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United Kingdom (UK)

Anti-NATO Protest In London: Ceasefire Now In Gaza, Ukraine And Yemen

Activists from International Ukraine Anti Fascist Solidarity once again joined the national Gaza solidarity protest in London on Saturday July 6 to demand ceasefires in Gaza, Ukraine and Yemen, and an end to Western arms deliveries to Ukraine. Many protesters stopped to take pictures of the posters, and The response from those on the march, who were calling on the British government to support an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and an end to arms exports to Israel (Yes – Britain is STILL sending weapons to Israel) which was very enthusiastic and 100% positive. Many of the protesters are aware of the connections between these different wars, but have not seen them clearly stated before.

Extinction Rebellion Announce ‘Mass Occupation’ In Response To Election

Extinction Rebellion UK has responded to the general election result by inviting people to join Upgrade Democracy. It will be a three-day mass occupation of a high-profile location from Friday 30 August to Sunday 1 September. As the result of the UK general election was declared, Extinction Rebellion’s response is clear: it’s the system that needs to change, not the government. Analysis by Vote Climate showed all of the main political parties’ plans would take us over 1.5C between 2030 and 2035. Moreover, Keir Starmer’s new government is at best not going far enough – and art worst, actively complicit in the destruction of our planet.

United Kingdom: Shock Of General Election Downplayed By Media

Five pro-Palestine independents won seats in the general election. That’s the same number of seats as Nigel Farage’s Reform won. They include Jeremy Corbyn in Islington North and Shockat Adam in Leicester South. Adam unseated Labour’s shadow paymaster general Jonathan Ashworth who previously had a majority of 22,000 in 2011. Yet judging by the corporate media coverage, you would think Reform was the shock story of the night. Each of these pro-Palestine independent victories represents a shock upset. Corbyn and Iqbal Hussain Mohamed of Dewsbury and Batley won spectacularly. Mohamed was victorious over the Labour candidate to the point where he’s 7,000 votes ahead of her in the West Yorkshire constituency. Corbyn, meanwhile, won by almost 8,000 votes.

Extinction Rebellion Gives Stunning Performance At Royal Albert Hall

The UK’s top insurers were forced to face up to their lethal role in climate breakdown at their annual awards ceremony on Wednesday 3 July. This is because Extinction Rebellion launched Insure Our Survival, a sustained campaign of nonviolent direct action demanding the insurance industry pull the plug on new fossil fuel ventures. The group did so at the Royal Albert Hall – even performing for onlookers. As leading figures arrived at the major industry event at the Royal Albert Hall, activists held up huge images by photographer Gideon Mendell of extreme climate crisis-driven flooding across the country that is wrecking homes, destroying lives, ruining crops and driving up food prices.

British Foreign Policy: The Elite Vs The Public

Two polls published earlier this month make interesting reading. Asked by YouGov “Do you think the UK was right or wrong to take military action in the following wars…?”, just 26 per cent of respondents answered it was right to take military action in the 1991 Gulf War, 29 per cent in Kosovo in 1999, and only 20 per cent in Afghanistan and 16 per cent in Iraq in 2003, while 48 per cent and 54 per cent said it was wrong to take military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively. Another poll by Focaldata for news and opinion website Unherd found 44 per cent of respondents thought Britain should be less engaged in overseas conflicts, compared to just 7 per cent who said the nation should be more engaged.

Activists Win Landmark Ruling Over United Kingdom Oil Well Plan

Planning authorities should have considered the impact of climate-warming emissions in approving an oil well near Gatwick Airport, the UK's highest court says, a ruling activists say could profoundly affect new fossil fuel projects in Britain. Environmental campaigners had argued that planning permission to retain and expand the oil well site near London's Gatwick was flawed because it had not considered the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from the use of the oil. Supreme Court judges agreed by a narrow three to two majority, and quashed the planning approval which they said was unlawful.

A Jury Ignored A Judge And Stopped Climate Protesters Being Convicted

A jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court has resisted a judge’s invitation to convict six medical professionals, charged with ‘criminal damage’, after they broke windows at JP Morgan in July 2022, on the eve of the UK’s record-breaking climate crisis-induced heatwave. Despite more than two days of deliberations and the judge’s direction that they had no legal defence, the jury were unable to agree on a verdict. Just before lunch on Friday 14 June, the jury asked the judge whether a medical emergency could be a lawful excuse, by inference rejecting the prosecutor’s position that the action concerned not objective reality, but ‘political opinion and belief’. The judge told them that in this case it was no defence.

