‘Godfather’ Donald’s Mafia War On The ICC

By Danny Sjursen, AntiWar.com. -

Free advice: one way for an administration to avoid the ire of an International Criminal Court (ICC) is not to act like a mafia crime family. Appearances and all. Only discretion has never been [...]

Native American Protesters Blocked The Road Leading To Mount Rushmore

By Ashley Collman, Business Insider. -

A group of mainly Native American protesters blocked the road leading up to Mount Rushmore for three hours before President Donald Trump gave a speech at the national monument Friday [...]

US Media Used To Stop The ‘Threat’ Of Peace

By Lee Camp, Consortium News. -

This is not a column defending Donald Trump. Across my career I have said more positive words about the scolex family of intestinal tapeworms than I have said about Donald Trump. (Scolex have [...]

Testing Is Not Causing Case Counts To Rise

By Charles Ornstein and Ash Ngu, ProPublica. -

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have repeatedly attributed the increase in the coronavirus case count in the United States to an increase in testing. “We’re doing so much [...]

Trump’s Second Thoughts On Juan Guaido Are Not Enough

By Steve Ellner, Consortium News. -

After nearly a year and a half of all-out efforts at regime change in Venezuela which took a major toll on the Venezuelan people, Donald Trump now tells the world he was never big on the strategy [...]

Restrictive Immigration Boomerangs Against The United States

By Rosa Miriam Elizalde,  La Jornada. -

The European Union has prepared a preliminary draft of its new border regulations, outlining who can visit after July 1, and that this list depends on how the countries of origin of the [...]

Trump Cold On Guaidó

By Jonathan Swan, Axios. -

In an Oval Office interview with Axios on Friday, President Trump suggested he's had second thoughts about his decision to recognize Juan Guaidó as the legitimate leader of Venezuela and said he [...]

Trump Hammers Cuba While Cuba Cures The Sick

By Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK. -

A team of 85 Cuban doctors and nurses arrived in Peru on June 3 to help the Andean nation tackle the coronavirus pandemic. That same day, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced another [...]

Protesting For Black Lives In Trump Country

By Mesha Jefferson, Otherwords. -

I grew up biracial in a small, conservative town. Still, after living for years in Austin, moving back to one was a culture shock — it felt like going back in time. For the last three years [...]

Scheer Intelligence: The Cynical Forces Behind America’s Forever Wars

By Robert Scheer, Scheer Post. -

American interventionism in the Middle East has resulted in two of the longest wars in U.S. history, and led to countless deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as widespread instability in the [...]

A T-Shirt Sparks Claims That Another ‘Foreign Agitator’ Is Behind US Racial Unrest

By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge. -

We've seen various state and federal officials over the past two weeks of George Floyd protests point to a 'foreign hand' stirring the unrest for the purpose of creating deeper instability in [...]

On Contact: Trump And The ‘Permanent Lie’

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

Chris Hedges talks to Mark Green, former New York City Consumer Affairs Commissioner and Public Advocate, about the "permanent lie" used by US President Donald Trump to cancel out reality. Mark [...]

As Trump Threatens To Send Military Into Cities, Some GIs Refuse To Comply

By Candice Bernd, Truthout. -

Some National Guard and active-duty GIs are refusing to deploy to U.S. cities rising up against police-perpetrated killings, saying no to complicity in the repression of the American populace and [...]

Veterans Protest Trump’s Threats To Send Active Duty Military To Cities

By Megan Verlee, CPR News. -

Army veteran Aubrey Rose cuts a striking figure at Denver’s ongoing protests — wearing his formal army jacket with all his ribbons and medals, he’s come day after day to march with an upside-down [...]

Deploying Federal Troops In A War At Home Would Make A Bad Situation Worse

By Zoltan Grossman, Counterpunch. -

As the George Floyd Uprising intensified in Minneapolis on Friday and Saturday, President Trump asked Acting Defense Secretary Mark Esper for options to deploy federal troops to the city. He [...]