The Right To Protest Wasn’t Given – It Was Won

By Apsana Begum, Tribune Magazine. -

United Kingdom - Over the last few weeks, the brutal policing of protests in Bristol has been profoundly disturbing. The right to peaceful assembly and protest are fundamental principles of any [...]

Thousands Take To The Streets Saying ‘Kill The Bill’

By Tom Anderson, The Canary. -

Thousands took part in a weekend of action against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. The size and passion of the demos shows that people are willing to fight to stop this bill, which [...]

Why Is The United Kingdom Raising Its Nuclear Stockpile Limits?

By Matthew Harries, The Bulletin. -

On March 16, the United Kingdom announced it was significantly raising a self-imposed cap on its overall nuclear stockpile, from a previous target of 180 warheads by the mid-2020s to a new cap of [...]

Report: UK School Textbooks Altered To Favour Israel

By Middle East Eye. -

The international publisher Pearson has paused further distribution of two textbooks used by UK high schools after a group of academics said in a report that they distorted the historical record [...]

Extinction Rebellion Sprays Bank Of England With ‘Oil’

By Emily Atkinson, The Independent. -

City of London - Several people have been arrested as Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Fossil Fool’ protesters sprayed the Bank of England with fake oil to highlight the “societal collapse” the activist [...]

UK’s Vaccine Rollout Is A Reminder That We Need Universal Healthcare

By Natasha Hakimi Zapata, In These Times. -

London - Dr. John Lister watched in horror as the United Kingdom’s Covid-19 mortality rate climbed above 1 per 1,000, one of the highest death rates in the world since the start of the pandemic. [...]

Solidarity With Palestine Activists Being Prosecuted

On Wednesday, six activists from the Palestine Action campaign appeared at Highbury Magistrates Court charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage and burglary, in connection with [...]

End US-UK Nuclear Collusion

By Leonard Eiger, Ground Zero Center. -

On March 16, the United Kingdom announced (in its Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Foreign Policy and Development titled Global Britain in a Competitive Age) that it will increase the [...]

New Study: School Streets Improve Air Quality

By -

London, UK - Closing the roads around schools to traffic at pick-up and drop-off times has reduced polluting nitrogen dioxide levels by up to 23 per cent and is strongly supported by parents, new [...]

Educators’ Safety Struggle Rekindles Collective Workplace Action

By James Kerr, Labor Notes. -

United Kingdom - Former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson famously said that “a week is a long time in politics.” In early January, even a week was too long, as current Prime Minister Boris [...]

Health Care For Trans Youth Is Under Attack In The UK

By Heron Greenesmith and Mallory Moore, Truthout. -

Fourteen years ago, Susan Evans left her job as a psychiatric nurse at the UK’s Tavistock GIDS clinic (the Gender Identity Development Service for child and adolescent patients) where she’d been [...]

UK Top Court Gives Uber Drivers Benefits In Landmark Ruling

By Kelvin Chan, AP News. -

London - Uber drivers in Britain should be classed as “workers” and not self-employed, the U.K. Supreme Court ruled Friday, in a decision that threatens the company’s business model and holds [...]

Damning UN Report Urges The UK To Unfreeze Venezuelan Gold

By John McEvoy, The Canary. -

Alena Douhan is the United Nations’ special rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights. Douhan visited Venezuela on 1 February “to assess [...]

The Witch Hunt Has Come For Ken Loach

By Kerry-anne Mendoza, The Canary. -

First, the media and political opportunists tried to convince us life-long anti-racist Jeremy Corbyn was Hitler-in-waiting. Now, life-long anti-racist Ken Loach is being attacked by the same [...]

Anti-War Groups Call On UK To End Support For Saudi Assault On Yemen

By Brett Wilkins, Commondreams. -

Buoyed by President Joe Biden's announced decision to limit U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen, U.K. peace activists on Friday renewed calls for the British government to stop selling [...]