Half A Million American Minors Now Live In Mexico

By Claudia Masferrer, Theconversation.com -

While much of the current news has been focused on Central American migrants making their way through Mexico to the U.S., little attention has been paid to a different migration story: the number [...]

For The Reasons That Follow, That Country Is Currently Not Likely To Be The United States

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental Institute. -

The largest delegation from outside Russia at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in early June came from China. The Chinese team was led by the country’s President, Xi Jinping. In [...]

The United States Can Afford The Programs Needed For People And Planet

By Ellen Brown, Truthdig.com -

The Democratic Party has clearly swung to the progressive left, with candidates in the first round of presidential debates coming up with one program after another to help the poor, the [...]

How Do You Celebrate A Flawed Nation?

By Jill Richardson, Otherwords.org -

As the Fourth of July rolls around, I think plenty of us are eager for barbecues, corn on the cob, watermelon, and fireworks, but our feelings about our country are somewhat more complicated. How [...]

Half Of Americans Are Effectively Poor Now. What The?

By Umair Haque, Eand.co -

There are days I feel like I read dystopian statistics for a living. And then there are day when the dystopian statistics take even my jaded breath away. Here’s one: 43% of American [...]

According To NYT, ‘Relentless Flooding’ In Midwest Just Happens

By Joshua Cho, Fair.org -

The New York Times’ 2,400+ word report (6/3/19) by Julie Bosman, Julie Turkewitz and Timothy Williams on the historic flooding in the Midwest—amidst the wettest 12 months ever since recording [...]

For The US And Israel, Iran Works Best As A Perpetual Threat

By Miko Peled, Mintpressnews.com -

JERUSALEM, PALESTINE — According to a story in Haaretz, U.S. Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook said recently that “the United States will respond with military force if its interests are [...]

Center For Constitutional Rights Alleges U.S. Interference Into International Criminal Court

By Melanie Burney, Inquirer.com -

June 6, 2019, New York –Yesterday, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a complaint with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers alleging ongoing [...]

Smearing China

By Kim Petersen, Dissidentvoice.org -

Elsewhere comes the imposing figure of United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who appears, as if on cue, with an “aggressive soundbite” about China that was reported by RT. China’s foreign [...]

US Has Regressed To Developing Nation Status, MIT Economist Warns

By Chloe Farand, Independent.co.uk -

Peter Temin says 80 per cent of the population is burdened with debt and anxious about job security  America is regressing to have the economic and political structure of a developing nation, an [...]

Memo To Donald Trump: It’s Time To End-Run Your Advisers On North Korea

By Joel Wit and Richard Sokolsky, Nationalinterest.org -

The United States and North Korea are once again locked in a diplomatic standoff over denuclearization and the normalization of U.S.-North Korean relations, which has unfortunately brought to a [...]

Propaganda Intensifies Trade War With China

By Staff, Moonofalabama.org -

U.S. propaganda is always pointing to one person that solely cases everything and therefore deserves all the hate. It once was Saddam, Saddam , Saddam. Then Ghadaffi, Ghadaffi, Ghadaffi, Assad, [...]

A ‘Caravan’ Of Americans Is Crossing The Canadian Border To Get Affordable Medical Care

By Chantal Da Silva, Newsweek.com -

A "caravan" of Americans living with Type 1 diabetes made its way across the U.S. border into Canada over the weekend in search of affordable medical care in a country where they can get the [...]

How Accurate Are The US Jobs Numbers?

By Jack Rasmus, Counterpunch.org -

While the Current Establishment Survey (CES) Report (covering large businesses) shows 263,000 jobs created last month, the Current Population Survey (CPS) second Labor Dept. report (that covers [...]

US Workers Are Highly Taxed If You Count Premiums

By Matt Bruenig, Peoplespolicyproject.org -

Comparing labor tax rates across countries is a tricky endeavor. Some countries rely mostly on income and payroll taxes charged to workers, others on payroll taxes charged to employers, and still [...]