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Obama Official Admits Biden Camp Is Already Working With Foreign Leaders

Two weeks after Donald Trump wonthe 2016 election, the President-elect named Gen. Michael Flynn to be his National Security Advisor in both the transition and the new administration. Flynn, who had previously served as President Obama’s Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and then campaigned for Trump, quickly got to work in his new position by reaching out to his counterparts in foreign governments, as is customary for national security transition team officials. One of the calls Flynn made, in late December, was to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, after the Obama administration...

Republicans Are Trying To Undermine Biden’s Election Win

The Republican Party is going to unprecedented lengths to undermine Joe Biden’s election victory, rallying behind President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud and refusal to accept defeat. Prominent Republicans are doing everything in their power to cast doubt on the validity of the presidential election — after spending months trying to confuse voters — while in the next breath celebrating Republican wins in Congress. In reality, there’s virtually nothing they can do to actually change the result.
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