It Sure Looks Like John Bolton Is Trying To Sabotage The North Korea Talks

By Joshua Keating, -

The buildup to the planned June 12 summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has been thrown into uncertainty, with the North Koreans now threatening to cancel. The statement from North Korea [...]

Will The US Fight Another War-Quagmire For Israel In Iran?

In mid-May, super-war hawks Donald J. Trump (worried about the Mueller investigation), John Bolton, Trump’s new unconfirmed national security advisor, and new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are [...]

Trump’s Withdrawal From Iran Nuclear Deal Gives Europe A Choice: Become Vassals Or Be Independent

By Finian Cunningham, -

May 13, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  Donald Trump’s trashing of the Iran nuclear deal this week was not just an attack on Iranian sovereign interests. The US president was also poking [...]

Director Of CIA’s Korea Mission Center In Pyongyang With Pompeo

By Tim Shorrock, -

The CIA, as I’ve been saying for weeks, is running the show for Trump’s North Korea peace and denuclearization initiative, and its role is expanding as the date (June 12) for the Kim summit draws [...]

Gina Haspel Debate Spotlights America’s Soul Sickness

By John Kiriakou, -

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will hold hearings Wednesday to decide if Gina Haspel should be the next CIA director. The vote in committee and on the floor of the Senate is going to [...]

An Apology To The People Of Iran

By Staff, -

We, the undersigned, apologize for Donald Trump’s reckless, baseless, and dangerous decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement and we pledge to do everything we can to reverse that [...]

Trump’s Shameful Choice Of ‘Bloody Gina’

By Robert Scheer, -

They call her “Bloody Gina,” and for some of her buddies in the torture wing of the CIA and their supporters in Congress, that is meant as a compliment. For a decade after the 9/11 attacks, [...]

“NRA Enables Domestic Terrorism” Projection Lights Up Trump Hotel Before Conference

By John Zangas, -

Washington, DC–Activists lit up Trump International Hotel with messages critical of the National Rifle Association lobby on Thursday night. The light show was timed to draw negative attention to [...]

Economists Warn Trump Of Depression From His Trade Policies

By Kevin Glass, -

NTU’s Free Trade Initiative director Bryan Riley said, “very few policy areas generate as much consensus among professional economists like free trade does. Protectionism is flat-earther [...]

Opening Pandora’s Box: Karl Grossman On Trump And The Weaponization Of Space

By Karl Grossman and TJ Coles, -

Trump’s missile attack on Syria was guided by space-based satellites. I asked award-winning journalist, author, professor and space weapons expert Karl Grossman about the prospects for peace and [...]

Pittsburgh Police Prepare For Possible Riots If Trump Fires Mueller

By Edward Helmore, -

Pittsburgh police have issued a memo to department detectives to prepare for possible protests should President Trump fire special counsel Robert Mueller.  The memo, issued by Victor Joseph, [...]

Out Of 26 Major Editorials On Trump’s Syria Strikes, Zero Opposed

By Adam Johnson, -

A survey by FAIR of the top 100 papers in the US by circulation found not a single editorial board opposed to Trump’s April 13 airstrikes on Syria. Twenty supported the strikes, while six were [...]

Trump’s Executive Order On ‘Welfare’ Is Designed To Pit Workers Against One Another

By Rebecca Vallas, -

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that sums up how little he understands about poverty in America. The order, titled “Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting [...]

Stopping War Pusher John Bolton, Trump’s Choice For National “Insecurity” Advisor

By Ralph Nader, -

John Bolton’s career of pushing for bombing countries like Iran and North Korea, and his having played an active role in the Bush/Cheney regime’s criminal war of aggression that destroyed Iraq, [...]

We’re Coming Out Of Syria Very Soon, Let Others Take Care Of It – Trump

The US spent $7 trillion in the Middle East, Trump said, describing how the US would build schools only for insurgents to destroy them, while there was no funding to build schools in Ohio. “We [...]