Rebel Cities 18: Eight Years After Jasmine Revolution, Jemna Is Tunisia’s Oasis Of Hope

By Steve Rushton, -

Eight years ago on Monday, Tunisia's dictator President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled the country as the people declared a revolution that ushered in the Arab Spring. The struggle for democracy [...]

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Arrives In Tunisia Amid Protests Against Him

By Tarek Amara and Ulf Laessing, -

TUNIS (Reuters) - Hundreds of Tunisians staged the first protests of the Arab world against Saudi Arabia’s crown prince as he arrived on a visit on Tuesday, denouncing him as a murderer involved [...]

The Tunisian Inspiration: Countering Authoritarianism With Social Justice Unionism

By Shawna Bader-Blau, -

Looking around the world today, it may seem bleak: crackdowns on civil liberties and worker rights are happening everywhere: Cambodia, Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, Turkey, the United States and [...]

IMF Is Choking Tunisia. No Wonder People Are Protesting

By Jihen Chandoul, -

Tunisia has been facing protests across the country at price and tax rises since 3 January – the anniversary of the “bread riots” which occurred in 1984 under the Habib Bourguiba regime. As with [...]

Media’s Wildly Different Take On Unrest In Tunisia And Iran

By Whitney Webb, -

TUNIS, TUNISIA — As the new year began, social media and corporate-owned news organizations alike were giving the protests in Iran constant coverage, despite the fact that the protests were [...]

Mass Protests Against Austerity, Unemployment Shake Tunisia

By Bill Van Auken, -

Tunisia has erupted over the past three days in demonstrations and violent clashes with security forces. Workers and youth have taken to the streets in at least 18 different towns in protest [...]

Tunisia: On Frontlines Of Struggle Against Climate Change

By Hamza Hamouchene, -

By Hamza Hamouchene for ROAR Magazine - Kerkennah is a group of islands lying off the east coast of Tunisia in the Gulf of Gabès, around 20km away from the mainland city of Sfax. The two main [...]

Look South: Hollande’s Terror Blunder Is Tunisia, Not Syria

By Staff , -

By Staff of Tele Sur - After the Paris attacks of Nov. 13, French President Francois Hollande didn’t flinch before looking east to Syria. Terrorism, he said, must be demolished there. All eyes [...]

The Second Tunisian Revolution

By Giuliana Sgrena, -

By Giuliana Sgrena for Il Manifesto - Five years after the Arab Spring that shook the Middle East and North Africa, Tunisia is bursting up in flames again. The images that arrived from the city [...]

More Than 1,000 Arrested During Tunisia Unrest

By Staff, -

By Staff of Middle East Eye - Over 1,000 people have been arrested during nine days of fierce anti-government protest in Tunisia, authorities said on Monday as the security forces union launched [...]

Tunisians Continue Resistance 5 Years After Arab Spring

By Yasmine Ryan, -

By Yasmine Ryan for Independent - Like most of his friends, Ammar Buthifi, 27, has spent the years since Tunisia kick-started the Arab Spring in much the same way as the years before: unemployed. [...]

Tunisia Invokes Curfew In Face Of Growing Unemployment Protests

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Huffington Post - KASSERINE, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisia imposed a nationwide overnight curfew Friday in response to growing unrest as protests over unemployment across the country [...]

Tunisian Labor & Rights Coalition Wins Nobel

By Sarah Lazare, -

By Sarah Lazare for Common Dreams, The Norwegian Nobel Committee on Friday awarded its prestigious Peace Prize to Tunisia's National Dialogue Quartet—the coalition of labor unions and human [...]

Solidarity Not Fear: World Social Forum Opens In Tunisia

By Sarah Lazare, -

Tens of thousands of people marched in the pouring rain through Tunisia's capital on Tuesday to kick off the 14th World Social Forum—a global gathering of civil society movements—and bring the [...]

Tunisia: Popular Revolutionary Activist And Photographer Arrested

By Committee For A Worker's International, -

Yesterday, Tuesday 13 May, the ‘El Hambra’ theatre in Tunis was the site of a gathering of some 300 activists, young people and human rights’ campaigners. They were there to protest against [...]

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