Lloyds Of London Gets An Early Father’s Day Present

‘Super Dad’, supported by Mothers Rise Up – a group of concerned mums who campaign for action on climate breakdown – delivered a giant Father’s Day card and poem to Lloyd’s of London on Thursday 13 June as a gift to CEO John Neal in time for Father’s Day this weekend. It was over the insurance giant’s complicity in the climate crisis due to its huge fossil fuels underwriting. Accompanied by a group of brightly dressed mini superhero children in capes, and mums, Super Dad presented the card and gift to Lloyd’s of London: The card asks John Neal if he will be a climate hero and a super dad… or a climate villain

Judges Named For Assange Appeal

The judges in Julian Assange’s two-day appeal hearing on July 9-10 are the same who granted Assange a rare victory last month:  his right to appeal the Home Office’s extradition order to the United States. Justices Jeremy Johnson and Victoria Sharp granted Assange the right to appeal on only two of nine requested grounds, but they are significant: 1) his extradition was incompatible with his free speech rights enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights; and 2) that he might be prejudiced because of his nationality (not being given 1st Amendment protection as a non-American).

Building Palestine Solidarity In An Arms Factory

I work at a site in the United Kingdom producing military equipment for aircraft, some of which ends up on the F-35 stealth fighter jet. We are members of the UK union Unite. In response to the call from Palestinian trade unions to halt arms production and transport to Israel, some co-workers and I have been trying to make this a reality in our workplace. Israel has been buying F-35 jets since 2016, and has signed deals to expand its fleet to 75 by 2028. Our site has endured two decades of a right-wing union-management partnership, resulting in poor pay deals. This toxic partnership made solidarity efforts nearly impossible. Also, certain direct actions prior to the ongoing genocide in Gaza proved counterproductive to our efforts to build rank-and-file solidarity—particularly actions not coordinated with workers.

Activists Target The Heart Of EU ‘Democracy’

Just as the European elections were fully underway, on Friday 7 June activists blockaded the European Commission over the political bloc’s inaction over the climate crisis and fossil fuels – demanding that politicians take action when elected. European elections: degrowth or bust At 7.30am in Brussels, around twenty scientists and activists from Scientist Rebellion, Growth Kills, and Extinction Rebellion blocked the entrances to the European Commission, preventing employees from getting to work during the European elections. Some stuck their hands to the doors, others held up posters and banners with slogans such as ‘Green growth is a myth’, ‘Ban over-consumption’, ‘Measure well-being, not GDP’, and ‘Create citizens’ assemblies’.

United Kingdom Foreign Office Revolt Over Gaza

Amid Britain’s ongoing complicity and support for Israel’s “plausible genocide” in Gaza, an increasing number of staff in the Foreign Office, I’m told up to 300, have formally raised concerns with ministers, seeking a change of course. They are questioning ministers’ actions and policy in relation to Gaza and asking to see the legal advice they received that this is based on — advice that they have so far refused to publish, despite calls to do so from some in Parliament. But Foreign Secretary David Cameron has not responded to these concerns directly. Instead, he sent the Foreign Office’s political director, Christian Turner, to have a meeting with a small contingent of those raising concerns about U.K. policy and breaches of international humanitarian law in Gaza.

In Retaliation To US-UK Aggression, Yemen Targets USS D. D. Eisenhower

The Yemeni Armed Forces announced on Friday that they struck the American aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower in the Red Sea, in response to the US-British aggression and airstrikes on Yemen which had resulted in the martyrdom and injury of 58 Yemeni citizens. Brigadier General Sare’e explained that the airstrikes were distributed as follows: four airstrikes on the capital Sana’a, resulting in one injury; two airstrikes on Sana’a province; and one airstrike on the Haifan area in Taiz province. He added that the aggression targeted Hodeidah province with six airstrikes, including one on Al-Salif port, one on the radio building, two on the Ghalifka camp, and two on the homes of Ali Mohsen and Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Time’s Up For The Government To Stop Israel Arms Exports

Youth Demand is a recently-formed direct action group. It not only focuses on the climate crisis, but has also be taking action over Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza. For example, Palestine Action and Youth Demand teamed up to paint the MoD headquarters in London, while other supporters marched through the capital, on Wednesday 10 April. They were demanding an end to the MoD contracts with Israel’s largest weapons firm, Elbit Systems and an end to all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK, including revoking oil and gas licences issued since 2021.

Victory For Assange, First Amendment, UK Court Grants Right To Appeal

On May 20, a two-judge panel of the High Court of England and Wales handed WikiLeaks founder and publisher Julian Assange a significant victory. Justice Jeremy Johnson and Dame Victoria Sharp granted him leave to appeal the U.K.’s extradition order on two grounds. The High Court will now schedule a hearing at which Assange will be allowed to argue that his rights to freedom of expression and to be free from discrimination based on his nationality would not be protected if he were extradited to the United States. In the U.K., the right to appeal is not automatic. While they didn’t rule on the merits of Assange’s claims, Johnson and Sharp determined that the two issues have sufficient legal merit to be reviewed by the High Court.
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