How Chicago Ticket Debt Sends Black Motorists Into Bankruptcy

By Melissa Sanchez and Sandhya Kambhampati, -

MY LAST SUMMER, Laqueanda Reneau felt like she had finally gotten her life on track. A single mother who had gotten pregnant in high school, she supported her family with a series of jobs at [...]

Undocumented Immigrants Fight For The Right To Drive

By Hana Sarfan, -

If you’re one of the 78 percent of workers in Massachusetts who drives to your job each day, at some point you’re bound to have a broken tail light or forget to use your turn signal. If a police [...]

You Can’t Design Bike-Friendly Cities Without Considering Race And Class

By Anne Lusk, The Conversation. -

Designing for bikes has become a hallmark of forward-looking modern cities worldwide. Bike-friendly city ratings abound, and advocates promote cycling as a way to reduce problems ranging from air [...]

Let’s Honor Rosa Parks By Continuing Her Struggle For Transit Equity

By Basav Sen, -

February 4, 2019 marks the 106th birth anniversary of visionary movement leader Rosa Parks. Anniversaries such as this are not just moments for celebration. They are a time to rededicate [...]

If You Pave It, They Will Come

By Pete Tucker, -

As world leaders gathered in Poland for the UN climate conference, the Washington Post threw its support behind a $9 billion plan to add over 100 miles of toll lanes to Maryland highways in the [...]

Why Public Transportation Works Better Outside the U.S.

By Jonathan English, Citylab -

The widespread failure of American mass transit is usually blamed on cheap gas and suburban sprawl. But the full story of why other countries succeed is more complicated. When it comes to the [...]

United States Blocks Inter-Korean Railway Project

By Zoom In Korea, Popular Resistance. -

The UN Command, headed by the United States, refused to allow a South Korean train to travel to North Korea for a joint North-South inspection of railway conditions for the planned [...]

The Best Tool For Reducing Traffic Deaths? More Transit!

By Angie Schmitt, -

A new analysis of traffic fatalities by the American Public Transit Association found that cities with the most transit trips per capita had roadway death rates that were roughly half those of [...]

Environmental Experiment Along 18 miles In Georgia Seeks Greener Highways

By Emme Hall, -

An environmental experiment along 18 miles of Georgia highway helps bring eco-friendly technology to pavement across the country. Car manufacturers are hard at work making their new vehicles as [...]

Meet Noah, The Circular Car Of The Future

By Christine Lepisto, -

Meet Noah. This lightweight plug-in electric city car scoots two people and their stuff around for up to 149 miles (240 km) on a single charge and can reach speeds of 68 miles per hour (110 [...]

Facing Deadly Levels Of Pollution, Will California Finally Step Up?

By Kate Harveston, Popular Resistance. -

Humans do not exist in a vacuum. We are very much a part of the world, a part of our Mother Earth. And when Mother Earth is ailing, we fall sick as well. Indeed, multiple studies done by the [...]

Transportation Strikes, University Protests Continue To Shake France

To Macron’s dismay, the popular movements show no signs of slowing down. The Air France tussle over salaries is separate from the larger and politically more significant stand-off between [...]

Strikes By Railway Workers And Aircrews Paralyze France

By Staff, -

Seventy-seven percent of the train drivers and 69 percent of the inspectors were on strike. As a result, seven out of eight long-distance trains [TGVs], four out of five regional trains and two [...]

French Civil Servants And Rail Workers Strike In Test For Macron

Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in the streets of France on Thursday and strikes caused travel misery for millions in a showdown between trade unions and President Emmanuel Macron that [...]

The Case For Free Public Transport

By Connor Beaton, -

Rail fares across the UK have soared in comparison to those of our European neighbours, and Scottish transport contracts go out to tender in a farcical franchise system whereby public sector [...]