UK Court Rules Favorably For Returning Venezuela’s Gold

By Marc Jones, Reuters. -

London - A tug-of-war over $1 billion worth of Venezuelan gold stored at the Bank of England took a new turn on Monday as the English Court of Appeal overturned an earlier High Court ruling on [...]

Assange Trial: US And UK Militaries Back Key Prosecution Witness

By Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis, Daily Maverick. -

Dr Nigel Blackwood, a Reader in forensic psychiatry at King’s College London (KCL), told the extradition hearing in London last week that Julian Assange was suffering only “moderate” [...]

UK Moving Bill To Decriminalize War Crimes

By Dan Sabbagh and Heather Stewart, The Guardian. -

Labour has sacked three junior shadow ministers who joined with Jeremy Corbyn and 14 other Socialist Campaign group MPs in breaking the party’s whip by voting against the second reading of a [...]

Anti-Racism Protests In UK As Police Officers Face Court In US

Anti-racism demonstrations took place across the UK on 11 September as the four officers charged over the killing of George Floyd in the US went on trial. Protesters said they are determined [...]

British Soldier Arrested For Opposing UK Arming Saudi Arabia

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

A British soldier has been arrested for opposing the United Kingdom’s role in the Saudi-led war against Yemen. Video shows Lance Corporal Ahmed Al-Babati of the Royal Signals being led away by [...]

How Co-operative Architecture Shaped Britain

By Tess Pinto, Tribune Magazine. -

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Britain's growing co-operative movement provided an alternative to capitalist business practices – and made its mark on cities and towns with ambitious building [...]

UK Students Fighting For Universities To Cut Ties With Israeli Apartheid

By Michael Arria, Mondoweiss. -

Apartheid Off Campus is a newly-formed student network fighting to sever the ties between UK universities and the Israeli occupation. “University students are in a powerful position to [...]

UK Labour Party Teeters On Brink Of Civil War

By Jonathan Cook. -

Jeremy Corbyn, the former left-wing leader of Britain’s Labour party, is once again making headlines over an “antisemitism problem” he supposedly oversaw during his five years at the head of the [...]

Venezuela Wins Right To Appeal Ruling Barring Access To Gold Reserves

By Lucas Koerner, Venezuelanalysis. -

The Venezuelan Central Bank (BCV) has won the right to appeal a British court decision denying it custody over 31 tons of the nation’s gold held by the Bank of England (BoE). On July 2, the [...]

Assange’s Father Speaks Out

By Denis Rogatyuk, The Grayzone. -

Well we fight against the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States, and to a certain extent Australia. They have marshaled all of their forces and broken every law in human rights and due [...]

UK And Hong Kong: Mutually Reinforced Ignorance

By Andre Vltchek, Popular Resistance. -

Three years ago, I visited Old Supreme Court Building in Hong Kong, also known as The Court of Final Appeal, together with my friend, an Afghan-British lawyer, who was on a personal mission of [...]

The New Pirates Of Ancient Albion

By Aram Aharonian, Venezuelanalysis. -

The English High Court ruled earlier this month that the virtual and self-proclaimed “interim president” (Washington’s puppet) Juan Guaido and not the Venezuelan state should administer the 31 [...]

UK Decision On Venezuelan Gold Condemned: ‘It’s Daylight Robbery!’

By Hands Off Venezuela. -

The fact that the UK High Court cites the UK government’s recognition of Juan Guaidó as the reason for blocking access to the gold is farcical. The UK government has formally recognised Guaidó as [...]

UK Denies Venezuela Access To Its Gold For Food And Medicine

By Telesur English. -

The United Kingdom's High Court Thursday decided that opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido can access 31 tons of Venezuelan gold held in the Bank of England, which prevents President Nicolas Maduro's [...]

What Price Will Israel Pay For Annexing The Last Of Palestine?

By David Hearst, Middle East Eye. -

The systematic and collective appropriation of Palestinian land by the State of Israel is not an accident of British colonial history. Palestinians are not the Chagos Islanders of the Eastern [...]