Role Of Land-Grant Universities In Assessing And Ending Structural Racism In US Food System

By Staff, -

Nine members of INFAS—the Inter-Institutional Network for Food, Agriculture, and Sustainability—were among the 66 people across eight working groups invited to help co-author a report about how [...]

How Higher Education Was Destroyed in 5 Basic Steps

By Debra Leigh Scott, Junct Rebellion -

The ruination of higher education has taken about a generation. Will we be able to undo this damage? Can we force refunding of our public educational system? Can we professionalize faculty, drive [...]

Universities That Censor Speech On Palestine Pose As Champions Of Protest

By Nora Barrows-Friedman, -

Last week, students at the University of Virginia protested during a campus event featuring a group of Israeli soldiers. The soldiers were part of Reservists on Duty, an organization that aims to [...]

7 Characteristics Of Doing Transition In A University

By Rob Hopkins, -

By Rob Hopkins for Transition Network - The projects of a Transition University tend to focus on positive, practical action, such as building community gardens, local bike or car sharing schemes, [...]

The Most Influential College You’ve Never Heard Of

By Sammy Feldblum, -

By Sammy Feldblum for Scalawag - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill claims the title of oldest public university in the United States, having graduated its first class in 1795. In [...]

NLRB Allows Graduate Students At Private Universities To Unionize

By Mark Joseph Stern, -

By Mark Joseph Stern for Slate - On Tuesday, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that graduate students employed by private universities are permitted to unionize under federal law. The 3–1 [...]

Can Corporatized Universities Allow Criticism Of Israel?

By David Swanson, -

By David Swanson for Let's Try Democracy - The University of California is seeking to ban criticism of Israel. This is a widespread phenomenon in the United States, as attested by two new reports [...]

Jerry Brown’s University Of California Perma-Temp Problem

By Danny Feingold, -

By Danny Feingold in Capital and Main - When California Governor Pat Brown helped create the modern University of California system in the early 1960s, he envisioned many things: a world-class [...]

Student Loan Crisis Driven By For-Profit Colleges, Report Shows

By Dan Wright, -

By Dan Wright in Shadow Proof - A new report [PDF] by the Brookings Institution claims the recent increases in student loan defaults are tied to an increased use of for-profit [...]

Chicago Activists Fight For Survival

By Maya Dukmasova, -

By Maya Dukmasova in Truthout - On the first Wednesday in June, nine Chicago activists were arrested for occupying an administration building at the University of Chicago during an annual alumni [...]

Universities Answer For Founders’ Roles In Massacre

By Ned Blackhawk, -

By Ned Blackhawk in Yes Magazine - November 29, 2014, was the 150th anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre, one of the most violent days in American Indian history. On that fateful morning, a [...]

For Profit College Investor Controls Trade Journal

By David Halperin, -

Quad Partners, a New York private equity firm that is invested heavily in the for-profit college industry, and whose founder has aggressively opposed regulation of that troubled industry, has [...]

Protests And Outrage Force Campus Rape Into Spotlight

By Lauren McCauley, -

The national problem of campus sexual assault has in recent days been jolted into the spotlight as the Charlottesville campus of the University of Virginia grapples with demonstrations and [...]

The Neoliberal Attack On Education

By Henry A Giroux -

As universities turn toward corporate management models, they increasingly use and exploit cheap faculty labor while expanding the ranks of their managerial class. Modeled after a savage [...]