NYC Bus Drivers Union Refuses To Transport Protesters For NYPD

By Jason Koebler, Vice. -

Workers for New York City’s MTA are refusing to transport people arrested during protests against police brutality in the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. A video [...]

This Is How We Build And Fight

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

As 2018 comes to a close, we bring back this interview with Kali Akuno from January, 2017, just prior to President Trump's inauguration. Akuno has been an organizer in the South for decades and [...]

Where’s The Best Place To Resist Trump? At work.

By Moshe Marvit and Leo Gertner, -

By Moshe Marvit and Leo Gertner for the Washington Post. Though often overlooked in America, the workplace can be as much a focal point of resistance and protest as the streets, the ballot box or [...]

Newsletter – The Consent Of The Governed

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. Governments function because of the consent of the governed. When a government does not serve the needs or interests of the people, it loses its legitimacy [...]