Squalid Migrant Shantytown Forms In Mexican Border City

By Patrick Timmons, Upi.com -

TAPACHULA, Mexico, May 14 (UPI) -- African and Haitian migrants stranded for two months in southern Mexico during an immigration crackdown begun by the United States are living in a roadside [...]

Arizona Students Marched For Classmate Thomas Torres-Maytorena, Who’s Facing Deportation Court On Graduation Day

By Lucy Diavolo, Teenvogue.com -

Students from Arizona’s Desert View High School marched miles from their campus to a local sheriff's office in a show of support for Thomas Torres-Maytorena, an 18-year-old senior and football [...]

Why HUD Wants To Restrict Assistance For Immigrants

By Tanvi Misra and Kriston Capps, Citylab.com -

The Trump administration is targeting immigrants with a new policy—this time, by seeking to restrict housing assistance for families with mixed-citizenship status. On Wednesday, the U.S. [...]

FANG Collective Protests ICE And 287g Agreements In Plymouth And Bristol Counties, MA

By Washingtonbabylon.com -

We just carried out two disruptions at Plymouth County’s annual 287g steering committee meeting in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 287g agreements allow police and ICE to collaborate, and contributes to [...]

Protesters ‘Shed Light’ On Florida Detention Center For Migrant Children

By Monique O. Madan, Theledger.com -

Binoculars in hand, Joshua Rubin stood atop a concrete barricade just a few feet away from the Homestead migrant shelter’s property line. It’s the only vantage point that could give the protester [...]

Arizona Volunteers Form ‘Underground’ Network To House Migrants Released By ICE

By Jude Joffe-Block, Pri.org -

By Marta Vázquez’s count, since Christmas she’s welcomed 306 newly arrived Central American parents and their children to spend the night at her house in Glendale, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. [...]

Massive ICE Workplace Raid Jails 280 Immigrant Workers In Texas

By Matthew Taylor, Wsws.org -

Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided an Allen, Texas business on Wednesday morning and arrested 280 undocumented workers. The business, CVE technology, employs 2,100 [...]

‘We Are Running Concentration Camps’: Images From El Paso Stir Outrage Over Migrant Treatment

By Eoin Higgins, Commondreams.org -

Hundreds of migrants are being held by border agents in a fenced in encampment under a bridge in El Paso, leading to anger and accusations that the American government is holding people in [...]

May Day 2019 – National Mobilization For Immigrant Workers Rights!

By Staff, Immigrantsolidarity.org -

We are calling a national day of multi-ethnic unity with youth, labor, peace and justice communities in solidarity with immigrant workers and building new immigrant rights & civil rights [...]

Lies, Chaos And Abuse At ICE Contractor Lockup

By Robin Urevich, Capitalandmain.com -

On the last day of his life Efrain de la Rosa, a 40-year old Mexican citizen detained as an undocumented immigrant, told a social worker he didn’t need medication for his schizophrenia. He would [...]

Stopping The Deportation Machine

By Alexandra Reza, Dissentmagazine.org -

One night in March 2017, fifteen activists climbed through a hole they had cut in the perimeter fence of London Stansted Airport and attached themselves to an airplane to prevent it from taking [...]

Nation’s Top Teachers Will Hold ‘Teach In’ at Child Detention Camp

By Madeline Will, Portside.org -

In February, educators will gather outside a massive detention camp for migrant children and stage a 24-hour "teach in." The upcoming protest at the Tornillo, Texas detention camp is organized by [...]

On First Day Of New Year, US Attacks Migrants With Tear Gas

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

Another migrant caravan will leave Honduras while stranded Central American migrants in Tijuana face violence from U.S. officers. Reports of stranded migrants in the Mexico-United States border [...]

Eight Year Old Boy Dies In Immigrant Detention On Christmas Day

By Nomaan Merchant, Apnews.com -

HOUSTON (AP) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection ordered medical checks on every child in its custody Tuesday after an 8-year-old boy from Guatemala died, marking the second death of an [...]

ICE’s Merry Christmas Present To Migrants

By Julian Aguilar, Texastribune.org -

EL PASO – Hundreds of asylum-seekers spent part of Christmas Eve in a downtown parking lot here without knowing where they’ll end up next. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents began [...]