No Trade Justice Without Economic Justice

By Daniel Cooper, Trade for People and Planet -

As trade issues become increasingly prominent in the national political agenda we must maintain that there can be no trade justice without economic justice. As loud as Trump can be about his [...]

Politically Inspired Tariffs Will Not Solve US Economic Problems

By Daniel Cooper, Trade for People and Planet -

In the context of the tariffs on steel and aluminum that the Trump administration announced in the past weeks, a lot has happened. Exemptions were given to Canada and Mexico, the former which is [...]

This Saturday: #NoNAFTA2 Twitter Storm

Trade for People and Planet -

Trade For People and Planet and Popular Resistance are launching Twitter Storms during every round of NAFTA negotiations! To see all the tweets, check this article out. Join us to say [...]

#NoNAFTA2 Twitter Storm on Wed. Aug 16th at 8pm EDT !

Trade for People and Planet -

By Trade for People and Planet - Join us for a Twitter Storm against the beginning of the corporate NAFTA re-negotiations on Wednesday, August 16th from 8-9pm EDT! As the corporate [...]

Letter to the Editor Campaign: NAFTA IS NOT FOR US

By Daniel Cooper Bermudez, -

The Trump administration's NAFTA negotiation objectives show more clearly than ever that this agreement will not be made for us or by us. The thousands of comments submitted by the trade justice [...]