Dear Delta Air Lines: Video Games And Beer Cannot Compete With Joining A Union

By Steven Greenhouse, -

The airline is telling employees that unions take money they could spend on entertainment instead. Will anyone really fall for that anti-union tactic? In its latest offensive to beat back [...]

When Sydney Was Touched By Workers’ Democracy

By Jerome Small, -

If working class people had real power, what would society look like? If you live in Australia’s largest city, you don’t have to look far to find an answer. If you’ve ever seen the Sydney Opera [...]

Thousands Strike At Five UC Hospitals Today, Alleging Unfair Labor Practices

By Cathie Anderson, -

Thousands of unionized workers statewide will hit the picket line Wednesday at five University of California hospitals in a one-day strike over what they allege is a coordinated campaign of [...]

Thousands Of Stop And Shop Union Workers Go On Strike, Walk Off Job

By Staff, -

BOSTON — Thousands of Stop & Shop union workers walked off the job and are on strike Thursday amid an ongoing contract dispute. WCVB crews at stores report the doors were locked. Several viewers [...]

Scapegoating Unions For The Postal Service’s Phony Crisis

By Brian Wakamo, -

Blame it on the unions. When corporations, governments, or public agencies are facing financial challenges, this is often the default explanation. We saw this knee jerk response at a recent [...]

GM Squeezed $118 Million From Its Workers, Then Shut Their Factory

By David Welch, -

The union hall in Lordstown, Ohio, is a hive of confusion, anxiety and anger. Mostly anger. Three weeks after employees at the town’s General Motors Co. compact car plant assembled their last [...]

French Unions Call General Strike For Better Pay, Retirement, Education

By Staff, -

The CGT, Force Ouvrière, Solidaires and student unions Unef and UNL hope their demonstration will put further pressure on President Emmanuel Macron, who is expected to put forward propositions in [...]

Unions See An Opening In The Wake Of A Ruling That Was Supposed To Finish Them Off

By Rachel M. Cohen, -

THE LAST YEAR has been a whirlwind for the labor movement. There have been unexpectedly positive developments, like the forceful rise in teacher activism across the country, and negative ones, [...]

Union Rushing To End Denver Teachers Strike

By Nancy Hanover, -

Denver teachers were on the picket lines Wednesday for the third day, but the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) and the school district are moving quickly to reach a deal to end the [...]

As Macron Prepares New Repressive Measures Yellow Vests & Red Unions Strike Together

By Richard Greeman, Popular Resistance -

As the Macron government pushed harsh repressive laws against demonstrators through the National Assembly, the Yellow Vests joined with France’s unions for the first time in a day-long, [...]

Black Lives Matter At School Makes Educator Unions Stronger

By Jesse Hagopian, -

IT BEGAN as a grassroots effort at John Muir Elementary here in Seattle, where teachers and community members partnered together. It was educators at the school, along with a group called Black [...]

UTLA Reaches Bargaining Deal With District

By Staff, -

After six days on strike along with parents, students and community members across Los Angeles, we have reached a historic agreement that addresses major issues impacting our schools, students [...]

US: 31,000 Strong LA Teachers’ Union To Strike Next Week

By Staff, -

A union representing over 30,000 teachers in Los Angeles, California has threatened a massive walkout to demand higher salaries, smaller class sizes, and a moratorium on new charter schools. The [...]

They Took Control Of Their Workplace — And They Won

By Staff, -

The September 15, 2008 collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank has precipitated a full-scale financial crisis. Both presidential candidates — Senators John McCain and Barack Obama — left [...]

The Next Big Legal Case To Assassinate Unions Is On The Way

By Hamilton Nolan, -

This summer, the Supreme Court gutted America’s public labor unions with the Janus ruling. Now, another case has the potential to further destroy the very basis of organized labor in America. [...]