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Uncommitted Votes

Launch Of Pennsylvania ‘Uncommitted’ Vs. Biden

Pennsylvania organizers from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and cities in between held a Zoom press conference April 3 to promote their write-in vote “Uncommitted” campaign for the April 23 Democratic Party primary for president. An “Uncommitted” vote demonstrates opposition to Genocide Joe Biden’s support for Israel. The goal of the campaign, endorsed by over 30 interfaith, multigenerational and multiracial groups across the state, is to turn out at least 40,000 people who vote “uncommitted.”

50,000 ‘Uninstructed’ Wisconsin Voters Send Biden Clear Message

A mix of rain and snow pelted Wisconsin on Tuesday, covering streets with sludge as voters braved their way to the polls. But despite the weather and what appeared to be low turnout in the primary, Listen to Wisconsin’s Uninstructed campaign defied expectations and netted nearly 50,000 votes. President Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by only about 20,000 votes in Wisconsin in 2020, and the strong showing for the Uninstructed campaign is a harsh rebuke of Biden’s policies around Gaza and the larger Democratic agenda as the incumbent is now faced with yet another critical Midwest swing state that may be lost come November.

Wisconsin’s Uninstructed Campaign Has Momentum

Organizers with Listen to Wisconsin, the group driving the state’s ​“Uninstructed” campaign, say next week’s primary will send President Joe Biden the ​“final, unequivocal message from the Midwest” that if he wants to beat Trump, he must act immediately to end the genocide in Gaza. Wisconsin may be the most pivotal swing state in the country, and Biden only beat Trump by the narrowest of margins there in 2020 — a little more than 20,000 votes, or just over 0.6%. And according to some recent polls, the incumbent is currently trailing (by anywhere from 2% to 6%) as he is losing support from voters — including younger voters — who care about the mass killings.

‘Uncommitted’ Vote Against Biden Blows Past Goal In Minnesota

A push from progressive Minnesotans and members of the Muslim community to get voters to check "uncommitted" in the state's Democratic presidential primary won nearly 46,000 votes Tuesday, far surpassing their goal of 5,000 votes. Organizers of the campaign declared victory Tuesday night, saying the result will send a message to President Joe Biden that large factions of his own party want him to support a permanent cease-fire in Gaza. "We're doing this so President Biden knows Democrats have had enough of this endless support of a genocidal regime," said Asma Mohammed, an organizer with the campaign.

Where Can Democrats Vote Uncommitted After Super Tuesday?

As Super Tuesday returns come in, it appears that almost 20% of Democratic presidential primary voters in Minnesota have cast ballots for ​“uncommitted,” ensuring at least one convention delegate. About 12% of North Carolina voters opted for ​“no preference.” Campaigns in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Colorado, North Carolina and other states with March 5 primaries asked voters to cast a protest vote over President Joe Biden’s support of Israel’s war on Gaza. The uncommitted push began with the Listen to Michigan campaign, which urged voters to fill in the uncommitted bubble to ​“strongly reject Biden’s funding war and genocide in Gaza.”
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