With Record Numbers Of Displaced People, Deterrence Policies To Stop Their Movement Are Mass Murder

By Natasha Lennard, Theintercept.com -

IN SEPTEMBER 2015, images circulated of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi’s tiny body washed up on a Turkish beach; that week, donations to refugee aid charities soared. The Syrian toddler’s death, which [...]

Is Turkey Going Rogue?

By Linda S. Heard, Intrepid Report. -

As a new bipolar world order emerges pitting the United States and its Western allies against Russia and China’s growing influence, the geopolitical deck shares are being rearranged. Turkish [...]

Turkey’s Only Communist Mayor Scores Another Election Victory

By Mehmet Cetingulec, Al-monitor.com -

As the results of Turkey’s local elections emerged late on March 31, a meme featuring Vladimir Lenin went viral on social media. It showed the Russian revolutionary leader gazing at a computer, a [...]

Kurds Negotiating With Syria To Avoid War With Turkey

By Elijah J Magnier, Ejmagnier.com -

Following President Trump’s decision to withdraw US forces from occupied northeast Syria, the Kurds of al-Hasaka have for the last two days been negotiating with the government of Damascus on how [...]

Khashoggi – A Deal Has Been Made, Will It Hold?

By Moon of Alabama. -

October 25 - A preliminary deal has been made between the Turkish president Erdogan and the al-Saud clan in Saudi Arabia. The case of Jamal Khashoggi, killed in Istanbul by bodyguards of the [...]

US To Send Next-Generation Nuclear Weapons To Turkey: Russian Report

By Nerdun Hacıoğlu, Hurriyetdailynews.com -

Russian state media claimed on July 2 that the United States is preparing to send the next generation of B61 guided nuclear gravity bombs to NATO bases in European countries, including [...]

A World So Changed

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental Institute for Social Research. -

Over the past month, the Indian state of Kerala has struggled with the worst floods since 1924. Over three hundred people have been killed and millions of people have been affected in this state [...]

Russia Backs Non-Dollar Trade With Turkey, No Promise Of Help Amid Lira Crisis

By Andrey Ostroukh and Tuvan Gumrukcu, Reuters.com -

“The use of national currencies for mutual trade has for several years been one of the tasks that the presidents of Russia and Turkey had set,” Lavrov told a joint news conference with Cavusoglu [...]

Green Party Of US Demands Release Of Eylem Tuncaelli And Naci Sönmez

By Staff, Gp.org -

Since his election in 2014, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's administration has shown increased contempt for human rights and freedom of the press, with crackdowns on political opponents, arrests of [...]

Turkish Invasion Pits Neocons Against Traditional Imperialists

By Mike Whitney, Counterpunch.org -

US foreign policy in the Middle East is not merely adrift, it is in a state of severe crisis. Even as Turkish tanks and warplanes continue to pound US allies in northwestern Syria (The Kurds), [...]

Turkey Is On Brink Of Chaotic Battle For Territory, And ISIS Isn’t Main Threat This Time

By Vijay Prashad, www.alternet.org -

By Vijay Prashad for AlterNet - The Turkish army build-up in Reyhanli sends a message to the rebels in Idlib province (Syria), where the Turkish proxies and the al-Qaeda groups have sheltered in [...]

Turkey: Show Trials Of Journalists Are A Travesty Of Justice

By Staff, www.rsf.org -

By Staff of RSF - This week, ARTICLE 19 and Reporters Without Borders (RSF) are monitoring two trials of journalists in Turkey. On Monday 18 September they attended the first hearing in the trial [...]

Turkey’s ‘Justice March’ Leaves Erdogan With Difficult Options

By Leela Jacinto, www.france24.com -

By Leela Jacinto for France 24 - In a country that has seen a silencing of virtually all forms of opposition against the government, a startling spectacle has been unfolding in Turkey over the [...]

Three Way Conflict Between Kurds, Shia And Sunni Arabs In Syria

By Nauman Sadiq, www.popularresistance.org -

By Nauman Sadiq. the ethnic and sectarian conflict in Syria and Iraq is actually a three-way conflict between the Sunni Arabs, the Shi’a Arabs and the Kurds. Although after the declaration of war [...]

Brutal Assault By Erdogan Guards Against Nonviolent Protest In DC

By Staff, www.popularresistance.org -

By Staff of Popular Resistance - Hours after President Trump met with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House, a bloody brawl broke out at a protest outside the Turkish Embassy [...]