Mass Protests Against Austerity, Unemployment Shake Tunisia

By Bill Van Auken, -

Tunisia has erupted over the past three days in demonstrations and violent clashes with security forces. Workers and youth have taken to the streets in at least 18 different towns in protest [...]

The Unemployment Conspiracy

By Bruce Lesnick, -

Real unemployment in the U.S. today hovers around 8.3%, afflicting more than 17 million people. This is roughly equivalent to the combined populations of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and [...]

Record 95,102,000 Americans Not In Labor Force

By Joseph Jankowskim, -

By Joseph Jankowski for Activist Post - The “official” unemployment rate (U3) released each month is, to put it in the most straight-forward way possible, a completely misleading and politicized [...]

Against Meaninglessness And Precarity: The Crisis Of Work

By David Frayne, -

By David Frayne for ROAR Magazine - If work is vital for income, social inclusion and a sense of identity, then one of the most troubling contradictions of our time is that the centrality of work [...]

World Day For Social Justice 2016 – Time To Share The Wealth

By Staff, -

By Staff of STWR - Every year since 2009, the United Nations has highlighted February 20th as the World Day for Social Justice in a bid to underscore the glaring inequalities that increasingly [...]

The Second Tunisian Revolution

By Giuliana Sgrena, -

By Giuliana Sgrena for Il Manifesto - Five years after the Arab Spring that shook the Middle East and North Africa, Tunisia is bursting up in flames again. The images that arrived from the city [...]

Great Potential Of Poor Americans

By Paul Buchheit, -

By Paul Buchheit for Nation of Change - The homeless are feared by the upper classes, and they’re often arrested for nonexistent or non-violent infractions, in good part because they are simply [...]

Tunisia Invokes Curfew In Face Of Growing Unemployment Protests

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Huffington Post - KASSERINE, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisia imposed a nationwide overnight curfew Friday in response to growing unrest as protests over unemployment across the country [...]

Newsletter: After The Crash…

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The economic agenda described here would create a radical transformation of the economy from a top-down system designed for the [...]

How Black Women Can Rescue The Labor Movement

By Kimberly Freeman Brown And Marc Bayard, -

The roles that African Americans play in their families and communities, on the job and in their unions are acts of resistance against the staggering inequality they face on a daily basis. The [...]

The “Shocking” Statistics Of Racial Disparity In Baltimore

Were you shocked at the disruption in Baltimore? What is more shocking is daily life in Baltimore, a city of 622,000 which is 63 percent African American. Here are ten numbers that tell some of [...]

Greece’s Solidarity Movement: ‘It’s A New Model – & It’s Working’

By Jon Henley, -

“A long time ago, when I was a student,” said Olga Kesidou, sunk low in the single, somewhat clapped-out sofa of the waiting room at the Peristeri Solidarity Clinic, “I’d see myself volunteering. [...]

‘European Disintegration, Unemployment & Instability’ From TTIP

By Glyn Moody, -

The problems of TTIP are so many - total lack of meaningful transparency, the unnecessary inclusion of an ISDS chapter, the threat to Europe's high standards governing health, safety, the [...]