Responsibility To Protect The World …From United States

By Ajamu Baraka, -

One of the most ingenious propaganda weapons ever developed is that the powerful nations of the West—led by the United States—have a moral responsibility to use military force to protect the [...]

Child Mortality Rate 70% Higher In U.S. Than In Other Rich Nations

By Jessica Corbett, -

American kids are 70 percent more likely to die during childhood compared with children in other wealthy, democratic nations, according to a peer-reviewed study published Monday by Health [...]

US Has Deadly Accidents And Crumbling Infrastructure

By Mike Ludwig, -

Japan's high-speed bullet train system carries 1 million riders every day and has a remarkable safety record, at least compared to passenger trains in the United States. Passengers have taken [...]

End Of US Empire May Be Our Best Hope For US Democracy

By Jacob Bacharach, -

When the United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution asking nations not to build any more diplomatic missions in Jerusalem only to be drubbed 128-9 in the General Assembly, [...]

Will USian PseudoLeft Evolve True Revolutionary Consciousness?

By Loren Bliss, -

Exemplifying how Capitalism's momentum invariably thrusts it toward fascism, Mainstream Media was headed in that direction even under the independent ownership that characterized most USian [...]

What Do You Call A World That Can’t Learn From Itself?

By Umair Haque, -

Whenever I go back and forth between Europe and the States, a curious set of facts strikes me. In London, Paris, Berlin, I hop on the train, head to the cafe — it’s the afternoon, and nobody’s [...]

A Deep Vein Of Poverty Runs Through U.S.

By Emma Niles, -

In the United States, one of the world’s wealthiest nations, 41 million people are living in poverty. Professor Philip Alston, the United Nations’ special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human [...]

Fascism Came To America Wrapped In Rainbow Flag & Wearing A Pussyhat

By Caitlin Johnstone, -

By Caitlin Johnstone for Information Clearing House - It’s a good quote, whoever said it. It warns that if manipulative oppressors are going to seize control of a nation’s government, they will [...]

Was America Great When It Burned Native American Babies?

By Emma Niles, -

By Emma Niles for Truth Dig - Benjamin Madley, a history professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, was exposed to the effects of colonization at an early age. “When I was a boy,” he [...]

America’s Wealth Inequality Has Reached Staggering New Levels

By Chuck Collins and Josh Hoxie, -

By Chuck Collins and Josh Hoxie for IPS - We tracked the rise of today’s uber-wealthy in a new report, “Billionaire Bonanza 2017: The Forbes 400 and the Rest of Us,” published by the Institute [...]

Why Are Police In The USA So Terrified?

By Robert J. Burrowes, -

By Robert J. Burrowes for TRANSCEND Media Service - 15 Nov 2017 – In a recent incident in the United States, yet another unarmed man was shot dead by police after opening his front door in [...]

South Korea Shifts Towards China

By Alexander Mercouris, -

By Alexander Mercouris for The Duran. The big news in Asia this week is not US President Trump’s grand but ultimately empty visit to China. It is the quiet steps China and South Korea have [...]

How It Became A Crime To Be Poor In America

By Peter Edelman, -

By Peter Edelman for The Guardian - In the United States, a system of modern peonage – essentially, a government-run loan shark operation – has been going on for years. Beginning in the 1990s, [...]

As Climate Talks Open, Federal Report Exposes U.S. Credibility Gap

By John H. Cushman JR., -

By John H. Cushman JR. for Inside Climate Change - As global climate talks resume this week, the U.S. is straddling a climate credibility gap, with the Trump administration's policies on one side [...]

ICC Prosecutor Seeks To Investigate US Crimes In Afghanistan

By Staff, -

By Staff of ICC - Today, the Situation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been assigned to a Pre-Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Court ('ICC' or the 'Court'), following my [...]