Arizona Teachers Oppose Union Sellout And Call For Nationwide Strike

By Will Marrow, -

Schools reopened across Arizona on Friday, as teachers returned to work following the betrayal of their courageous week-long strike by the unions, the American Federation of Teachers, the [...]

Unions, Democrats Promote Deal To Suppress Struggle By Colorado Teachers

The Colorado Education Association (CEA) is collaborating with the Democratic-controlled state government to suppress the resistance of teachers in the state and prevent them from uniting with [...]

Hundreds Of Bus Drivers Stage Massive Sick-Out

By Casey Williams, In These Times. -

Georgia - Robbie Brown loved her students. For 18 years, she drove them in her yellow bus to and from schools in DeKalb County, Georgia. And then, last Friday, two police officers showed up at [...]

DC Teachers From Only Unionized Charter School March

By Perry Stein, Washington Post. -

Washington, DC - A rare battle between teachers and administrators at a charter school has broken into public view, with educators taking to the streets of a D.C. neighborhood to press their case [...]

Hundreds Of Oklahoma Teachers Angry At Union

By Alexia Fernández Campbell, -

On Thursday afternoon, Oklahoma’s largest educators association announced an end to the nine-day walkout, saying lawmakers “won’t budge an inch.” The group said that it would take the $479 [...]

Thousands Of Teachers And Staff On Strike Across Oklahoma And Kentucky, Arizona Might Be Next

By Ashley Curtin, -

Schools shut down on Monday as thousands of teachers and staff in Oklahoma walked out to protest the low wages, benefit cuts and lack of school funding. Leading up to the planned strike, Oklahoma [...]

Purple Bullying, Ten Years Later: SEIU Trustees Trample Membership Rights

By Steve Early, -

In Chicago this coming weekend, 2,500 rank-and-file activists, from the U.S. and abroad, will be meeting under the banner of Labor Notes to celebrate the revival of union militancy, including [...]

Wildcat Sickouts Hit Kentucky As Teachers’ Struggle Spreads

By Will Morrow, -

Thousands of teachers in Kentucky staged wildcat sickouts Friday, closing schools in 29 counties. The protests were in opposition to a bill passed by state legislators Thursday night that [...]

Joining Nationwide Teacher Rebellion, Tens Of Thousands Rally For Education In Oklahoma

By Julia Conley, -

The $50 million in school funding that was included in a bill last week "will buy less than one textbook per student," said the head of the state teacher's union. A weeks-long mobilization in [...]

Teachers’ Courage Is Contagious

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance. -

At the roots of the teacher's strikes and protests are neo-liberal policies. Education has become a profit center, which is driving more testing so that companies can sell testing software and [...]

Florida Teachers On Edge As New Law Threatens Their Unions

By Jeffrey S. Solock, -

Life without union representation is not a distant fear for Russell Baggett. Until two years ago, the Calhoun County school district in northern Florida had no collective bargaining unit to [...]

Teacher’s Unions Intensify Efforts To Suppress Growing Class Struggle In The US

By Jerry White, -

On Sunday night, the National Education Association (NEA) shut down the strike by 4,000 teachers and support staff in Jersey City, the second-largest school district in the state of New Jersey. [...]

Radical Labor: Aligning Unions With The Streets

By Gino Canella, -

Since the 1970s organized labor in the United States has seen a steep decline in its membership and political influence due to capital flight, “right to work” laws in southern states, automation [...]

The West Virginia Option

The ongoing teachers’ strike in West Virginia is remarkable in many ways. Thousands of public workers are engaged in a grassroots rebellion, defying restrictions on their right to strike. They’ve [...]

Disney Unions’ Ballot Drive Seeks To Raise Wages Up To $18 An Hour For Hospitality Companies That Take Anaheim Subsidies

By Margot Roosevelt, -

The Disneyland Resort and any large hospitality business benefiting from Anaheim city subsidies would be required to pay at least $15 an hour to their workers beginning in 2019 under a proposed [...]