truthout - "One year in January we didn't have any heat. They would come and they would quote-unquote 'fix it' during the day and by nightfall it would be completely gone [...]

Tenants March To Stop Giveaways To Wall Street Landlords

By Aditi Katti, -

By Aditi Katti for - It was a brutally hot and humid day in the nation’s capital and Margie Mathers needed a cane to get up to the podium, but the Florida senior had a story she [...]

San Francisco Too Valuable For Poor People*

By Carl Finamore, -

By Carl Finamore in CounterPunch - Last year, San Francisco tenant rights’ supporters scored an important victory when voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition K, requiring all new housing [...]

‘Royally Screwed’: Activists Eviscerate Gov. Cuomo After Rent Laws Deal

By Ross Barkan, -

By Ross Barkan in The Observer - Telling reporters that they were “royally screwed,” tenant activists and a Democratic city councilman blasted Gov. Andrew Cuomo today for failing to bolster rent [...]

NYC Rent Laws Expiring, Tenants Demand State Of Emergency

By Alex Ellefson, -

By Alex Ellefson for Waging Nonviolence. Housing advocates urged New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to declare a state of emergency if regulations protecting almost 1 million affordable apartments are [...]

Googler Buys Building, Kicks Out Tenants, Gets Protested

By Madeline Stone and Matt Rosoff, -

By Madeline Stone and Matt Rosoff in Business Insider - A group of about 50 protesters swarmed the San Francisco home of Google lawyer Jack Halprin early Wednesday morning. Halprin purchased [...]

Brooklyn Tenants Revolt

By Sarah Jaffee, -

On one of the coldest days of 2014 I put on long underwear, a flannel shirt, my thickest sweater, a hat, and a scarf, and took the subway two stops down to 1059 Union Street to join the new Crown [...]

Tenants Form Union to Fight Gentrification

By Ian Marsh, -

In the struggle to hold on to their places in a neighborhood where rents are rising rapidly, a group in Crown Heights is hoping there’s strength in numbers. The newly formed Crown Heights Tenant [...]