Migrant Workers In Thailand Organize Against Exploitation By The Country’s Fishing Industry

By Timothy Ginty, Globalvoices.org -

Off the shores of Thailand, a seafood industry flourishes and feeds the multi-billion-dollar global appetite for tuna, prawns, and squid. But in the ground zero of the global supply chain for [...]

US Embassy Pressures Thailand Over Monsanto Poison Ban

By Joseph Thomas, Journal-neo.org -

Under Thailand’s new government, efforts to ban toxic pesticides and herbicides including those made by US agricultural giant Monsanto were first accelerated, and have now finally succeeded. [...]

US Color Revolution Begins In Thailand As Proxy War With China

By Tony Cartalucci, Global Research -

The protest leaders vowed to gather weekly until their demands were met. This is a thinly veiled threat, with the protests taking place precisely where previous protests organized by the same [...]

Thailand: Reclaiming Mangroves For Shrimp Production

By Laura Villadiego, www.aljazeera.com -

By Laura Villadiego for Aljazeera - Surat Thani, Thailand - For many years, farmer Noppadol Tawee lived with the constant fear of waking up and finding all the shrimp that were growing in his [...]

A Tale Of Two Tyrants: Nestlé’s Role In Prayuth’s Thailand

By Caroline Holmund for Truthout, www.truth-out.org -

By Caroline Holmund for Truthout - In what came as a shock to many, in February, the United States took the step of completely banning the import of goods made by slave labor. Indeed, President [...]

Thai Students Vow To Continue Democracy Struggle, Despite Arrests

By Ashoka Jegroo, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

By Ashoka Jegroo in Waging NonViolence - After days of protests against the ruling military junta, police in Thailand arrested 14 students on June 26 for violating the ban on public [...]

Should Citizens Have A Right To Rebel?

By Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez, www.theatlantic.com -

Thailand’s Red-Shirt and Yellow-Shirt factions don’t agree on much, but they do have one thing in common: invoking Section 69 of the now-suspended Thai Constitution, which grants citizens a [...]

Asian Slave Labour Producing Prawns For Supermarkets In US, UK

By Kate Hodal, Chris Kelly, Felicity Lawrence, www.theguardian.com -

Slaves forced to work for no pay for years at a time under threat of extreme violence are being used in Asia in the production of seafood sold by major US, British and other European retailers, [...]

‘Hunger Games’ Salute Used As Protest In Thailand

By Jake Coyle, www.washingtonpost.com -

The three-finger salute from the Hollywood movie “The Hunger Games” is being used as a real symbol of resistance in Thailand. Protesters against the military coup are flashing the gesture as a [...]

How Wealthy Elites Are Hijacking Democracy

By Sonali Kolhatkar, www.truthdig.com -

Mass street protests are usually seen as a hallmark of democratic aspirations. And elections are meant to be a culmination of such aspirations, affording people the opportunity to choose their [...]

In Junta-Ruled Thailand, Reading Is Resistance

By Todd Pitman, www.news.yahoo.com -

On Saturday evening in Bangkok, a week and a half after the army seized power in a coup, about a dozen people gathered in the middle of a busy, elevated walkway connecting several of the [...]

What’s Going On In Thailand?

By Walden Bello, www.fpif.org -

The People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) has maintained massive protests in Bangkok for close to three months. When Prime Minister Shinawatra reacted to the efforts to oust her and her [...]

How the West Manufactures ‘Opposition Movements’

By Andre Vltchek, , www.counterpunch.org -

The West is continuously manufacturing and then supporting oppressive forces, be they feudal or religious. The more oppressed people are, the less disposed they are to fight for justice and for [...]

Making Sense Of Protests In Thailand: Monarchy Vs. Neo-Liberal Democracy?

By Staff, www.PopularResistance.org -

Tea Party/Guy Fawkes seeking to oust the current government and the return to a completely religious and monarchical rule and are very close to the military. The current protests are led by a [...]