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$320 Million US Pier Collapses In Gaza, Drifts To Ashdod

Part of the American naval pier in Gaza collapsed on Saturday as waves carried it toward Ashdod, according to Israeli media. In further detail, Israeli Channel 12 reported that strong waves swept away a section of the American floating pier off the coast of the Gaza Strip, heading towards the shores of Ashdod. The Israeli navy reportedly retrieved and reattached the section, as per the report. The US floating pier in the Mediterranean Sea has faced significant challenges since its creation on May 15, questioning its efficiency in alleviating the humanitarian crisis in the besieged Palestinian enclave.

Western Arms Supplies To Ukraine Prevent Peaceful Solutions

As a journalist, Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report, and a member of the Black Alliance for Peace and of the United National Antiwar Coalition, and as a citizen of the United States, the nation which has taken a lead role in continuing this crisis, I am very eager to speak to this issue. As of now, the U.S. government has allocated nearly $175 billion for the Ukrainian war effort and to support the workings of Ukraine’s civilian government. For the last two years we have seen a terrible war which would end if this country and others would stop providing arms and instead seek peace. There were opportunities for that very thing to happen in March and April of 2022, when the government of Turkiye hosted peace talks between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere, Even At The UN’s ‘Plastic Free’ Conference

When I registered to attend last month’s United Nations conference in Canada, organizers insisted it would be a “plastic free meeting.” I wouldn’t even get a see-through sleeve for my name tag, they warned; I’d have to reuse an old lanyard. After all, representatives from roughly 170 countries were gathering to tackle a crisis: The world churns out 400 million metric tons of plastic a year. It clogs landfills and oceans; its chemical trail seeps into our bodies. Delegates have been meeting since 2022 as part of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution in hopes of ending this year with a treaty that addresses “the full life cycle of plastic, including its production, design and disposal.”

UN Report Demolishes Israeli Propaganda Campaign Against UNRWA

Israel has failed to provide any evidence of its claims that employees of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) are members of “terrorist organizations,” according to an independent review led by former French foreign minister Catherine Colonna. In January, Israel claimed without evidence that some UNRWA staff – until then the primary conduit of humanitarian aid into the besieged and bombed Gaza Strip – were members of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and had participated in the Hamas-led attack on Israeli military bases and settlements on 7 October, known as Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

United Nations: We Have ‘Two Years To Save The World’ From Climate Crisis

We are running out of time to take action on climate change, says Simon Stiell, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. In a speech titled “Two Years to Save the World,” Stiell emphasized that governments, development banks and business leaders must take steps to avert much more serious impacts of the climate crisis within that time frame, reported Reuters. “For those who say that climate change is only one of many priorities, like ending poverty, ending hunger, ending pandemics, or improving education, I simply say this...

Palestine Renews Attempts To Become Full Member Of The United Nations

Ignoring continued US threats, Palestine has revived its bid to become a full member of the United Nations after a gap of almost 13 years. The United Nations Security Council acted on the application and decided to refer the Palestinian application to a specialized committee on Monday, April 8. The president of the Council, Vanessa Frazier from Malta asked the committee of admission of new members to consider the bid on the same day after the Palestinian application received no objection from any member.

West Votes Against Rest Of World, Supporting Illegal Sanctions

In the United Nations Human Rights Council, the West voted against the rest of the world, supporting unilateral coercive measures, known popularly as sanctions, which violate international law. In the April 3 meeting of the Human Rights Council (HRC), a resolution was approved titled “The negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights”. The measure condemned sanctions for their “far-reaching implications for the human rights of the general population of targeted States, disproportionately affecting the poor and persons in the most vulnerable situations”.

New United Nations Report Outlines The ‘Anatomy Of A Genocide’ In Gaza

Last week, the UN Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestinian Territories Francesca Albanese issued a report titled “Anatomy of a Genocide,” concluding that there are “reasonable grounds to believe” that the threshold indicating the commission of the crime of genocide has been met. Such reports are not usually titled, but the title itself depicts the nature of what Albanese describes in her immaculate 25-page report. It not only outlines a textbook case of genocide, with clearly and widely expressed intent by leaders backed up by clear genocidal actions — it also describes how Israel has used the language and principles of International Humanitarian Law (IHL, the laws governing warfare) to conceal the act.

