First Farmworker Union Forms In New York State

By Giulia Mcdonnell Nieto Del Rio, The Counter. -

Twelve workers at a Long Island vineyard became the first agricultural workers to form part of a labor union in New York State. On Sept. 27, the New York State Public Employment Relations Board [...]

Lessons From The National Union Of The Homeless

By Loretta Graceffo, Waging Nonviolence. -

This July, unhoused leaders set up tents in front of Atlanta City Hall to demand a meeting with city officials. They were met by nearly 60 armed police officers who gave them 15 minutes to [...]

Kaiser Permanente Employees May Strike Over Two-Tier Pay System

By Mark Kreidler, Capital & Main. -

For 13 years, registered nurse Kim Mullen has been part of a successful experiment: a collaborative partnership between the health care professionals at Kaiser Permanente and the executives who [...]

Hope For Labor At The End Of History

By Steve Fraser And Joshua Freeman, Dissent Magazine. -

It was “the end of history”: America in the 1990s. Francis Fukuyama published a book with that title in 1992. Things would continue to happen, according to the philosopher, but the underlying [...]

Workers Have Leverage

By Luis Feliz Leon and Dan DiMaggio, Labor Notes. -

The capitalist vultures are wheeling low, but they’re finding slim pickings to choose from these days. “No one wants to work!” The bosses whine about a worker shortage—though it’s one they [...]

Auto Workers To Vote On Direct Elections For Officers

By Jonah Furman, Labor Notes. -

United Auto Workers members will soon vote in an unprecedented referendum to decide whether the union’s 400,000 working members and nearly 600,000 retirees will directly elect their top officers. [...]

Alabama Amazon Workers May Get Another Crack At A Union

By Hamilton Nolan, In These Times. -

Bessemer, AL — Here is what a 1920s city looks like in a 2020s world. Along Bessemer’s broad downtown streets sit an array of small shops that have somehow managed to survive into the age of big [...]

HelloFresh Workers Unionize To Improve Brutal Working Conditions

By Lauren Kaori Gurley, Vice. -

Last year, HelloFresh, the popular food-kit delivery company that advertises technologically innovative and sustainable approaches to cooking, sold 278 million meals to Americans and doubled its [...]

On The Verge Of A Strike, Washington Carpenters Fight Union Leaders

By Luis Feliz Leon, Labor Notes. -

After narrowly rejecting a contract offer, the union representing 11,600 working carpenters in Washington state is set to start a strike tomorrow. It’s the fourth offer that members have [...]

IATSE Gearing Up For Possible Strike Against Film And TV Industry

By David Robb, Deadline. -

IATSE is gearing up for a possible strike against the film and television industry, which would be the first industry-wide strike in the union’s history. The union and management’s AMPTP will [...]

Buffalo Starbucks Workers Say They Will Unionize One Store At A Time

By Hamilton Nolan, In These Times. -

The fast food industry, one of the most ubiquitous low-wage employers in America, has been notoriously immune to unions. For nearly a decade, the Fight For $15 campaign has been successfully [...]

Millions Of Workers Want A Union

By Eric Dirnbach, EWOC. -

We know the U.S. labor movement is too small. Our current union density, or membership rate, is very low, about 11% of the workforce, with only around 6% in the private sector, and it’s been [...]

High Rise Window Cleaners Enter Second Week Of Strike

By Hamilton Nolan, In These Times. -

In Minnesota, a strike by unionized high rise window cleaners at two companies has entered its second week — an example of the tensions growing across the country as workers seek to collect on [...]

Chicago Nabisco Workers Join Strike In Four US States

By James Martin, WSWS. -

Over 1,000 workers are now currently on strike against Nabisco and its parent company, Mondelez International, Inc., part of a growing rebellion of workers in multiple industries. Over 200 [...]

Nabisco Workers Are Striking For Normal Hours

By Lauren Kaori Gurley, Portside. -

A strike that began at a Nabisco factory in Portland, Oregon last week has now spread across the country to Nabisco facilities in Aurora, Colorado, and Richmond, Virginia, where Oreos, Ritz [...]