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Travel Ban

Restrictive Immigration Boomerangs Against The United States

The European Union has prepared a preliminary draft of its new border regulations, outlining who can visit after July 1, and that this list depends on how the countries of origin of the prospective travelers are dealing with the new coronavirus.  People from the U.S., at this point, will be excluded.  “This viewpoint is a severe blow for U.S. prestige in the world and a rejection of the management of the virus in the U.S. on the part of President Trump,” the Times added.  Among the acceptable travelers for the European Union are those from Cuba, the country against which the U.S. began to build economic, financial, and military walls beginning in the 1960s, continuing with a new sanction each week since Trump entered the White House.  In other words, the United States has closed itself off, and the world is closed to it, while Cuba has been open to international collaboration against the challenge of the coronavirus, and is welcomed everywhere in the world in this effort.

President Trump Expands Anti-Muslim Travel Ban To Thirteen Countries

Trump signed an executive order on February 31, 2020 that imposes travel restrictions on six more countries with large Muslim populations, bringing the total number of nations under the US travel ban to 13. Immigrant visas are being suspended for Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea and Kyrgyzstan, and people from Sudan and Tanzania will be prevented from entering the US diversity visa program, which provides green cards to immigrants. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the ban will not apply to non-immigrant travelers such as students, tourists or people visiting the US on business. Trump signed the new order almost exactly three years to the day after he enacted the original Muslim travel ban.

Join The 50th Brigade

Cuba is the only country on earth that US citizens can’t travel to freely. In the 50 year tradition of the Venceremos Brigade, this July (2019), we will travel to Cuba to practice solidarity with the Cuban People and their struggles, many of which are due U.S. policy. We do this through voluntary labor, donations of material aid, relationships building and dialogue between our peoples. We have much to learn from each other about building a more just and equitable world. During the 50th brigade, more Americans than ever will have the opportunity to travel to Cuba within these values.

Travel To Cuba Has Not Ended

Despite his best (worst!) efforts, Donald Trump has not succeeded in ending travel to Cuba. What he has done is harmful, cruel, and “nasty,” but he will never stop advocates from visiting Cuba. On June 4, the administration announced that cruises from the United States were prohibited from sailing to Cuba starting on June 5. Also, the administration eliminated the category of group people-to-people travel, having already done away with individual people-to-people educational travel a year ago.

A Look At Cuba: Democracy And Resistance To US Interference

The Trump administration designated Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela as a "Troika of Tyranny" and has been ratcheting up pressure on all three countries through economic blockades, creating dissent and covert attacks. This includes manipulating popular opinion in the US to demonize them and build support for intervention. All three countries have in common that they are resisting US domination. Recently, President Trump announced a travel ban to Cuba, which will curtail the possibility of people being able to visit and see for themselves that things are not as they have been told by the media. We speak with Netfa Freeman, who just spent two weeks in Cuba and who has done Cuba solidarity work since the early 1990's, about the situation there, how the US is interfering and what Cubans are doing to resist.

US Denies Entry To BDS Cofounder Omar Barghouti

Washington, DC - A prominent Palestinian human rights activist and cofounder of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement was denied entry to the United States on Wednesday, despite holding valid travel documents. Omar Barghouti was travelling to the US on the invitation of Arab American Institute (AAI) in Washington to speak at New York University's DC campus. Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Barghouti was told by airline staff that the US Consulate in the city was directed by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to deny him travelling to the US due to an "immigration matter". 
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