West Papua: The Torture Mode Of Governance

Budi Hernawan said it ten years ago: “torture in Papua … has become a mode of governance.” It hasn’t stopped. It’s got worse. It’s got worse precisely because it’s a mode of governance accepted and blessed by the international “community” whose neoliberal politics of extraction means extermination of anything and anyone getting in its way. It’s got worse just now because Israel’s genocide, ecocide, starvation, and torture in Palestine isn’t only distracting attention from these practices in smaller and more remote places but also showing that it’s okay, it’s part of our system, you can do it with impunity because it’s all part of a bigger plan.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 163: Top EU Official Says Israel Failed To Prove Accusations Against UNRWA

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have spent their first week of Ramadan under Israeli bombardment and with little food and drink, which has led to the death of dozens of children from malnutrition and dehydration. In the past 24 hours, Israeli forces committed nine massacres in various areas of the Gaza Strip, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health on Telegram, killing at least 92 people and injuring 130. Thousands remain under the rubble of bombed buildings. For the 1.2 million Palestinians in Rafah, an Israeli ground invasion of the southernmost town of the Gaza Strip is imminent.

Kenya Halts Police Deployment To Haiti After Resignation Of Ariel Henry

Kenya has suspended a police deployment to Haiti to be part of a US- and UN-backed mission, shortly after the de facto prime minister and president of the Caribbean country, Ariel Henry, announced his decision to resign on March 11. Abraham Korir Sing’Oei, the principal secretary of Kenya’s foreign ministry, stated on March 12 that the deployment would be “contingent on the ground situation, and the critical ground situation is that there has to be an authority that can be the basis for a police deployment, that enjoys constitutional authority in Haiti”.

World Is Watching United Nation’s Response To Israel’s Crimes

Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasts that he single-handedly blocked a Palestinian State from becoming a reality even though it is recognized by more than 130 countries and enjoys the status of an observer state in the United Nations. In his 16 years in power, Netanyahu has ramped up illegal settlements, effectively annexing parts of the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem; funneled millions of dollars to prop up Hamas and undermine the Palestinian Authority; and concluded the Abraham Accords with four Arab governments willing to sideline the Palestinian cause: Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan and United Arab Emirates.

To Save Israel, US Destroys International System It Built

In a conversation in 2020, Princeton Professor Emeritus Richard Falk told me that historically, colonized nations that have won the battle for legitimacy have always won their freedom. Palestine is unlikely to be the exception. The Gaza war, however, is confronting the world with an unprecedented challenge, specifically to governments’ relationship with international law and their obligations to international institutions, such as the United Nations, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the International Criminal Court (ICC) and others.

The Nobodies Are Worth More Than The Bullet That Kills Them

On 20 February, United States Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Linda Thomas-Greenfield had the terrible job of vetoing Algeria’s resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza. Amar Bendjama, the Algerian Ambassador to the UN, said that the resolution he tabled had been shaped by conversations amongst the 15 members of the UN Security Council. He was nonetheless asked to delay the resolution, but his country refused. ‘Silence is not a viable option’, he replied. ‘Now it is the time for action and the time for truth’. When the International Court of Justice (ICJ) order on 26 January suggested that Israel’s actions in Gaza amount to a ‘plausible’ genocide, Algeria vowed to take immediate action through the UN Security Council.

‘Western Dominance Has Ended’, EU Foreign-Policy Chief Admits

Europe’s top diplomat has acknowledged that the “era of Western dominance has indeed definitively ended”. Josep Borrell, the European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs, wrote this in a blog post on the official website of the EU’s diplomatic service on February 25. “If the current global geopolitical tensions continue to evolve in the direction of ‘the West against the Rest’, Europe’s future risks to be bleak”, he warned. The wars in Ukraine and Gaza, along with the anti-colonial uprisings in Africa’s Sahel region, have “significantly increased this risk” of Europe becoming geopolitically irrelevant, Borrell said, lamenting that “Russia has managed to take advantage of the situation”.
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