The UAE Deal Is Really About Opposition To Iran

By Finian Cunningham, RT. -

The “historic” agreement for normalization of ties between the United Arab Emirates and Israel is being presented as a noble effort by the Gulf Arab states to fend off further annexation of [...]

Palestinians Reject ‘Cheap Publicity Stunt’ By Israel And The UAE

By TRT World. -

Reactions to the disputed deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, which is aimed at normalising relations between the two nations, from Palestinians abroad and the occupied Palestinian [...]

Despite Talk Of Promoting Democracy Trudeau In Bed With Repressive Monarchy

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Given his personal history perhaps it is no surprise that Justin Trudeau is fond of monarchies. The United Arab Emirates is a repressive monarchy that pursues violent, anti-democratic, policies [...]

Canada Gets Cozy With Repressive Middle East Monarchies

By Yves Engler, Engler Website   -

While Justin Trudeau’s government embraces repressive Middle East monarchies, they want us to believe their campaign to oust Venezuela’s government is motivated by support for democracy and human [...]