Time Is Not On Our Side In Libya

By Vijay Prashad, Globetrotter. -

On July 8, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres made a statement that could have been delivered at any point over the last decade. “Time is not on our side in Libya,” he announced. [...]

UN: US Violated International Law By Assassinating Iranian General

By Bill Bostock, Business Insider. -

The UN's top rights investigator said the US broke international law by assassinating Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds Force branch of the Islamic [...]

World Rebukes US Over Iran

By Colum Lynch and Robbie Gramer, Foreign Policy. -

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday sought to reassert America’s waning influence on the world stage, challenging the U.N. Security Council to extend a U.N. arms embargo that is due to [...]

Yemeni Capital Struck By Heaviest Air Strikes In Years

By Middle East Eye. -

It was around 6:45am (03.45 GMT) on Tuesday morning when Hussein al-Samie’s son began crying, woken by an earth-shattering air strike that targeted al-Nahdain Mountain in the middle of [...]

United Nations Sets Up Inquiry Into Racism After George Floyd Death

By Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters. -

Geneva - The U.N. Human Rights Council on Friday condemned discriminatory and violent policing after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month and ordered a report on "systemic racism" [...]

UN Should Establish A Commission Of Inquiry On Systemic Racism And Law Enforcement In The US

By E. Tendayi Achiume, Just Security. -

On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, the United Nations Human Rights Council will hold an “Urgent Debate” on systemic racism in law enforcement. The proximate catalyst for this debate is the recent [...]

Over 600 Groups And Families Of People Killed By Police Call For UN Investigation

The undersigned family members of victims of police killings and civil society organizations from around the world, call on member states of the UN Human Rights Council to urgently convene a [...]

BAP Calls On United Nations To Address U.S. Human Rights Crisis

By the Black Alliance for Peace. -

The extrajudicial murders of African/Black people, such as Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, by agents of the U.S. government and armed civilians have sparked urban rebellions in [...]

US Blocks UNSC Draft Resolution Denouncing Paramilitary Incursion Into Venezuela

By Ricardo Vaz, Venezuela Analysis. -

Russia, China and other countries criticized violations of Venezuelan sovereignty. The United States rejected a Russia-proposed UN Security Council (UNSC) draft condemning a recent coup attempt [...]

US Blocks Vote On UN’s Bid For Global Ceasefire

International diplomats were stunned and frustrated Friday after the United States again blocked a United Nations resolution to call for a global ceasefire during the COVID-19 pandemic, only [...]

What Trump’s Funding Cuts To WHO Mean For World

By Adam Kamradt-Scott, Consortium News. -

US President Donald Trump has announced the U.S. is cutting its funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO) – a decision that will have major implications for the global health response to the [...]

The Wrong Side Of History: America’s ‘Veto’ And ‘Abstention-Imperialism’

By Maj. Danny Sjursen USA (ret.), Popular Resistance. -

On Tuesday, March 17, 1970, Charles Woodruff Yost, America’s ambassador to the United Nations, entered the international body’s headquarters building on the far east side of Midtown Manhattan.  [...]

What Does U.N. Secretary General’s Call For Ceasefire Mean For Countries In Conflict?

By Samira Sadeque, Inter Press Service. -

United Nations (March 25, 2020) - Conflict experts are concerned the global ceasefire called for by the United Nations amid the coronavirus outbreak may not work and could lead to a rise in [...]

We Need Solidarity, Not Sanctions

By John Scales Avery, Transcend Media Service. -

According to the United Nations Charter, only the Security Council may impose sanctions. No individual nation may do so. Nevertheless, the United States currently imposes economic sanctions on [...]

The Economic Benefits Of A Global Ceasefire

There doesn’t seem to be any dispute with the findings of various studies, that investing public dollars in most other things (education, green energy, infrastructure, healthcare, etc.), or not [...]