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Gaza Truce Deal Falters As Israel Insists On More War

Efforts to reach an agreement for a truce and prisoner exchange in the Gaza Strip have been faltering, as Israel is refusing to accept a permanent ceasefire and end to the war.  Sources told Al-Mayadeen on 5 May that “negotiations face a major obstacle due to the Israeli refusal to adhere to a permanent ceasefire.” They added that Hamas is insisting on written guarantees that a deal will include a permanent ceasefire.  Despite this, Egyptian outlet Cairo TV said on Sunday that there is a “positive” atmosphere regarding the talks. A Hamas official told CBS on the same day that the talks made no progress. 

Hamas Presents Truce Deal, Demands Full Israeli Withdrawal From Gaza

Hamas, on 6 February, responded to a ceasefire offer presented by Qatari and Egyptian mediators with a counterproposal that calls for a 135-day truce that includes a three-step prisoner exchange process, the cessation of all military operations by the warring sides, the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza, the unrestrained entry of humanitarian aid to the strip, and an end to violent settler incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque. "This agreement aims to stop mutual military operations between the parties, reach a complete and sustainable calm, exchange prisoners between the two parties, end the siege on Gaza, rebuild, return residents and displaced people to their homes, and provide shelter and relief for all residents in all areas of the Gaza Strip," the Hamas statement reads.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 57: ‘Not An Inch’ Of Gaza Is Spared By Israel

The resumption of Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Friday after a weeklong truce killed at least 193 Palestinians and wounded 652 in the first 24 hours, the Gaza Ministry of Health reported. While the ministry has struggled to keep track of the death toll since mid-November due, in part, to a breakdown in communication with the northern Gaza Strip, it said on Saturday that its latest estimates stood at at 15,207 Palestinians killed and 40,752 wounded in the besieged enclave, adding that 70 percent of them were women and children, and 280 were medical personnel. The ministry also said that Israeli forces had detained at least 31 health care workers, including Al-Shifa’ hospital director Mohammad Abu Salmiya.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 56: Truce Ends, Israel Kills Over 100 In Gaza

A fragile, seven-day truce came to an end on Friday morning. According to Mondoweiss counting, Israel killed at least 20 Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem during the temporary ceasefire, while detaining more Palestinians than were released during the hostage swap that took place during the same period. Throughout the ceasefire, Israel repeatedly stated its intention to resume the war, but ultimately accused Hamas of breaking the terms of the truce today. Qatar, which has led mediation efforts between Israel and Hamas, expressed “deep regret at the resumption of the Israeli aggression against Gaza” on X (formerly Twitter), while adding that negotiations were still ongoing to return to another temporary pause in fighting.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 55: Palestinians Counting Down The Hours Until Bombing Restarts

Less than an hour before 7:00 a.m. this morning, when the six-day truce between Hamas and Israel was due to expire, a 24-hour extension was reached with the help of external mediators. Meanwhile, people in Gaza are waiting for the continuation of Israel’s relentless bombardment. “The first day of the pause, I cleared rubble from my sister’s house. The next two, I queued for cooking gas. Now, I’m counting down the hours until the bombing restarts. I’m extremely worried,” said Tarneem in a testimony shared by Medical Aid for Palestinians. During the six-day pause, the Palestine Red Crescent (PRC) “successfully distributed 254 aid trucks” during the six days of the truce; however, only 21 were delivered to northern Gaza.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 54: Two Children Killed By Israeli Forces

While many of the people in Gaza are spending Wednesday, the last day of the temporary truce, trying to collect basic necessities like food and cooking oil in preparation for the Israeli bombardment to resume, political leaders are discussing yet another extension. Under the four-day truce deal, which began on Friday and has already been extended by two more days, Hamas has released 60 of about 240 captives from the Gaza Strip, and Israel has released 180 Palestinian political prisoners, all women and children. Another round of hostage exchanges is expected to take place on Wednesday evening. Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas’s political bureau, says the group has been working “very hard” with the mediating countries to “reach a compromise” and “extend the ceasefire.”

Gaza Truce Extended As Israel Threatens Even Bigger Attack

Israel and Hamas agreed to extend a pause in hostilities in Gaza for two more days, Qatar’s foreign ministry announced on Monday. The initial four-day pause was set to end on Monday night. Hamas politburo member Khalil al-Hayya said that the group hoped the truce could be extended for a longer period and that Israelis held in Gaza would continue to be exchanged for Palestinians held by Israel. Al-Hayya added that Hamas wanted more aid to reach northern Gaza after “negligence and delay” over the past few days. Since the pause began, Hamas has released 69 people captured during its surprise 7 October attack, during which some 1,200 people were killed. Around 240 people were reportedly captured and taken to Gaza that day.

Hamas Praises Contributions Of China, Russia, And Arab Countries In Truce

The political leader of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, highlighted the efforts of several Arab countries, as well as Russia and China, behind the truce in Gaza Strip. “We reaffirm the importance of the efforts of Arab and Islamic countries, as well as friendly states like Russia and China, to help our people fulfill their aspirations for freedom, return, and independence,” Haniyeh said on Friday, November 24, in a short video posted on social media. The Hamas leader also thanked Egypt and Qatar for their mediation efforts in the truce agreement, underlining the Palestinian movement’s willingness to work with Cairo and Doha to “achieve a full cessation of aggression against Gaza.”
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