TransCanada Loses Again In Latest Attempt To Begin Keystone XL Pipeline Construction

By Staff, -

San Francisco – Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit denied yet another attempt by TransCanada to begin construction on its proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The court [...]

TransCanada Seeking To Avoid Political Firestorm Over Potomac Pipeline Appeal

By Russell Mokhiber, -

That’s what the Morgan County Economic Development Authority, headed by House of Delegates member Daryl Cowles (R-Morgan), wanted to know. Earlier this month, someone at the Economic Development [...]

Anti-Pipeline Solidarity Protests Across Canada And Beyond

People gathered in front of the RCMP in Regina on Tuesday to show their support for the people of the Wet’sawet’en territory in British Columbia who are trying to stop the construction of a [...]

Canadian Police Raid Wet’suwet’en Territory For TransCanada

By Kai Nagata, DogwoodBC.CA. -

(Written January 8, 2019) Yesterday afternoon, police broke down a wooden gate and arrested several people at the Gidim’ten Checkpoint, a camp on a snowy forest service road along the Morice [...]

B.C. Indian Chiefs Condemn RCMP Enforcement Of TransCanada Injunction

By Staff, -

VANCOUVER, B.C. – The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs says they are concerned about the safety and well-being of the Wet’suwet’en as the RCMP set up nearby the Gidimt’en camp to enforce the interim [...]

Researchers Say RCMP Action Against Wet’suwet’en Would Place Corporate Interests Over Indigenous Rights

By Justin Brake, -

As police prepare to enforce a court injunction against two Indigenous camps standing in the way of a proposed B.C. pipeline, the authors of a new report say their research indicates the RCMP’s [...]

2nd Camp Set Up To Block Pipeline Company’s Access To Wet’suwet’en Land

By Chantelle Bellrichard, -

A second checkpoint has been put up on a remote B.C. forestry road to block construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline, days after a court ordered that the first one must stop preventing [...]

The Time Is Now: #Unistoten

By Staff, -

Yesterday TransCanada tried to enter Unist’ot’en territory to begin work on their Coastal GasLink fracked gas pipeline. They were respectfully turned away by Johnny Morris of the Gidimt’en Clan. [...]

Park Service Can Still Say No To TransCanada And Drilling Under Potomac River

By Anne Meador, -

Hagerstown, Md. — To transport gas from the fracking wells in Pennsylvania and Ohio to the Eastern Panhandle, Columbia Gas, a subsidiary of TransCanada, needs to drill under the Potomac at [...]

Another Set Back For TransCanada: Keystone XL Pipeline In Nebraska To Go Through ‘Robust Environmental Review’

By Ashley Curtin, -

After regulators in Nebraska ordered the pipeline follow a new route, or alternative route, the Trump administration argued that there was no need to “produce an extensive new environmental [...]

WV Explosion Of TransCanada Leach XPress Occured Feet From Adjacent NGL Pipeline

By Staff, -

What has frustrated me, is that there is no one single data source to examine. These pipelines are so new (LXP, MXP), they are not yet in NPMS. So I had to assemble these maps painstakingly from [...]

Maryland Promised TransCanada Superficial Review Of Pipeline Permit

By Anne Meador, -

Environmental groups are questioning the good faith of a Maryland state agency tasked with the permitting of a proposed gas pipeline which would cross underneath the Potomac River, saying it made [...]

Nebraska Commissioners Reject Keystone XL Pipeline App Again

By Staff, -

Lower Brule, SD — Following oral arguments from Nebraska landowners last week, the Public Service Commission put another hurdle in TransCanada’s path today, denying the company’s request to amend [...]

Pipeline Opposition Set To Pack Room For TransCanada Permit Hearing

By Anne Meador, -

The Maryland Department of the Environment will hold a hearing on December 19 in Hancock, Md. on TransCanada’s proposed Eastern Panhandle Expansion (also known as the Potomac Pipeline). The [...]

Call Out In Response To Imminent KXL Decision

By Anonymous, -

By Anonymous for Earth First. On Monday, November 20th, the Public Service Commission, an elected board representing the so-called state of Nebraska, will most likely vote in favor of approving [...]

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