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UK Imperialism

Yemen’s Nightmare: The Hidden Consequences Of US And UK Airstrikes

When confronted with international appeals for humanitarian aid due to the ongoing crises in Gaza and Yemen, the United States and the United Kingdom have chosen instead to turn Yemen’s Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden into a combat zone, initiating an ariel bombing campaign against the war-torn country already suffering immensely from nine years of deadly conflict spearheaded by Saudi Arabia and backed by the U.S. For weeks, U.S. and British naval vessels have been perched on the outskirts of Yemen’s territorial waters in the Red Sea, not only to protect ships carrying goods to Israel but to launch a series of airstrikes against Yemen, the poorest country in the world.

Yemen Parliament Says US, UK, Israel ‘Top Terrorist’ Entities

Yemen's Parliament issued a statement emphasizing that the US, the UK, and Israel should be placed at the "top of the global terrorism list" in response to Washington listing Ansarallah on its own designated terror list last week. Al-Maseerah TV reported on 21 January that “Members of the Parliament, in their discussions, pointed out the irony of the US designating its adversaries as terrorists while being the head of evil and terrorism worldwide. They emphasized placing the Israeli occupation entity and the US and British regimes at the top of the global terrorism list, asserting that they will reap the fruits of their evils and the crimes of Genocide committed against the Palestinian people.”

Empire Bombs Yemen To Protect Israel’s Genocide

The U.S and U.K. have reportedly struck over a dozen sites in Yemen using Tomahawk missiles and fighter jets, backed by logistical support from Australia, Canada, Bahrain and the Netherlands. U.S. President Joe Biden, in a statement, asserts that the strikes against “targets in Yemen used by Houthi rebels” are a “direct response to unprecedented Houthi attacks against international maritime vessels in the Red Sea.” What Biden does not mention in his statement about his administration’s “response” to Houthi attacks on ships in the Red Sea is that those Red Sea attacks are themselves a response to Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza.

Anti-Monarchy Protesters Make Their Voices Heard, Are Arrested

If you read the mainstream media, you’d be forgiven for thinking the whole of Scotland is in mourning as Queen Elizabeth’s coffin arrives in Edinburgh. Thousands are lining the streets to pay their respects to the former ruler. However, less covered in the media are the thousands who feel disgust at a monarchy that epitomises colonialism, oppression and racism. There were protests in both Edinburgh and Cardiff as Charles Windsor was proclaimed King Charles III. In Cardiff, people held up signs in Welsh and English saying “It’s colonial subjugation of the Welsh people”, and “Not our King”. Meanwhile, in Edinburgh, a 22-year-old woman was arrested for breach of the peace as she held up a banner which read “Fuck imperialism, abolish monarchy”. 
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