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Quality Of Ukraine Reporting Continues To Deteriorate

Nikopol is too close to the plant for sirens to be of use — there’s no time to switch them on. Instead residents on the other side send warnings if they see artillery batteries being rolled out. The well protected six reactor blocks of ZNPP can be seen in the upper left of the picture. The next civilian settlement is on the right side, some 2+ kilometers away from the plant with several big buildings between the two. How anyone would see "artillery batteries being rolled out" at the plant is beyond me. The Russian side of course insists that there is no artillery at the ZNPP and that the Ukrainians are shelling the plant. Which makes sense as the plant is, since early March, under complete control of the Russian side. This misreporting by the Washington Post comes after it published a big fake story about an alleged Russian intelligence failure at the beginning of the war.

Disarming Ukraine – Day Seven

The crisis, and especially the reaction of the 'west' to it, is much worse than I had feared. The U.S. government and 'western' media claim that the World condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. That is however far from reality. It is only true if true if you believe 'the world' solely exists of the 5-eye spying cooperation (U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), the European Union, Switzerland, Japan and Singapore. The view differs when you zoom out. The much bigger 'rest of the world' has not condemned Russia but understands how the conflict came about. They blame, like political scientist John Mearsheimer, the U.S. for causing the crisis.
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