ACLU Sues Trump Administration Over Use Of Secret Police In Portland

By Jake Johnson, Commondreams. -

The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Oregon sued the Trump administration late Friday over its deployment of federal agents to Portland, where unidentified officials from the [...]

The ‘New’ American Mercenary: A Pocket History

By Danny Sjursen, -

Though the bizarre story has been subsumed by other events, last month’s aborted invasion of Venezuela should’ve hardly shocked anyone. The United States has long used mercenaries to do its [...]

Trump Administration Spreading The Pandemic With Air Deportation Flights

By Dan Beeton, -

Washington, DC  ―  New analysis from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) shows that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) likely has carried out at least 232 deportation [...]

Trump Administration Ordered Land Taken Out Of Trust, Tribal Chairman Says

By Ryan Spencer, -

The secretary of the Department of the Interior has ordered that the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s reservation land be disestablished, Tribal Council chairman Cedric Cromwell said in a statement [...]

Workers Launch Wave Of Wildcat Strikes As Trump Pushes For ‘Return To Work’ Amidst Exploding Coronavirus

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In only a matter of days, the economic collapse brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has completely changed everything about our lives. In many ways, the growing crisis has laid bare the [...]

Pompeo Threatens ICC Family Members For Investigating US War Crimes

By Staff, -

Responding to the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s remarks during a news conference at the State Department, Amnesty International USA’s advocacy director, Daniel Balson, said: [...]

Inside The Military’s Top Secret Plans If Coronavirus Cripples The Government

By William M. Arkin, -

Even as President Trump says he tested negative for coronavirus, the COVID-19 pandemic raises the fear that huge swaths of the executive branch or even Congress and the Supreme Court could also [...]

Trump Move To Gut NEPA, Bedrock U.S. Environmental Law, Would Slash Protection For Air, Water, Wildlife

By Staff, -

WASHINGTON— The Center for Biological Diversity joined hundreds of conservation groups to file formal comments today with the Trump administration opposing its plans to gut the rules that govern [...]

Riots In India During Trump’s Visit Expose Brutal Nature Of Indian Ruling Class

By Adam Pal, -

Trump's visit to India on 24-25 February saw deadly riots in Delhi in which at least 46 people were killed, while hundreds were injured. Many houses, shops and religious buildings were burnt or [...]

Sanctions Kill! End US Sanctions On Nicaragua

By Chuck Kaufman,  -

When we hear the word sanctions, most Latin America solidarity activists think immediately of Venezuela. But Nicaragua is also the target of unilateral coercive measures illegally imposed by the [...]

No Manufacturing Renaissance, US Manufacturing Is In Trouble

By Marty Hart Landsberg, -

President Trump is all in, touting his success in rebuilding US manufacturing. For example, in his state of the union address he claimed: We are restoring our nation’s manufacturing might, even [...]

Shocking News: The Truth About The Pardon Trump Offered Assange

By AngelFox,    -

Today most of the headlines are reading that Julian Assange’s lawyers stated that Assange was offered a pardon if he testified that Russia didn’t steal the DNC leaks. All the MSM is having a [...]

New Round Of Trump Budget Cuts Could Force More Californians Into Homelessness, Advocates Say

By David Lightman and Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks, -

The Trump administration is proposing a cut in homeless assistance funding next year, frustrating advocates who say the crisis in Sacramento and other cities is worsening. The White House budget [...]

How The US Became The Center Of Global Kleptocracy

By Casey Michel, -

Critics of President Donald Trump frequently use the word “kleptocracy” to describe his leadership, administration, and imprint on American policy writ large. Before 2016 — before Trump’s [...]

A Neoliberal Legacy: America’s Fascism Problem Runs Much Deeper Than Trump

By Roger D. Harris, -

After the supposedly post-racial presidency of Barack Obama, what passes for the liberal punditry discovered that racism had arisen in the homeland. They never felt so good feeling bad about [...]