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UN Press Briefing On Factfinding Mission To Donbass And Moscow

Thank you very much for this opportunity to speak to you all today. Dan Kovalik and I recently returned from a fact-finding mission to the Lugansk People’s Republic hosted by the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine. After months of arduous planning and organizing, we felt this delegation was essential for us to see the situation on the ground for ourselves including interviewing locals and officials who have been party to this conflict since it started in 2014. That is a critical point. This war did not begin in 2022 with Russia’s Special Military Operation. Rather, it began in 2014. I want to emphasize this point.

American Military Crisis: Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson Speaks Out

It is clear to at least half the world, some four billion people, that the United States is not the power that it once was… Our reputation is in tatters in the world.” That is what retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson told MintCast host Mnar Adley today. “When you talk about history and the history of empire in particular, what you find are examples of precisely what is happening to us today,” Wilkerson added, noting, in particular, the fall of the Western Roman and Persian empires and how, after they began to teeter, their leadership started to reinforce failures in military operations, in diplomacy and foreign policy in general.

‘My Life’s Work Melting Before My Eyes’

On June 28 last month, a mere three days before the Russian round table in Vienna, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was going to resume production of short- and intermediate-range missiles — the very weapons myself and my fellow American and Soviet inspectors had worked so hard to eliminate. Putin said he would weigh their potential deployment in Europe and elsewhere to offset similar deployments by the United States of intermediate-range missiles in Europe and the Pacific. Putin was referring to the deployment by the U.S. of Mk 70 containerized missile launchers capable of firing the SM-6 “Typhon” dual-capability missile as well as the Tomahawk ground-launched cruise missile.

Hundreds Protest NATO Summit, Hold Counter-Summit

Washington D.C. – On July 6 and 7, the Resist NATO coalition, formed by more than sixty anti-war, human rights, and diasporic grassroots organizations from across the U.S., held its own conference, rallied, and marched to protest the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit in Washington D.C. The coalition highlighted the role of NATO as the largest U.S.-led military alliance and its function to promote wars of aggression, increased militarization in the Indo-Pacific and across the globe, sanctions, cyberwarfare, and surveillance on people's organizations.  NATO’s 75th summit is occurring during the ongoing war in Ukraine in response to U.S.-NATO military escalation and territorial expansion, which has emboldened NATO to call on its members to provide billions in weapons and military aid.

Anti-NATO Protest In London: Ceasefire Now In Gaza, Ukraine And Yemen

Activists from International Ukraine Anti Fascist Solidarity once again joined the national Gaza solidarity protest in London on Saturday July 6 to demand ceasefires in Gaza, Ukraine and Yemen, and an end to Western arms deliveries to Ukraine. Many protesters stopped to take pictures of the posters, and The response from those on the march, who were calling on the British government to support an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and an end to arms exports to Israel (Yes – Britain is STILL sending weapons to Israel) which was very enthusiastic and 100% positive. Many of the protesters are aware of the connections between these different wars, but have not seen them clearly stated before.

NATO’S Wars Versus Human Survival

The NATO of the popular imagination is an assembly of representatives of democratic nations who commit to making the world more peaceful, including by militarily defending each other if one of them is attacked. There could hardly exist a more grave collection of lies. NATO is in fact an institution devoted primarily to the increased sale of weaponry to governments of every type — neither its members nor its often openly dictatorial partners acting at the bidding of any populace — and devoted secondarily to doing the will of one government, that based here in Washington, D.C., which is represented by over 900 military bases outside its borders.

Confronting NATO’s War Summit In Washington

After NATO’s catastrophic, illegal invasions of Yugoslavia, Libya, and Afghanistan, on July 9 NATO plans to invade Washington D.C. The good news is that it only plans to occupy Washington for three days. The British will not burn down the U.S. Capitol as they did in 1814, and the Germans are still meekly pretending that they don’t know who blew up their Nord Stream gas pipelines. So expect smiling photo ops and an overblown orgy of mutual congratulation. The details of NATO’s agenda for the Washington summit were revealed at a NATO foreign ministers’ meeting in Prague at the end of May.

Will Putin Attack Poland And The Baltics?

At Thursday’s debate with Donald Trump, President Joe Biden, calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal,” claimed that he “wants all of Ukraine. … Do you think he’ll stop? … What do you think happens to Poland and other places?” Spoiler Alert: Official Ukrainian sources confirm that Putin did stop in March 2022, after Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky agreed to forswear membership in NATO. This was the key provision in the Ukraine-Russia deal initialed by Davyd Arakhamia, who at the time was Zelensky’s chief negotiator (and his party’s faction leader in the Rada) at the talks in Istanbul at the end of March, hardly a month into the war.

Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Profile Quietly Removed From Stanford Extremist Group List

Stanford University’s Mapping Militants Project (MMP), a U.S. government-funded initiative that conducts research on “violent militant or extremist organizations,” quietly removed their profile on the Azov Battalion early last month. The Azov Battalion (now known as the 12th Special Purpose Brigade “Azov”) is a Ukrainian National Guard unit infamous for its use of neo-Nazi insignia, recruitment of far-right foreign fighters, and alleged war crimes. The Stanford MMP’s mysterious removal of its Azov profile was followed about a month later by the U.S. State Department lifting its ban on military assistance to the unit, raising questions about the motives behind removal of the webpage.

There Is No Such Thing As A Small Nuclear War

There was a time when calls for a nuclear-free Europe rang across the continent. It began with the Stockholm Appeal (1950), which opened with the powerful words ‘We demand the outlawing of atomic weapons as instruments of intimidation and mass murder of peoples’ and then deepened with the Appeal for European Nuclear Disarmament (1980), which issued the chilling warning ‘We are entering the most dangerous decade in human history’. Roughly 274 million people signed the Stockholm Appeal, including – as is often reported – the entire adult population of the Soviet Union. Yet, since the European appeal of 1980, it feels as if each decade has been more and more dangerous than the previous one.

New Evidence US Blocked Ukraine-Russia Peace Deal

Since the collapse of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia in April-May 2022, the Biden administration and establishment US media have maintained a near-total vow of silence. Even as Russian President Vladmir Putin has directly accused the US and UK of sabotaging the negotiations in Istanbul, President Biden and his top principals have never offered a rebuttal, and no major US outlet has bothered to seek one. The lone exception was an anonymous senior administration official, who told the Wall Street Journal’s Yaroslav Trofimov that Russian complaints were “Utter bulls—.” The official added: “I know for a fact the United States didn’t pull the plug on that. We were watching it carefully.”

Putin — Behind The Shoji

The Russian president’s time in Pyongyang and Hanoi gave clear evidence of the turn away from the West that Lavrov, the country’s foreign minister, announced at the start of the year. It is never a good idea to turn to corporate media for an understanding of Vladimir Putin — his thoughts, his intentions, what he does and the outcome of what he does. Whenever the Russian president is the topic, you are always going to get reports so distorted as to obscure vastly more than they reveal. This pervasively Western–centric work makes it impossible, for anyone who relies solely on it, to see either the Russian leader or the nation he represents with any clarity, just as they are.

‘Falling Gently Away’: The G–7 In Italy

That Group of 7 gathering on the coast of the Adriatic June 13–15 was truly a doozy, I have to say. Readers might think it a waste of column inches to devote any linage to it, as many will surely have forgotten about it by now—not to mention those many others who did not know of it in the first place and so could not get as far as forgetting it. But this just is my point: The seven people claiming to be the world’s most powerful assemble for a summit and it is not worth our attention? Say whaaa? The significance of this year’s G–7, I mean to say, lies in its insignificance. Considering the mess these very folk have made of the world, this bears consideration.

Russia States The Conditions Under Which It Will Invade NATO

On June 20th, the Russian Government’s RT News issued an English-language translation, titled “Russia fears a NATO attack. Here’s why.”, of a June 19th Russian-language article by Professor Igor Istomin, who is the acting head of the Department of Applied Analysis of International Problems, at MGIMO University, which is a part of Russia’s Foreign Ministry. This article would not be so published if it did not express accurately the views and policies of Russia’s Government. It stated that there are three things which would spark a Russian response to eliminate “the notorious ‘decision centers’” within NATO.

US Responsible For Sevastopol Strike With Weapons Supplied To Ukraine

Washington is responsible for the missile strike on Sevastopol’s civilians, as all targeting data for the ATACMS missiles used are entered by US specialists, the Russian Ministry of Defense said. Flight missions for ATACMS missiles are programmed by US specialists based on US satellite reconnaissance, making Washington primarily responsible for the deliberate missile strike on Sevastopol’s civilians, the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) stated. “Therefore, the responsibility for the deliberate missile strike on Sevastopol’s civilians lies primarily with Washington, which supplied this weapon to Ukraine, as well as the Kiev regime, from whose territory the strike was launched,” the statement said.
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