San Francisco Lab Launches New Era Of Glyphosate Testing In Food

By Staff, -

By Staff of Sustainable Pulse - Anresco Laboratories in San Francisco has launched unique low detection testing program for glyphosate residues in final food products and soil samples from all [...]

U.S. Military Releases High School Testing Data

By Pat Elder, -

By Pat Elder for World Beyond War - Data released by the Department of Defense on August 1st shows the military administered its 3-hour enlistment exam to nearly 700,000 students in 12,000 high [...]

Anti-Common Core Fury Rages As Latest Exams Given Across NY

By Jaime Franchi, -

By Jaime Franchi for Long Island Press - The parking field at Stony Brook University overflowed with minivans and sedans of parents and educators who’d gotten last-minute word of a “listening [...]

Houston Opt-Out Movement Ramps Up Boycott This Testing Season

By Laura Isensee, -

By Laura Isensee for Houston Public Media - There’s no official state policy on opting out, but the Houston school district says students won’t be disciplined for missing the exam. This week, [...]

Should Teachers Join In Building “Learning Management Systems”?

By Anthony Cody, -

By Anthony Cody for Living In Dialogue - The rise of Competency Based Education as a supposed alternative to schooling driven by standardized tests is prompting an interesting debate. I first [...]

Opt-Out Activists Aim To Build On Momentum In States

By Andrew Ujifusa, -

By Andrew Ujifusa for Education Week. Activists driving the resistance to state exams are attempting to build on their state-level momentum over the past year, while also venturing into a new [...]

From Compassionate Schools To A Compassionate Society

By Susan DuFresne, -

By Susan DuFresne, for Living in Dialogue. I connect the dots of EduActivists’ work to other movements through Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed and collaborative activist work I engaged [...]

USDOE Threatens Low-Income Families Over Opt Out

By Marla Kilfoyle, -

By Marla Kilfoyle for Badass Teachers Association - As much as corporate education reformers (and we will include the USDOE in this category) want you to believe that standardized testing is used [...]

To Black Parents: Time For Civil Disobedience

By Diane Ravitch, -

By Diane Ravitch. Jamaal Bowman, principal of the Cornerstone Academy for Social Action Middle School in the Bronx, gives a dynamite interview aimed at black families about how to change the [...]

Educators Challenge Pearson’s Corporate Take-Over

By Lee Stewart, -

By Lee Stewart for Popular Resistance. Minneapolis, MN - On Saturday afternoon (Nov. 21) as the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota for their annual [...]

What Sort Of Assessment DOES Enhance Learning?

By Anthony Cody, -

By Anthony Cody for Living in Dialogue - In recent weeks we have heard President Obama talk about the value of tests – even as he acknowledges that they have become too pervasive. President Obama [...]

Obama Admits Too Much Student Testing: Too Little Too Late

By Diane Ravitch, -

By Diane Ravitch for Diane Ravitch's Blog - The Obama administration acknowledged that students are spending too much time on testing and recommended that no more than 2% of classroom [...]

Common Core PR Offensive Rewrites History To Ignore Failures

By Anthony Cody, -

By Anthony Cody for Living Dialogue - This week we have seen a renewed attempt to rehabilitate the beleaguered Common Core standards, just as the scores arrive in many states, largely meeting [...]

High-Stakes Testing Is A Social Justice Issue

By author name, -

Few things please parents more than learning that their children are invigorated about and engaged in their education, perhaps deconstructing the representation of womenthrough a media literacy [...]

Why The Movement To Opt Out Of Common Core Tests Is A Big Deal

By Valerie Strauss, -

It was evident that the state would be far below the 95 percent federal participation rate as soon as the 3-8 English Language Arts tests began. When math testing started, the numbers climbed [...]

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