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Treaty People Gathering

‘Treaty People Gathering’ Resists Line 3 Pipeline

Northern Minnesota – As summer approaches, and the wet season moratorium is over, construction for the new Line 3 tar sands pipeline is ramping back up during early June. This increase in work was expected by water protectors, who made a call-out for activists to gather in Indigenous Anishinaabe territory to escalate protests against the pipeline project to transport diluted bitumen (tar sands + toxic diluent). The early June gathering is led by Indigenous women and two-spirit people who are highlighting how treaties “protect all of us.” “We are all treaty people. Non-native people are living on stolen land and continue to benefit from treaties while not honoring them. It is the responsibility of non-native people to know and respect the obligations included in federal and state treaties.”Treaty People Gathering We are covering the action happening on June 7 at the Two Inlets pumping station in Northern Minnesota. Around 4:30PM central time police started arresting participants in the action.

Mass Direct Action By Water Protectors Halts Construction Of Line 3 Pipeline

Northern Minnesota— In Minnesota’s largest ever anti-pipeline mobilization, water protectors Monday morning halted construction of Enbridge’s Line 3 toxic tar sands pipeline. Over 1000 people marched with Indigenous leaders to the headwaters of the Mississippi River for a treaty ceremony at the site where the pipeline is proposed to cross. Further south, over 500 Indigenous people, allies, and celebrities shut down an active Line 3 pump station in a massive direct action in solidarity with the Giniw Collective, an Indigenous women, two-spirit-led frontline land defense group.  These actions are a part of the Treaty People Gathering, a mass mobilization of more than 2,000 people planned by Indigenous-led groups, communities of faith, and climate justice organizations, and the beginning of a summer of resistance.
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